EnbW is building the first geothermal power station in Germanys Baden-Württemberg, making the company a pioneer in this field. This idea, via agency Jung von Matt/Elbe, Hamburg, aims at making people aware of EnBW's commitment. The concept is very simple; those gray traffic bollards were combined this sticker (to the left) on the ground: the result gave the impression of a giant highly realistic, three domensional electric plug. See more inside.


So, according to Radar Online the "Mac guy", aka Justin Long, is not returning for the next batch of Mac ads. Why? Well if you ask Slate, it's because he's a smug little twit.

Perhaps for striking people as a "smug little twit," in the words of Seth Stevenson, ad critic for Slate. Long, he adds, is "just the sort of unshaven, hoodie-wearing, hands-in-pockets hipster we've always imagined when picturing a Mac enthusiast.... It's like Apple is parodying its own image while also cementing it." Of the polymathic Hodgman, who has drawn acclaim for his work on The Daily Show and NPR's This American Life as well as his book, The Areas of My Expertise, Stevenson writes, "Even as he plays the chump in these Apple spots, his humor and likability are evident."

As much as I like to laugh at the PC guy played by John Hodgman - that Mac guy still wins. I never found him smug or annoying in the least. But then again, the only hardware I run is either a mac or something I put together which has a nice fast Athlon in it. Full disclosure, our server now has xeons which is Intel, but this still doesn't mean I'm using anything from Microsoft, ever. How's that for a smug mac user? If I could grow a beard I'd be the smug *nix user you love to hate.

Here's a little trip down memory lane of Mac vs PC commercials for you in the commercial archive, inside are links to the ads so far in reverse chronological order. Which one is your favorite?

"but not like a cult in a bad way or anything like that, like a uh, good cult." The Mentorship do their best Tom Cruise impressions talking about something that they say is different from traditional advertising internships (though they fail to explain how - I had live briefs and real clients at my ad school already, and every day on my internships, plus senior creatives watching over me specifically... and I even got paid a wee sum of money.. so what's the difference guys?)

"Circumstances are conspiring to create a catastrophe of colossal proportions! A Caucasian colleague of mine who was cavorting in the sea has been cloaked by the cruel convulsions of the choppy sea, and unless you make a concerted charge right now the countenance of my colleague could be clouded by the specter of calamity and it could be..."

oh bother I can't even hear all the words he's saying! How the actor managed to memorize this I'll never know.

Watch (on youtube) Societal Truths, Maria Dsouza, a slight jab at the Art Directors in Prohibited Board (although I don't interpret it as if he can't read, he's just not swimming - duh!), Soaking sand, Sand Broom, and Goan boat all created by ad agency Contract in Mumbai advertising the Ad Goa Fest.

Hat tip to our pal Anantha.

Sean Carton muses over the death of Firebrand in Wake up! Consumers don't like to watch ads! - he almost nails it. I don't think firebrand failed only because most normal people aren't as ad-addicted as we are - there are plenty of long-term adgrunts around here who don't work in advertising and do like ads. The execution had a lot to do with it, all flash, no content, big fanfare and all will set anyone up for a big fall. That, and, well they forgot to call me.

Jesus christ, I can't stop laughing at The mass ritual suicide of Cadbury eggs in mousetraps, which according to the Guardian took 23 hours to set up but just nine seconds to shoot. Look at them goo! Hehe. Laughing this hard isn't good for my heart.

There's a new blog in town, shoot the blog from photoshelter with posts written by Rachel Hulin and where photo reps and photo buyers weigh in as contributors, yours truly is one of them.

This is all getting a little silly.
Dupont has been sending out cease and desist letters to Swedish bloggers who have the domains Teflonminne.org and now Teflonminne.se - in the latter link you can read PDF's from Dupont linked at the bottom of his post (see Hotbrevet, Bilaga 1, Bilaga 2.) All links are in Swedish only.

Dupont are simply defending their trademarked name "Teflon", something Hoover should have done before it became a term simply meaning "to vacuum" in the UK, and in Swedish the trademarked named "Jeep" is now synonymous with SUV, so any car that has SUV qualities is called a Jeep even if it's a Honda.

Obviously, Dupont don't want this to happen, and the way some trademark laws sound it seems you have to at least make a show of defending your trademark in order to keep your trademark so one could gather that the vaguely formulated C&D is really just for show. However, Teflon became a registered trademark in Sweden as late as in 1999, while the word "teflonminne" meaning "scatterbrain", "featherhead", or plain "confused" as it symbolizes nothing sticking to your memory has been used in colloquial Swedish for much longer than that and even the dictionary explains that common usage includes describing stuff that nothing sticks on as in "teflon politician".

Not sure how their trademark-defending case will go, but I know this for certain - C&D'ing Joe-blogger to give up their rights of their domains is buying Dupont and "teflon" a boatload of bad publicity in Sweden.

Photographer Winkler +Noah recently completed a campaign for Gasser Wurstel. Working with Art Director Cristina Baccelli and Copywriter Sara Ermoli of TBWA Italy, they created this "smoking man" campaign (no, sadly it doesn't have that fella from the X-Files in it).