Only an inch away from the orginal...

When flogging some weight-loss product - always use the visual of a BELT. MMmmm'K? Actually - these are smarter than that - but oh-so-alike..


Pigeon Holed - which type of creative are you?


Creatives in advertising agencies fall into 7 categories. We know who you are. Do you?

  • 1) The Resigned Creative.
  • You have worked in the same agency for 8 years. You remember the good old days, when clients actually bought your work. You occasionally get to produce a campaign of in-store shelf wobblers for dishwasher detergent. You have work in your book for a beer campaign from 4 and a half years ago that won you a pewter tankard award from Brewer's Monthly magazine. You sweat cynicism. You wear permanent 'shit happens' sucked-in lips. Your eyes are glazed over due to excessive confidence-crises.


    Dad needs a new..... Well, we know what he doesn't need.

    Someone scanned this from Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and all of adlist hasn't stopped laughing since we saw it. If there was ever a time one should photoshop items into a different color, this would be it.


    Evian and other Waters

    The old "fish prefers mineral water" gag is enough to make me cry - has also collected a bunch in his archives - here are three examples from around the planet...


    an Interview with John Gillard

    John Gillard

    The School of Communication Arts lasted from 1985 to 1995 before Gillard retired, I went to that school in 1994 and like the other ex-pupils of Gillard, I'll never forget what he taught us. -- Dabitch

    " John Gillard taught me more than I know."

    -- Graham Fink.

    Other peoples heroes are always disappointing.
    John Gillard founder and principal of the School of Communication Arts, may possibly appreciate the aphoristic tang of that opening sentence.


    Markus Nikolai / Norman Cook a.k.a Fat Boy Slim - Bushes - (1999)

    Markus Nikolai / Norman Cook a.k.a Fat Boy Slim - Bushes - (1999)

    Fat Boy Slim and Markus Nikolai do "Bushes" - and the video to go with it shows lots of girls getting their brazilian wax on. The reactions range from yelps to full on screams, and it makes for a rather entertaining video.


    Toy Cars *R* Us!

    Can you believe this one? Two identical ads-gags in "new and interesting media" (not unusual) winning - get this - the same dang award separated only by a few years!


    Adcult USA and Ogilvy On Advertising

    From "Adcult USA" and "Oglivy On Advertising"
    about Subliminal Advertising.

    By James B. Twitchell
    Where's The Beef?
    The subliminal explanation of Advertising

    "If you ask the ordinary man on the street (a character created by advertising in the 1940's, incidentally, along with brand X ) to tell you how advertising works, you will probably hear the actual word, or at least the concept of, subliminal. Most people believe that advertising sneaks some foreign matter under the surface, slides some message under the margin of consciousness, that stimulates us to feel some anxiety that we can relieve only by consuming a product we would ordinarily not buy. This is utter nonsense but utterly powerful nonsense

    Ad Books: 

    Discover - Discover Brokerage - Island (1999) 30 second advert USA.

    Discover - Discover Brokerage - Island (1999)  30 second advert USA.

    "Vacation spot?"
    "No, that's a picture of my house"
    "That's an island..."
    "Well, technically, it's a country."


    Oyama Karate School - ka-chop! Ambient

    Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney
    Writer: Jim Godfrey
    Art Director: Noah Regan

    Jelous: Me

    Ad type: