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The appeal of the show even stretches beyond U.S. borders. The show has a relationship with Adland (, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, to provide a blurb each week about the upcoming scheduled guest. The show's site has also been posted on the Web sites of Ad Age Magazine, the show's title sponsor (


Guidelines in Norway not a cartel!

Y'all remember the cartel-like behavior adbuyers accused agencies in Oz of that caffeinegoddess tipped us about in March?
Now agencies in Norway are drafting rules of engagement for pitches as well. Propaganda reports today that advertisers and agencies have actually agreed on guidelines for pitches, and both parties are happy about the result.


Lynx spice up posters with Boris Vallejo pinup art

In the USA where Lynx is called Axe, they still seem to be running them surreal ads showing armpits with feet in dating situations. Meanwhile in the UK, the campaign on the same proposition is illustrated with ubercool Boris Vellejos pinup art and point out that all women prefer dry guys. Yup, all of 'em.

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Trivia Chain game - Round three!

Round three, the final round, of the trivia game, a chance to show off your adgrunt skills, impress everyone with your ad trivia and win a 20-pack of Jewelboxings! Last weeks winner was Claymore - congrats to our resident rhyming poet.

Ask a question about advertising that contains the answer to the previous question. Simple as that.
We'll pick a post and send them a Jewelboxing 20pack free of charge.

Watch out for wrong answers! And remember, rhyming isn't a requirement but if you wanna go nuts, by all means..... Go nuts!


Lowe Thailand sells Scholl sandals without showing them.

Subun Khow (cw) and Vancelee Teng (ad) under the creative direction of Jeffrey Curtis at Lowe Thailand have created a new poster campaign for Scholls with a twist. There's not a product in sight. Read more to see it.


Getting into Mother - 0:30 self promo

Fernando Bernus wants to work at Mother (London,NYC) - and he says it with a short self-promo commercial. Yikes.


Ford Ka Cat decapitation ad update.

The controversial viral cat decapitation ad for ford Ka which gathered many more complaints than their pigeon killing car last year has also gathered much more press. While Snopes was out early debunking and rebunking the ad, and we posted it April 02 the day after the 'leak', the hype hasn't calmed down yet!


That is cold Guinness, reintroducing old ads

The Guardian reports that Guinness is looking into how they can revive old popular ad campaigns for the black brew, now for the extra cold version. Commercials like Surfer, the "Pure Genius" campaign with Rutger Hauer, and ads from the "Not everything in Black and White makes sense" will be redone, new versions of old ads if if you will, by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO.

"There are a number of executions that we are working on for a summer campaign backing Guinness Extra Cold. The ads will reflect the idea that it is still Guinness, but it is just colder.
"What we have explored is taking famous icons from past ads and giving them a cold twist, but nothing has been finalised."

We hope the poor surfer doesn't freeze to death.....


Calvin Klein at it again, with an unplanned twist.

Calvin Klein courts their usual controversy with a massive billboard on Houston street showing a near bump and grind threesome in New York City. Meanwhile, in an unplanned PR twist, CK's brandname is getting soiled in connection with the Michael Jackson case, investigators have seized two pairs of Calvin Klein briefs, while investigating the child abuse claims. Googling the magic words Calvin Klein now brings unplanned pedo controversy, ouch.


Most hated media choices, SpaSMS, DM and spam.

Whats the ad temperature in Europe these days?