Bongo are currently running a press campaign featuring Kim Kardashian. I don't know when being famous for getting urinated on in a homemade porn-movie made you a great fashion icon, I must have missed that memo. I can't think of anything less tasteless.

Oh, and IANAL but the Child protection and Obscenity Enforcement act USC 2257 means that if a porn video is released commercially, those who star in it have to sign a release form while showing ID. "Leaked video", my ass.


Ok, so this Hubba Bubba campaign which was released march 2007 seems to be piggy-backing on all other advertisers posters.... I have no idea how BBDO Düsseldorf pulled that off, but then again BBDO has triumpf and P&G (Ariel as seen below) so this might have been only running on their own clients thing, in which case - more power to ya! Well done. (the badland twist is inside folks)

Advertising Agency: BBDO Düsseldorf, Germany
Creative Directors: Ton Hollander, Marie-Theres Schwingeler, Toygar Bazarkaya, Ralf Zilligen
Art Director: Julia Furtmann
Copywriter: Kai Hoffmann


These delicious looking posters illustrated by Brendan Monroe tip bar goers to Red Bull mixed drinks The Flaming Bull and Bull Breeze. Sadly, no Ladyboy - I would love to have seen that as artwork. The posters could be seen in hep bars in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Agency was Ogilvy Action, Beijing.