...and the winners are:

The lucky winners of the Epica awards reels are;

user adgrunt "Me" who wins the "Best of Epica" reel, adgrunt "raresh" who wins the Epica 1999 reel.


And since no-one has replied to emails regarding the signed Luke Sullivan "Hey Whipple" book there has been another draw - and adgrunt HaHaSoup wins that one. Winners have been notified via email, only signed up adgrunts are able to win. Sign up & sign in to automagically to participate.


Doppelgangers on Ice

In the latest edition of Did They or Didn't They, may we present to you two spots - Each representing a distinctly different product/service, but both with a main theme that just might have you seing double. Big time kudos to dabitch for the commentary, but we'll let you decide for yourself...

Go Figure


John Gillard has passed away

John Gillard - the man who founded and was the burning fire behind the School of Communication Art in London, passed away this past Saturday.

John Gillard taught and practiced advertising and communication with a passion unlike any other for more than thirty years, and founded the School of Communication Art in 1985.


Apples marketing to blame for it's declining sales?

This article in Macweek rips advertisings marketing apart from Think different onwards. "Preaching to the converted" they say - well, I've been saying that for a while myself. (Hat tip to Clay for finding this link and mailing it to Adlist)


Faux political ad

If you are in the states - you have seen countless asinine political ads in the past few weeks -and you have probably also seen countless little "scooters" all them trendy kids must have nowadays.

NYC copywriter Justin Kaswan made this "crappy little faux political ad" to let the world know that it takes a village to whup your scooter riding ass. Click to see 2.3 megabyte film (on cable a two minute load.)


Calling all N.Y. Adlisters and perhaps a few Adlanders

This coming Thursday - the 19th of October 2000 - at eight p.m. (that's 20.00 hours) Dabitch is in New York City hanging with a bunch of New York Adlisters at the White Horse Tavern.

The White Horse is conveniently located at the corner of Hudson and 11th Street and is for those of you who didn't know - the place where Dylan Thomas drank himself to death. We think it's appropriate.

Dylan himself might be there - as it is said his ghost occasionally returns to rotate his favorite corner table.


Winner of the Luke Sullivan Book

netspirit - user number 69 - is the lucky guy/gal who won the signed "Hey Whipple" book. I've sent netspirit an email and will mail the book off as soon as I get a reply. Netspirit is shy gal/guy with no user information or extras - so I'm just guessing that he/she is in the states (the real email ends with .com) So far There have been british american and romainian winners of the competitions here. For all you others - better luck next time.


yourstruthfully - anonymous emailer

Mark Waites at Mother points out that:

"Mother has what could be the perfect compliment to your gossips corner...yourstruthfully.com the anonymous e-mail forwarding service.
Now anyone contributing to your site can hide like a little wimp."

The clever part is - you can email from there anonymously and receive replies to your own inbox! Very cool toy! Go play!


The dream team

An account director gets into a black cab with two bin liners.

"'Ello, mate," says the cabbie. "Just been sacked then?"

"No", says the account director. "I announced that I was leaving to set up my own agency, and they had me escorted off the premises."


Real American Heroes - Captured!

Unless you're under a rock somewhere in the arctic circle and dead, you've probably caught the buzz about the American radio campaign for Bud Light. Well, after an excruciating bit of excavating and the trading of favors with friends who have ties to the mob, we've accumulated 15 of these kick-arse spots! So without further adieu, Bud Light presents... (more)