Who are the faceless people? Or rather, what on earth are they advertising? Spotted at Henley, at Wimbledon and at the start of Harrods summer sale. Might it be an ad stunt for cars? No I don't see the connection either - but whois says that http://www.facelesspeople.com/ is owned by Group Lotus Plc, Norwich, Norfolk United Kingdom. That's Group Lotus cars. Wonder what "True Character" will be revealed in 19 days. That car better be good looking as hell after a stunt like that, ya'll.

I just found this image on Ad Innovator - a Japanese ad blog I can't read no matter how much I try but I try almost daily anyway. (Still seething that I wasn't allowed to tag along with Dad to Osaka the years that he worked there as someone thought it would be better for me to stay put for once. AAARGHHH! /end derail.) Apparently, being on google maps is so cool flower shops are announcing it in their shop windows. This reminds me of those digital cameras that have the stickers reading "youtube ready" on them. Online is truly slipping offline these days, and brands are piggy-backing on other brands like nothing else. Interesting development.

I don't know why everyone insists on asking me of this ad is real. Can't you just look at the shoddy production values, the misplaced "humor" and take an educated guess? Then I saw that other blogs, such as giggle sugar for example, are posting this ad with a straight face as if it was a real ad, and understood why someone would want to confirm. No it ain't a real commercial. It's a JOKE people. Let it go. Unless of course you want to tell Tampax there's a viral video out there draining (hehe) their trademark of positive vibes. Then there's also the new cynicism, where shoddy production values are 'faked' in order to slip a risque commercial under the radar. Man, its confusing these days ain't it?

Adfreak has a story on BBH's keywords being bought up by an SEO firm (which reminds me, just a little of Asa Baileys OgilvyHijack a few years back) - they explain:

Bartle Bogle Hegarty chairman Steve Harty dismissed the usefulness of paid search for an agency like BBH, saying, “We have a more targeted strategy than, ‘We’re open for business.’ Search is kind of indiscriminate in a way.” Reprise Media doesn’t agree, and it’s out to prove a point. It has purchased the Google keywords “BBH” and “Steve Harty,” which bring up ads that direct to a Reprise blog post laying out how dumb it is for agencies to downplay search. Copy for the BBH ad reads: “Looking for an Agency? Not Buying Their Own Branded Terms! Can You Trust Them to Manage Yours?”

While googling BBH I do find BBH on the top spot there - but no text ads? - and if you search for BBH here at Adland, you'll find that nearly every post mentioning BBH has a link to BBH in it. (How's that for poisoning the well? BBH should pay me for that google-juice!). If you search google for Steve Harty, you'll find the search marketing post explaining that they bought those keywords in the coveted top spot (right now that is) instead. No word yet on what the real Steve Harty thinks of this little stunt riding on his name.

Here's an interesting twist, in order to sell travel, they sold beans. Strategic agency The Hallway teamed up with creative agency Happy Soldiers to promote Zuji travel site. The main positioning for Zuji is "a company that is ‘Helping holidays happen’" so they set out to prove it, by way of cheap beans.

Logic is, that by saving money on everyday items, you can save up some dosh for a getaway trip somewhere fun. To kickoff the campaign, Hallway/Happy Soldiers created "Zuji baked beans" and sold them for just 10c a can. They even opened a few Zuji Bean Shops in Australia’s major cities and set up Zuji Beans stalls all around the country, selling nothing but cheap Zuji Beans. There was also print, outdoor, radio, DM and online ads to let people know about the beans = save for travels connection.


Agency: Leo Burnett Bangkok demonstrates the sharpness of WMF Knifes by slicing animals straight in half on a double page spread. Do chickens eyes look like then when cut in half by the way? Mental note: must get chicken and chop clean in half to test. Then make soup. Mmmm. Chicken soup. Two more inside.