Dabitch is back (in New York City)

Since I'm so pleased that Adland is back online, I thought I'd throw a little party. You are all invited over to Justine's , 101 2nd street, between 1st avenue and A, on Saturday night at 10:30. The silver backroom is ours kids. I thought Justine's would be appropriate. Yes, it's an S&M bar, what else? Come and have a drink. I might spank you.


HHCL's howellhenryland is very fucking strange.

It's weird, it's poorly implemented, but fuck it looks interesting.

I quote: "howellhenryland is an interactive virtual reality that is our integrated web presence, extranet and intranet. It won't give you the same experience as walking around our unique working environment - but it's as close as we can get in the digital world."

What the hell is it?


Agency Gets Costly Dot-Com Lesson

Though they're an e-biz flunk out, bankrupt ecampus.com wound up teaching former agency DeVito/Verdi a thing or two about dot commerce.

Dennis Publishing is suing the agency for $270,000 worth of unpaid ecampus.com ads that ran in Maxim magazine. For the agency's sake, the litigation hopefully ends here. God forbid ecampus.com should decide that a media plan that promoted its text book website in Maxim contributed to its demise.


You got the guts to be a young gun?

We've spoken about the Young Guns 2001 awards here earlier , and now Michael Kean gives us the run-down on the why and how he helped found the new award which will be hosted in Australia this October. ....


No New Tricks for Old Spice

For ad folk, "PG" refers to a style of safe, over-tested advertising popularized by Proctor & Gamble. In recent years, P&G has made pronouncements and organizational moves toward breaking this stereotype. However, according to a recent stink over fresh Old Spice deodorant spots, some think the P&G creative process is still the pits.


This is relevant

The other day, aptly named Art Thompson of norelevance.com handed me his sites card, and stopping by I realized it's an art directors dream! Random scrapbook pages, strange record label designs, weird labels from forgotten brands. Aaah, inspirationville.


The Other Side of Advertising by Wallace J. Gordon

tip from adgrunt Laters - One man's view from 40 years in the trenches of the advertising wars.

A memoir is made of memories, and in these memories I've changed only a very, very few actual names, dates, and places. And those only for reasons best considered as prudent.

All the other memories are exactly as they were. Or at least as they seemed to me. If some of them seem unpleasant or less then flattering...? Well, that's the way I remember them.

Nevertheless, it was a great ride, gang. Forty years in the advertising business. Writing ads and commercials for everything from Coca-Cola to the local supermarket.

This is the story of the last year. The one that almost killed me.


Ad Books: 

That is not a pearl of an idea.

a pearl is a rare beautiful thing, when grown in nature. Hat off to Jesper on adlist who found these gems.


Nike Play - Tag - (2001)

Nike Play - Tag - (2001)

Nike Play - Tag.


Nike Play Campaign Week Two

(found here first, a la adland)

Ok, a few of you were scratching your heads over the first week, so let's find out if the next round does better... (commercial vid link inside, so read more)