AskACopywriter has been to Vegas and found this branded oddity - the eBay themed slot machine. I guess with the eBay vernacular using phrases like "I won it on ebay" it actually makes sense but it had me squirting coffee out of my nose when I saw it. It just seems so wrong.


Unlike those digital cameras I keep seeing in shops with the "youtube ready" stickers on them, eBay paid for their name to be on here. Did youtube pay for those co-branding stickers I wonder? That reminds me, have ads in the states stopped saying "AOL keyword..." finally? That seemed to me to be a huge waste of ones own branding space, but I bet AOL loved it.

Sweden's advertising tradepress ran a story the 23rd of July: Resumé: Adlands grundare hotas för OS-kritisk reklam. (Adland's founder is threatened because of a Olympic-critical campaign). This is funny to read via Googles translation service: check it out. FYI , whenever google says "soft drinks" it's mistranslating the word "läskigt" which means scary. Soft drinks in Swedish is "läsk".

Ad-hacks. When comedy groups have nailed the whole execution of "real people talking about the product/lifestyle/emotional" thing - you know you have to stop using those testimonial cut-away in nice scenery ads, right? Please? Pretty please with sugar on top? just quit doing this already!

"The world-famous Professor known for his last lecture has produced his last commercial." Adland's Robblink said when he posted Lustgarten Foundation – Randy Pausch commercial on the 16th. Randy Pausch died this morning of complications from pancreatic cancer.
Those who want to see his life-affirming "last lecture" (warning, filled with hilarious jokes about dying) can see the whole two hour last lecture here (steaming wmv) - or you can read WSJ summary or you can see some clips at the post gazette.

"Looks like we're appearing on the same media lists." said Eric Karjaluoto of Smashlabs when we talked about Veeple - he was sent the Veeple pitch and made this post on ideas on ideas about it. He titled his post "idiots". He got the same pitch sent several times - as did I - and when he made an angry post about it Veeple asked hom to remove it. Yup.

I got the same pitch twice so I responded "Did you get any of my earlier replies that I sent this morning?" See, when when one asks questions in return on a pitch, one wants answers not a repeated pitch. Honestly, it's that easy!

The pitch:

Software geniuses out of Silicon Valley are introducing Veeple -revolutionary software that gives the ability to add interactive "VeeSpots" -- in-stream text, web page links, speech, and even thought bubbles -- to videos. This opens up a whole new way for advertisers and web publishers to effectively deliver their message to the billions of people who are hooked on viewing and posting videos on the Internet.

The software geniouses of veeple had not sussed out how to allow for embedding flash content on other sites when I asked, so I was asking if I may host the file myself. Now they have though, so it's inside.

Why this particular file? Well, while it shows off what Veeple can do in the interest of reporting new ad-stuffs, it's also a clip from Wayne's world. I wonder if Paramount Pictures has given the go-ahead for the use of Wayne's world famous sell-out scene as an actual sell-out demonstration of a new thingiemahbob. It's so deliciously ironic somehow. (Also, I totally doubt that they did, which would make this an infringment - but in these copyright confused times nobody cares but Viacom. And me.)

Via The Denver Egotist who spotted it at Marketingpunk we found yet another sci-fi inspired car-launch in the UK. We've seen those faceless people (so very Dr Who) previously, but now MBI type dudes hang around a mysterious UFO that landed in Potters Field park. One wonders if all London creative teams assigned car accounts are sci-fi nerds. Or are they trying to say the technology of this car is stolen from Aliens? Either way, the violin playing babes in little black dresses do not lend an air of class to this big ball of gloriously tacky.

For more photos of the smoking UFO wreck check out jessicaami's Flickr photostream.