Pizza Hut's motivation revealed.

Robblink asked earlier "why was the where the cheese at ad pulled?", as ad age revealed that Pizza Hut was returning to more traditional advertising.

Clayton found the why: Black Family Sues Pizza Hut - Thirteen members of a family are suing the operator of a Pizza Hut for $2 million, alleging they were refused service because they are black.

Colonial Foods LLC maintains that employees tried to explain to the family that they couldn't be served because the restaurant had run out of cheese and couldn't make any more pizzas.


Watch this space

"It's a dark, gory type of game and we thought it was appropriate to raise advertising to a new level."


adcritic is coming online

after a teary departure, the little site has had a resurrection... all thanks to adage.


Chex Mix - Bear (2002) - 0:30 (USA)

Chex Mix - Bear  (2002) - 0:30 (USA)

Impressive animation. A tree with bees and a bear and of course, honey.


Pop-up ads coming to television?

According to this article at Access Atlanta, TV execs are putting pop-up ads in television programming because they feel that normal TV ads aren't getting enough respect.

I never realized TV ads were respectable.


Piercing ideas - twice. Ouch!

First up, the grand prix of Cannes 2002, second, Missing Links campaign for the same shop in 1999. Interestingly they both hung posters on dogleash holders and other places for "piercing" a poster = same unusual media idea too!

The top one was pierced onto dog leash holder etc - the bottom one was nipples pierced by the staples mid-magazine. Either way, OUCH!


writers block?

Logophilia, home of the Word Spy. Each weekday they post a new word, and a citation to show how it people are using it. The Random word spy sounds the most interesting waste of office hours toy, alas it is not working right now.

another great site to visually stimulate your wordy self is the visual thesaurus which I found whilst surfing dabitch's own little site. ty dab!


Fake ad promotes racist ideals.

Dansk Folkeparti lead by Pia Kjaersgaard placed a double page spread in a Swedish newspaper, DN on Sunday, to thank Swedes for their "support".

The advert consisted of letters, presumably written by Swedes, who praised the openly right wing racist party. (though, one shouldn't call Pia herself that as she has a habit of suing people who do. So let the record show I called her parties politics that.)

there's a few twists to this, so


Gap in new clothing

I can't believe Clay didn't link over to his collection of Gap ads, that proves Paul Ardens favorite soundbite "music is 70% of a commercial. Sometimes 90%".
Gap in new sounds is over in Clays adtothebone pelvic commercials collection.


The cola wars get hot

The Hindu reports that an advertisement by an unknown outfit Muslim Mahaz carried the text:

"Do not drink Pepsi or Coca Cola as you would be unwittingly supporting Israel in its anti-Muslim actions the world over,''

the front page advertisement ran in local Urdu daily Srinagar Mail, today.

any comments?