Draft won't say who screwed up the lion-ad

Lions ad
In a pretty classic move, Draft washes their hands off the lion ad that caused such a ruckus. Adfreak even says that "Draft calls Cannes ad 'a terrible mistake'. A leaked internal Draft email reads:

We Made a Mistake


FOX tactic of getting copyright infringement off youtube, C&D those who link it!

Is linking illegal? asks a November 30 post at Quicksilverscreen, and my guess the answer is "depends on who you ask". Years ago a Danish mailinglist lost a courtbattle regarding the deeplinks they had each day in their mail, deepinks that took readers straight to the interesting story on any given news(paper)site. Their response was to move the mailinglist to a foreign server and keep it up.


Flags of the world - with clients comments.

Adme.ru tips us to this funny flash film from Clayborn creative consulting which just won third place in Moscow International Advertising Festival. Clayborn creative shows us what would happen to the flags of the world if clients had free reign over the creative - see the flash film inside.
Not to be confused with the flags of the world Cannes winner.


Digg users, get paid for clicking. Advertisers, one buck per digg.

It was only a matter of time, really. UserSubmitter offers money to Digg users and takes money from people who want to get dugg. If you digg three stories as a user you can make 50 cent. Submitters pay 1 dollar per digg.


Ghost in Toronto spreads word for Scream TV

Back in October, Zig helped Corus Entertainment launch a campaign for Scream TV, a channel devoted to horror, thriller and suspense movies. The campaign began by projecting a holographic image of a girl in the window of a home under renovation in downtown Toronto.


Ten silly things you didn't know about adland

1: Adland can be reached by quite a few URL's. One of them is Adland.eu which we don't brag about because the .eu thing is still too darn exotic. ;)


Gossip blogs sued for $7.5 Million worth of copyright infringment

Perez Hilton - who's got nothing on thesuperficial and idontlikeyouinthatway if you ask me - is being sued for $7.5 Million TMZ reports. It's Hollywood photo agency X17 that filed the suit - click her to see it (pdf) - and seven other photo agencies are also considering filing a lawsuit. X17's suit is a classic case of copyright infringement they say "knowingly and willfully used X17's images on his blog without permission from the agency, thereby violating federal law." and Perez responds with a classic blogger defense ' Nobody contacted me to take it down, so shut the fuck up' showing Perez' considerable knowledge gap about the point of copyright. In a release X17 stated:

"Mr. Lavandeira has regularly infringed on X17's large scoops. While it usually takes weeks of effort by a team of photographers and reporters to break a story, for Mr. Lavandeira, it has been as simple as a right-click."
"Mr. Lavandeira is profiting through advertisements on his site (one-week ads on his site go for between $9000 - $16,000) and has gained relative fame from the success of his blog, which, X17 contends, is due in large part to the quality and quantity of ceebrity images he posts on his site, many of which are owned by X17."

Since all publicity is good publicity, as long as they spell your name right, especially in the blog world where more traffic equals more advertising money, Perez Hilton writer Mario Lavandeira might cash in on this and become even more famous, if not a strange poster boy for the vastly misunderstood creative commons. (with those kinds of friends you don't need enemies). Splashnewsonline even has a video of Perez being handed the suit. Seems Mario thinks he can make it go away by throwing it away. (direct link to .swf)


Live Audio Wrestling Moves to CFRB

Before Live Audio Wrestling moved to CFRB in July, 2006, the LAW created an ad to let their listeners know of the move. The spot was filmed in the city of Toronto, with a low budget, some spontaneous action, and lots of parady.

Live Audio Wrestling is moving to Newstalk 1010 CFRB. Watch Dan Lovranski, Jason Agnew and John Pollock make their move in their own creative way.


Massive amount of holiday sites for Office Max

Toy, NY was given the task of creating a holiday campaign with a small budget to convince folks to do their holiday shopping at an office supply store. They decided they'd have to do some giving of their own. So to that effect, Office Max now has about 20 games and microsites under the theme "Spread the cheer", a couple of which borrow from the cult classic "A Christmas Story".

"An office-supply store as a gift destination wasn't exactly an easy leap," said Ari Merkin, partner and executive creative director at Toy. "If we were going to ask people to get a gift at Office Max, we felt we would have to start by doing a little giving of our own."

Check out the sites below:
Don't Shoot Your Eye Out - shooter type game...watch out for ricochet.
Stuck to a Pole - Just what it says.
My Holiday Sweater - Get back at grandma.
Shake The Globe - Shake it.
Roast a Turkey - Seriously!
Everything's A Reindeer - Babies, dogs, cats, etc.
Reindeer Arm Wrestling - Can you beat the reindeer?
You Got Elfed - Spoofin' Punked.
Elf Yourself - Turn yourself into a dancing elf.
Elf Interviews - Get to know the folks behind the jolly man.
Mistletoe in an Elevator - Livin' it up when you're going down.
Season's Sculpting - Make your own ice carvings.
Faux Charity Donation Generator - Send a donation to some strange charities or make up your own
Guess My Gift - Can the site guess what you want for the holidays?
A Worldwide Wish - More wishes make the tree grow.
Conspiracy Carols - Plays jingle bells backwards with your "message".
Yes I'm Working - Spreadsheet heaven!
Save The Snowman - Hangman snowman-style
North Pole Dancing - Make santa dance.
Greetings From the North Pole - Did you know it's cold up there?


Link Lust: The One That You Link

It's World AIDS Day today. Check out lots of ad campaigns at Houtlust, a blog that covers nonprofit and social advertising.