Microsoft switch goes sour

Microsoft pulled a switch. To be more specific, they posted a cute ad on their sales pages supposedly written by a freelance copywriter who switched after eight years of mac-dom over to XP. It beat the same drum as the apple switch campaign but with a lot less personality. An entire personality it seems.

The slashdot community thought they recognized the woman, and found her to be a Getty images stock photo. Was this a testimonial without a testimonee?


Cannibal the Hannibal.

Lowe's latest ad for Orange - directed by Tarsem - which aims to promote picture messaging has quite a few similarities with Nick Livesey's award-winning title sequence to Hannibal....

a few people noticed - amoung them Livesy who sent a .jpg of Anthony Hopkins' face to Charles Crisp at Lowe - it read:

Adland: Parody spoof - When I Grow Up - VAR (2002) - 2:37 (USA) Parody spoof - When I Grow Up - VAR (2002) - 2:37 (USA)

Back in September, this little dark-humoured beauty disappeared quickly after it surfaced -- probably due to it originally being in abysmal streaming WinMed format -- but now it's back so (toot toot toot) here's the latest industry viral parody du jour in glorious QuickTime. While it may lack in lavish production values, it more than makes up for it with a gloriously vicious, funny and dead-on script. It leaves few stones unturned, so super adgrunts... click continue to get lambasted.


ad translation bites.

In Stockholm 7-11 are currently running ads promoting their hot dogs. Someone should have told them what their headline means in french .........

Bite Sale! literally means dirty Cock in french.
Wonder if the girls parents knew.... I'm sure she can excuse herself with the classic: 'I was young, I needed the money'...

photo © Lars Hultman


Strawberry Frog Mojo

Strawberry Frogs annual Party will be held in Amsterdam the 17th of October.
If you happen to be in the neighbourhod - RSVP to get to the party.


Wired : When the Spam Hits the Blogs

Michelle Delio at wired spotted our collective complaints at MeFi about referral log Spam and before we knew it, there was an article in Wired, linked to Adland and all. wehey!


Live Creative Briefs

14 live creative briefs have been published at the YC'N (Young Creatives Network) website;

Written by a range of organisations, from Orange and VH1 to the NSPCC and the Wales tourist board, they present commercial and social communication challenges and offer the opportunity to demonstrate creativity across a range of media.

The deadline for submitting work is March 21st 2003.


What's a Saatchi?

Looking to topple IPG, WPP, Omnicom and Publicis? Who isn't! Learn the tricks of the trade from Hoffman York, one agency that fought for their independence from Saatchi and Saatchi and won.

Tom Jordan, Hoffman York's creative director and author of recently published 'What's a Saatchi and How Come We Have Two of Them?' dropped by adland to share some pearls of wisdom with you adgrunts.

Click continue to read about Hoffman York and Tom Jordan, the Master of Marketing in the Mid-West!

Ad Books: 

neuroscience and advertising

Salon article "Madison Avenue and your brain" looks at the science behind why advertising works.


Bud Light Radio - American and British heroes, geniuses and Charlton Heston!


Oh boy, Claymore our real adland hero, he has collected all the shiny mp3's from the Bud Light radio campaigns:

"Instead of the archive's previous 21, we now have 27 Bud Light Real American Hero radio ads. But it doesn't stop there. In addition, we now have 13 Bud Light Real Men of Genius radio ads, 2 Budweiser UK Real American Hero radio ads that supposedly never aired in the US (if I remember correctly, Brits don't much care for light beer, so Anheuser Busch obliged and customized),

and the coup de grace... 3 Bud Light radio ads starring Charlton Heston that aired prior to the Real American Heroes campaign."

Below is the names for the playlist... enjoy!