A rose by any other name

Two ads with the same idea to turn the product into something else. One for towels, the other for blankets. Both have campaigns around the idea. And both used the exact same item for these particular ads.

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Madge billboard milks it

Stuff.nz reports:
Mothers Against Genetic Engineering in Food and the Environment
( Madge ) has displayed seven billboards in Wellington and Auckland showing a naked woman with four breasts and GE branded on her backside.

Madge founder Alannah Currie said she designed it to spark debate about genetic engineering and to protest about designer milk. "If they want to make designer milk, why not genetically engineer women for milk?"


Mother New York - The Mother of all ad agencies?

When Paul Malmström and Linus Karlsson of Jukka Brothers, Dick & Miller Lite, Virgin Mobile and Buddy Lee viral fame, left Fallon for the CD position at Mother New York adland already knew something big was brewing there.


GI Joe - Spy troops - (2003) :15 (USA)

GI Joe - Spy troops - (2003) :15 (USA)

GI Spy troops - the movie!


Madonna is copying Guy Boudin?

Madonna is facing legal action after the son of a French fashion photographer accused her of copyright infringement.

Guy Bourdin, born in Paris in 1928, was best known for his work with French Vogue who published his photographs from the 1950s to the 1980s. He died in 1991.

Samuel Bourdin argues that the singer's most recent promotional video, 'Hollywood' directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino, included images that mirrored those taken by his late father. To see the images side by side click: Hollywood

The recent lawsuit, filed in the US District Court in Manhattan, accuses Madonna of copyright infringement for imitating imaged in at least 11 Boudin works.


Kellogg's Mock Marathon

In an effort to get people to eat breakfast, even when their have to rush in the morning, Kellogg is marketing their Nutri-Grain granola bars with a "mock marathon", echoing the tv commericals done by Leo Burnett USA.

Excerpt from the article:
As part of a new advertising campaign for Kellogg's Nutri-Grain granola bars, actors dressed as commuters but with marathon race numbers pinned to their suits will mingle with real commuters to hand out free samples of the food bars.

The "mock marathon," which will take place in eight U.S. cities, will also feature cheering onlookers behind barricades, rooting for the commuters and their Kellogg counterparts.

"They're not going to be interfering with the consumers on their way to work," said Kevin Adler, vice president of sponsorships and events at Relay. "(Event) marketing works best when it is interwoven into the fabric of what consumers do every day."


Intelligent Billboard Unveiled

The widest and smartest billboard was unveiled today in Piccadilly Circus, London. This Coca-Cola sign even beats the one in Tokyo's Ginza shopping district in size, measuring 99 feet across.
Excerpt from the article:
"This is an intelligent sign, with state-of-the-art computer technology, built-in cameras and an on-board heat sensitive weather station," the Coca-Cola Co. said in a statement.

The sign can respond to weather and movement. "When it's raining, big drops will appear on the screen and when it's breezy, the Coke sign can ripple as if it's being blown by the wind," a spokeswoman for the company said.

It will also be able to recognize if people are waving at it from the ground below and, eventually, will be able to respond to text messages from mobile phones, she said.


Toys R Us - Birthday Cake (2003) - 0:30 (USA)

Toys R Us - Birthday Cake  (2003) - 0:30 (USA)

Talking giraffe's birthday.


McDonalds tries to rekindle consumer love.

fast forward to the icky part (from today's Baltimore Sun):

Barbara and Bob Houck have been busy preparing their 11 Baltimore-area restaurants for the new campaign. Beyond the customary T-shirts, caps and pins for employees to wear, some of their restaurants will offer free massages and body painting based around the theme, as if to underscore that this isn't your father's McDonald's promotion.

"We came up with a huge number of silly things to do," said Barbara Houck, who opened her first McDonald's in northern Anne Arundel County's Riviera Beach 20 years ago. "The love and romance aspect is something everybody can enjoy and be a part of."

thanks tlevitz for spotting it.


Nude advertising succesful gimmick

Ed Cancione, president of TSA (Totally Nude Ads) in Philadelphia takes product placement very seriously, and literally. Instead of making deals to get Reeses in the movies, he simply uses totally nude models, holding the advertisers product as a fig-leaf over the naughty bits.

It's an upfront advertising style that works because, as Cancione puts it, "nothing attracts more attention than seeing an extremely attractive woman in the nude."

TSA have landed clients such as the Coit carpet cleaning company, who ran an ad featuring a (nude) cleaning man dangling a hose between his legs. Cancione loves his job so much he swears he'll never go back to a traditional advertising agency again. We believe him.

(Depicted - the Drummond sweaters ad)