Maple Leaf Bacon - Republic of Bacon/Sorry (2010) :30 (Canada)

Dedicated to bacon and the people who love it, Republic of Bacon consists of three broadcast spots and the microsite

The campaign announces Maple Leaf Bacon's new re-closable packaging as well as a community for bacon lovers at Like any country, Republic of Bacon has many attractions: A casino where you can win bacon for a decade. A Red Light District where you can watch edgier videos. Restaurants where you can find select bacon recipes, a Public Service Announcements section where a Bacon Safety Sergeant provides bacon safety tips and where you can find the national anthem of the Republic of Bacon. A community that features bacon bloggers from around the net and so much more.

Republic of Bacon Mantra:

For the past couple months, mixologist Michael Dietsch has been researching and compiling vintage liquor ads at his A Dash of Bitters blog — you can check them out under the Vintage Ads tag.

What strikes me most is how … ordinary, I guess, they are. Definitely pre-advertising revolution, long copy with an emphasis on heritage. Still, a tall, cool, refreshing look at some classic ads on the rocks; note last week's entry on Jack Cole.