One doesn't usually book a single busposter (or "abri poster" as it's called in Dutch) - but that's exactly what Euro did for this one. This poster is at a tramstop where tram number 5 picks up creatives and suits from the four largest agencies in Amstelveen - a suburb of Amsterdam. They are either on their way home, or heading to the Bermuda triangle and a few drinks after work, quite likely hanging out with other ad-people. Either way, these ad-men and women wait here and the tram stop poster now speaks to them directly - want another job? Euro RSCG got help from JC Decaux so that they could make this one-time-and-place-only poster was placed on the ideal spot. Useless trivia: I used to wait for the tram at exactly this stop.



Agency: Euro RSCG Amsterdam
Joost van Praag Sigaar (Creative Director & CW)
Laurens Boschman (Creative Director & AD)


Our challenge was to communicate the benefit of a PO Box without bad-mouthing street delivery.
Idea: A PO Box affords you the luxury of privacy that any other address can’t.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi SA
Creative Director: Rajesh Ranchod, Eric Frank
Copywriter:Gift Manganyi, Eve Sigalas


'Photo by Sebastian Meyer/Getty Images
An outdoor office has sprung up in St James' Park, complete with watercoolers, Wi-Fi, a reception area, boardroom, creative room, work desk area and the occasional ducks wobbling across peoples desks. Anyone can come down for a meeting, or to brainstorm or simply just to sit at a nice hot desk in the sun. ;)

See more images of the outdoor office here on flickr. This little outdoor stunt is brought to you by Cake.

Agency: Alianda, Windermere, FL
Client: Anastasia International, Russia
Writer/Producer: Mitchell Erick
Production Co: LHV Audio, Orlando

Orlando was a test market for these spots which try to build buzz for a website that connects Russian women with western men. Excellent Russian symphonic music with a hysterical performance by the male voice talent.


Who are the faceless people? Or rather, what on earth are they advertising? Spotted at Henley, at Wimbledon and at the start of Harrods summer sale. Might it be an ad stunt for cars? No I don't see the connection either - but whois says that is owned by Group Lotus Plc, Norwich, Norfolk United Kingdom. That's Group Lotus cars. Wonder what "True Character" will be revealed in 19 days. That car better be good looking as hell after a stunt like that, ya'll.

I just found this image on Ad Innovator - a Japanese ad blog I can't read no matter how much I try but I try almost daily anyway. (Still seething that I wasn't allowed to tag along with Dad to Osaka the years that he worked there as someone thought it would be better for me to stay put for once. AAARGHHH! /end derail.) Apparently, being on google maps is so cool flower shops are announcing it in their shop windows. This reminds me of those digital cameras that have the stickers reading "youtube ready" on them. Online is truly slipping offline these days, and brands are piggy-backing on other brands like nothing else. Interesting development.