I once told you that I sat next to actor Paul Tilly on the train trying to not be too distracted by his piercing blue eyes, next time I see him I swear I'll let out a Beatles-girl style scream for this spot on mimicking of the new generation video-fashion bloggers in Sweden. It's hilarious. Well done!

(translation of what he says available under the above link)

Everyone does it, so lets join in with the predictions pulled out of a hat. This is what we believe will happen in 2010. Make a bingo-card out of it and see.

  • 1 - Micropayments will finally come of age. They'll be used to pay creatives for their work.
  • 2 - Individuals as media channels , big brands on T-shirts are so 90s, now we want the consumer to Bambuse live as they shop at H&M and air this on their own facebook page. Someone is working on a campaign that encourages this type of behavior right now.
  • 3 -Crowdsourcing comes of age and the worlds first worldwide union, the CSGotW (Crowd Sourcing Guild of the World) enters the scene.
  • 4 - The full service ad agency will die a new breed of agencies will emerge, specializing in creating content for the types of media that are barely invented yet.
  • 5 - Your mom still won't understand, at family gatherings and as she introduces you to her friends, she never manages to explain your job right. Settle for "s/he works in advertising" and leave it at that.
  • Swedish musician Love Harnell launched a project in mid-December that is now looking to become a marketing smash hit for 2010.

    The project is called Lovejingles.com - the world's first online jingles concept. On the website www.lovejingles.com Love offers to write and perform customized video jingles for brands and individuals - but he only offers 365 jingles, one for each day of the year. The cost for the January 1st 2010 jingle is only 1 USD and the cost then increase by one dollar a day throughout the year.

    ICA - Ulf videobloggar / Gott nytt år - (2009) :30 (Sweden)

    In this "video-blog" created by Ulf, one of the Ica people, he acts and speaks exactly like some of the more well known video & fashion bloggers in Sweden. I'll try my best to translate it.

    "Heya blog!
    - Yeah, the old year is almost over , like, who cares?
    - eehm, tonights outfit - works. Pretty glassig .
    - Yeah, uh, chicken filé - if you want to be as handsome as me - haha

    - Eh, nothing! Just this weeks reduced price items!
    - My boss, so totally unhip, like, who cares? Not me anyway! Aauuhm - mMm! - HAPPY NEW YEAR all my blog-readers, eh, watchers. Euhm, yeah, cyas!