Phwoar - says the queen over sex-ad.

An advert for Ann Summers chain of sex/lingerie shops, depicting the Queen reading a sex manual next to the line "Phwoar, must get one", has provoked a rare letter of complaint from Buckingham Palace.


Lugz - Arrow (2002) - 0:30 (USA)

Lugz - Arrow  (2002) - 0:30 (USA)

This ad was later ripped off by Apple, and Apple was forced to pull it from the air. Fo shame!


the cinematographer at the pearly gates

After a long, hard and yet successful career, a cinematographer dies and goes up to the pearly gates. It's a busy day in heaven, long line at the gate, and Saint Peter seems to be taking his sweet ass holy time
processing everyone.



A guy is clearing out the attic of an old house and comes across a box
with a label that says: MAGIC LAMP. FOR AGENCY SUITS ONLY.

"What's an agency suit?", the guy thinks to himself. "What the heck, I've never tried a magic lamp before. I'll just go ahead anyway."


"emotional bond with batteries"

Acme Idea Co just produced three new duracell ads that shall help consumers develop a personal connection to their batteries. Outrageously daring, one spot shows a boy reading by flashlight while the next scene shows the Rocky Mountain Rescue Group wearing Duracell-powered headlamps. What a twist!

Acme Idea co states: "Most consumers don't have an emotional connection to their batteries, and with this campaign we hope to change that."

You know why we don't have an emotional connection to our batteries - we have to throw them away when we're done*.


Unspecial effects for graphic designers - Bob Gill

Graphic designer says: to hell with special effects.

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One Show Movie

Movie from this year's One Show. Funny!


McDonald's Promotion Killed on Safari

After an enthusiastic bit of protesting, Norway is going to have to wait a bit longer for the eagerly anticipated McMeerkat Happy Meal. It appears that it is now politically incorrect to use African recipes. Does this mean that we'll now have to close Chinese restaurants because China violates human rights?


breaking through to the other side.

Hall&Cederquist/Y&R in Stockholm were visited by burglers.

On the receptionists desk was a webcamera, and it reacted to movement, so they captured their guests on film.

It only took 130 seconds to carry out eleven portable G3's. The cops did arrived with guns drawn, but alas, too late.

Luke Sullivan

Lucky Luke - an interview with mr Sullivan

It's tuesday night and the creative circle in Denmark had arranged a lecture night with Luke Sullivan, chief creative cowboy at wild Westwayne, Atlanta.

Luke is lucky, advertising is a "great job because you'll never get bored." apparently, when you're good at it you're never boring either. He bounces on to the floor and goes on a hilarious rant about "always use a lion in all of your ads." whilst flicking through a display of terrible ads containing lions on the screen behind him. "haha! look at this one!" he erupts with the audience in laughter.