Fat vs. Sugar-A Battle of Wits: Cliff Freeman takes on SNL with a major reversal

AD-RAG EXCLUSIVE: What happens when the world's most remarkably clever ad agency gives the world's most remarkably clever weekend late night sketch comedy variety show a taste of their own medicine?

(adapted from the forthcoming Little Golden Book special hardcover edition)


Ratings Reality Check

It's easy for those of us in the insular ad world to lose sight of the public's perception of our work. With the Hollywood glamour associated with spot production, many prefer to see themselves as showmen rather than salesmen. Yet, the Monday night ratings for a program called The Greatest Commercials You've Never Seen indicates TV viewers have a different take.


JWT NYC sheds accounts and staff

With the loss of several high profile, high $$$ accounts, including a large chunk of the US Kelloggs biz, JWT NYC has felt the heat and laidoff several producers and creatives associated with the now, non-existent biz.



5 New iMac TV spots! Power to flower. Power to bloom. Power to catch a frisbee.

Steve Jobs has ripped'em a new one. The latest batch of iMac ads, five in all, has now been released to the teeming masses. Love them or hate them, the expanded designs of the iMac shell were created to get attention, and it worked.


Dead famous people and the products they sell

Stay Free! magazine lists dead celebrities and the products they promote.
"Hm, was Einstein the one who sold computers or french fries?" .

more inside, click the continue link.


Snickers Cruncher - Dolls (2001) - 0:30 (USA)

Snickers Cruncher - Dolls  (2001) - 0:30 (USA)

"Don't go there, Don't go there!" "Talk to the hand" "Have a nice life"

"Do you have 'I think your sister's pretty'?"

Points for crushing the dang Waaaasuuuup.


Pepsi - Roller Coaster (2001) - 0:30 (USA)

Pepsi - Roller Coaster  (2001) - 0:30 (USA)

After riding a roller coaster without spilling a drop of his Pepsi, a pretty lady makes our hero forgetful.


Saint Snugglebear and friends - More fodder for the fire.

Artist Dick Detzner has been thrown into the latest heated fray of artistic interpretation versus religion. But instead of relying on the stereotypical church crowd button-pushers such as graphic sex or graphic violence, he instead took the road less traveled - graphic art and advertising icons!

Check out the following story from Wednesday's Chicago Tribune, then check out Dick Detzner's online gallery.


Shaved Publicis

It's an Amsterdamned shame, but the Publicis office in this Netherlands city recently trimmed seven creatives.

Seven - out of 10! (Not counting the Creative Directors)


I am Rudy - I am director

You must see Scumco's spec Kodak-film - I suggest you press this link and have a laugh.
This film was directed by Mo Husseini at Kaboom, and he graced the email wires to tell us the story behind the film....