The 2007 SUPER BOWL AD Review

Scoring the 2007 SUPER BOWL ADS: Five Star Players and a Couple of Goats.

Like last year, the winner of this year’s Ad Super Bowl had to be Anheuser-Busch with five great spots and a few that were merely very good. A line from the “Classroom" spot gets our vote for Most likely to make it into popular vernacular: “Gimme a Bud Light, Feller.” This one was multicultural without being politically incorrect. Just fun. And how many product mentions do they get into this spot? Nearly a dozen, and without being offensive. Brilliant.

Another example of a star player was Bud Light’s “Axe” spot. This one was solidly in the vein of “True” comedy from start to finish. “I’m sure there’s a reason for it” is a savvy way of saying guys dismiss anything for a Bud Light. The spot gets even better when the guy actually stops and asks the hitchhiker about the axe. Of course, it’s a bottle opener. Great spot.

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Ashtanga Yoga Center - Rubber band - print, Italy

If you practice yoga at Milano Ashtanga Yoga you'll soon be as nimble as a rubber band.


Snakes in the garden

For all you adgrunts who still can't get enough of the Wal-Mart/Draft story, New York Magazine digs deeper into the trash.


4A's create guidelines for pitches and reviews

The American Association of Advertising Agencies has put together a best practices guidelines designed to help shops retain ownership of the ideas they present during account reviews.

"The agency search/new business process should not be used by marketers as a mechanism to generate a bank of ideas and materials," the organization said in a position paper issued this week.

It called for the agency search process to be "efficient, timely and equitable," and said both sides and consultants should use 4A's tools to facilitate the process; establish a clear understanding on how spec work will be used; and understand the processes for each phase of a pitch.

"Advertising payment to agencies for participation should specify that payment is solely intended to offset agency cost of participation in the review and does not alter the agency's ownership of agency-developed presentation concepts and materials," the guidelines state. "In advance of conducting search meetings or presentations, the marketer and participating agencies should discuss how ownership, license or usage rights of agency-developed ideas, plans and work will be handled."

You can download/read the document here (it will open a pdf).

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Teaser ad campaign hijacked by porn-site

I'm a tad late with this news as I was busy with the super bowl commercials which I'm now thoroughly disappointed in and terribly sick of already. Still, for those who haven't heard it, SJ (train services) in Sweden launched a big teaser ad campaign - which was promptly hijacked by a porn site. Researcher has been keeping tabs of the twist and turns around the 95 campaign. (#1, #2)


FlyMe use suitcases as ad media

Airports are full of ads, even the security checkpoint trays have them, and now FlyMe the budget airline wants to grab peoples attention and alert them to their new flights to sunny destinations by advertising.. on suitcases.


Gil the Crab Element Super Bowl Spot Airs Online After Game

We heard rumors back and forth whether or not a Gil the Crab spot was going to air during the Super Bowl. We received this press release which explains why Gil didn't show last night:

Continuing the brand momentum of Honda's "Element and Friends" campaign, RPA collaborated with Gil "The Crab," the Honda Element’s famous friend, to create a "super new large game commercial" scheduled to debut on Sunday, Feb. 4.


Top 10 Ads from Super Bowl XLI

So by now most people know the Colts were the winners of last nights game. But which ads came out on top? Well, we've put together a list of the top 10 commercials from Super Bowl XLI, in no particular order:

1. GM "Robot"

2. Budweiser "Spot/Dirty Dog"


infoUSA/SalesGenie - "Success" (2007) 0:30 (USA)

infoUSA/SalesGenie - "Success" (2007) 0:30 (USA)

First Quarter


NFL - Goodbye (2007) 0:30 (USA)

NFL - Goodbye (2007) 0:30 (USA)

Fourth Quarter
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