Gran Centenario Tequila Debuts New Advertising

(NY, NY) The creators of ultra-premium Tequila Gran Centenario have announced the launch of the brand 's first-ever print advertising in Los Angeles. Created by Arnell Group, the new creative features the illustrated Gran Centenario angel that appears on the bottle label and identifies Gran Centenario as "the most tempting Tequila on earth." It playfully asserts that Gran Centenario's quality is so exceptional that it must be sent from heaven.


The Advertising Show Features Tyson Foods Executive

Hear Bob Corscadden, senior vice president and CMO of Tyson Foods, talk about the launch of their new, fully integrated “Powered By” ad campaign. This new campaign strategically capitalizes on the company’s position as the world’s largest provider of protein and aims to create consumer awareness of the company’s leadership in beef and pork as well as the chicken categories. The general market campaign, created by Arnold Worldwide, focuses on the important power of protein in the daily lives of Americans.


Web Pressen (Denmark) "Adland Worlds largest ad community"

Webpressen in Denmark celebrates our jump to over thirtyfive thousand users with us with a short article in their IT news topic area.


Paid links, come get your paid links served IN editorial content.

The New York Times reports that has begun serving paid links within articles written by journalists.

"We want to be trailblazers, whether from an advertising standpoint or an editorial standpoint," said Jim Spanfeller, president and chief executive at, part of Forbes Inc. The company will keep a close eye on its readers' reaction throughout the summer. "We would walk away," Mr. Spanfeller said, if readers indicated confusion or disapproval of ads within the editorial content.

The story broke at DMnews when Brian Morrissey; " has begun to embed advertiser links in its news articles, making it the first major Web news publisher to experiment with mixing ad units within editorial content."


Both of these ads really suck.

They do - literally, even if they are both award winners and quite good. One won a gold in this years Cannes Festival for Outdoor. Read more to see the pair.


MoveOn does the subservient chicken dance

Subserviant president created by does just what the subservient chicken did, that is anything you tell it to. Almost.

Try "Get drunk", "weapons of mass destruction", "foreign policy", "bite me", "magic trick" and "lie to me" for starters.


Winners of LinoType Type Design Contest 2003

Opening night of TypeCon 2004 in San Francisco Linotype announced the winners! Thirteen in all (and honorable mentions) are now for sale on CD or download, in one big fat package or individually - the lucky designers shared 15,000 Euro in prize money.


'The Good Brand'

"Brands are less and less about what we buy, and more and more about who we are. That means your cola can't just taste good. It has to feel good, too." Yess we've heard about that :) though a good article »Link.


SURE ActivResponse cause of Courtney Love going missing

I had to laugh when I read at Brandsuicide about the SURE active response online ad that appeared on top of a story about Courtney Love going missing. The ads formatting prevents anyone from seeing the photo of Courtney, so missing she is indeed.

Brandsuicide blogs about how "major brands savage the online experience by using intrusive ad formats", an easy target, but also great fodder for comedy. Rating this creative 'bad but actually good' with the reasoning: "Either way, when the sound comes on (automatically) and you are in the office (reading about the AWOL Courtney Love rather than doing Real Work) you start to sweat like a bastard. Of course you do. 'How do I turn this fucker off?' Then it is off to the local SURE stockist to take care of your B.O. "

While I'm posting, does anyone out there not hate these online ads?

Adland: tries to excite travelers with cleavage

In one of those "really sad ad" departments is trying to be funny ha-ha with a viral game that had some success due to it's silly content. Yesterday lastminute premiered the press and posters that go with it.