Behind the scenes of Sony Playdoh Bunny spot

The clip below gives a inside peek at the production process that went into the Sony Bravia Playdoh spot and includes interviews with Creative Producer, Juan Cabral from Fallon, Animation Director Darren Walsh from Passion Pictures and Director Frank Budgen from Gorgeous. See inside (autoplay)


Razr Burn - Motorola / Michel Gondry "The Film" (2007)

Razr Burn - Motorola / Michel Gondry "The Film" (2007)

Check out Michel Gondry's excessively creative (?) Motorola Razr commercial.

Pantene escalator

Pantene - Untangled hair / Escalator ad , ambient China

Aha, a new twist to the old (yes, it's getting old) escalator ads, this time they're using the space in between to demonstrate how untangled Pantene treated hair is. At least think they're highlighting the straightness.


Toom hardware store commercial - bumper

German Toom hardware store just released a new commercial starring a suburb do-it-yourselfer promoting Toom's raffle about do-it-yourself ideas you can send in.


A Few Good Creative Men

This has been going around for a bit, but in case you missed it (like me) here you go.


Today's AdLand ad bannage roundup

Ryanair - misleading and unfair comparisons

Special K - misleading health claims

Hooters - too objectifying

Unforgivable - this one gets "banned" with BS-quoties around it.


Do you love Copperplate Gothic Bold?

Here's something for you font nerds to enjoy. gives love to Copperplate Gothic Bold.


Life imitates superbowl ads

Cola Wars Get Physical As Pepsi Worker Attacks Coke Employee

Coke & Pepsi Diner fight from the
1995 Super Bowl commercials collection.


International ANDY Awards: Instacritique

The ANDY Awards entry site is a perfect work distraction…..


How soft are Cordarounds '007 Jackets?

Copywriters have it rough. There are only so many words in the English dictionary and sometimes it's impossible to find the perfect word to describe a product or service.