Hey kids, I'd like to direct you to Quiet Glover, a french adblog, where they've done an interview with the people behind the Heineken Suicide advert. Quiet Glover says; "L'interview est en Anglais, je ne réaliserai pas de traduction afin de garder le message intact" and I'm so happy about that because yikes does my French ever le suck.

The Heineken suicide advert was made by Melissa Lissone, Alexander Kaan, Nina Aaldering & director Wouter Stoter @ Comrad for an Assignment of the Hallo Academy for Applied Creativity. As usual, nobody knows how it ended up on youtube. They must have special magnets there that suck up all the worlds ads and films that nobody uploads.

Did you imagine your work will be such a buzz on the internet?
No. It wasn't even supposed to hit the internet. We were surprised ourselves to see it on Youtube, because we're still working on a serie of virals. this was just part one and two. So, more is coming after the summer.

Via The Denver Egotist

These boots are made for killing. Nike Air Stab trainer withdrawn after spate of knife murders reports the Telegraph. The - at this time - badly named "Air Stab" has had that name since 1988, but in the current knife-happy climate in the UK it takes on a far more sinister meaning.

"While it may be an unfortunate coincidence timing-wise, given current problems regarding knife crime, we completely reject the idea that we are in any way condoning or encouraging the issue of knife usage," said a Nike spokesman.

Yeah, knife usage. They don't really do guns (as much) over in the UK. But they can kill you anyway. Or, in the rants of Bill Hicks -

....last year in England, they had fourteen thousand deaths per every soccer game, okay. I'm not saying every system is flawless, I'm just saying, if you're in England, don't go to a goddamn soccer game, and you're coming home. It's weird-they don't have guns in England, but they have a very high crime rate, which tells you how polite the fucking English are. (English voices) Give me your wallet! All right. At least no one was hurt. How do you have a crime rate and no weapons, man? Does a guy walk into a bank: (English voices) Give me all your money! I've got a soccer ball! Shit, Ian, that's a Spalding, he's serious! Hand over the pounds!

Many Swedish apple-fans have been saying that Apple made their worst choice ever when they decided to pair up with Telia when shilling their iPhones in Scandinavia. (They obviously don't remember Lisa)

Talk about beauty and the beast. Now in the Telia/iPhone advertising universe we found this prime example of FAIL spotted by copywriter Ulrika Good. The headline: We've got it. while the copy below reads "right now we have long delivery times." Talked about mixed messages, have you got it or not Telia? Meh, I didn't want one anyway. No seriously, I don't want one. Quit throwing apples at me.

The Denver Egotist spotted a possible leak of the new Microsoft campaign via Zdnet. Looks like CP+B scrapped all the faux-porn ideas and went straight for ye old zig-zag - admit the previous problems in order to move on. Wise choice, in my humble opinion. Attendees at the Microsoft Global Exchange got to preview the commercials, with one attendee quoted as saying "got goosebumps - just, wow". Well that sounds promising, we'll see if the campaign delivers. I'm curious now.

Meanwhile, over at our toony pals wordsandpictures they allow South Carolina speak for himself(?) about that that whole gay state thing. South Carolina is, like, so not gay, yahear?

We've seen the "person painted as the background" thing used to sell everything from secure internet to chocolate-chip cookies before - but here it finally makes total sense. In fact, the only way I think this could be made better is if these were real kids sitting around all day like this in an ambient/guerilla stunt. Well done O&M Shanghai. There are 1.5 million underprivileged children in China.


While we did have some fun the faceless people viral campaign - especially collecting all those youtube films of faceless people sightings in the comments - the end result now that you can log in to http://www.facelesspeople.com/ and see the "project eagle" Lotus car it advertised, is tres boring.

I swear, I had to wait two minutes for the dang site to load. Here's a shot of their pretty numbers. After that I fell asleep. There's a car in there on the site, but no faceless people followup. Watch out for virals that start more interesting than they end.