GSD&M becomes GSD&M Idea City

Today, GSD&M takes on a new name - GSD&M Idea City.

When GSD&M staffers arrive at work today they'll be surprised with a visit from one client, PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem. They'll also be treated to video well wishes from bold-name friends Bill Clinton and author Jim Collins. It's all in celebration of changes in its day-to-day management and the hanging of a new shingle. As of today, the company known for 36 years as GSD&M becomes GSD&M's Idea City.

Bullet proof baby hoax viral gets lots of press attention.

Sometime I find it just a tad depressing how easy it seems to be to trick journalists into writing about your viral as if it was the real deal. Take Bullet Proof Baby shows a woman shooting at a kevlar-dressed pram with her own baby in it. The site not only claims to sell everything from toddler tazers to baby riot gear, but also that "Stella decided to establish 'bullet proof baby' when her first son, Randy, was nearly killed in a drive by shooting in 2004."

Naturally the press just ate this up, a mother who shoots with an automatic rifle at her own baby? Who wouldn't love that story? Looks like everyone who got the pressrelease wrote about it,,, slashgear and many more. A few have updated their stories now that it's been revealed that the viral is for a film, so published a correction, as did Raising Kids, Nine MSN and the Daily Telegraph Australia. Even the presurfer fell for it.

Adland: - Elevator fart - (2009) :30 (Ukraine) - Elevator fart - (2009) :30 (Ukraine)

This short film shows the embarrassing silence after a fart in an elevator... until the next fart.


404 of the day

This time, kudos to Jeep. I love those little extra touches.


Greeks as Brazilians

Greek National Basketball team, the actual European champion, sponsored ny a locla bank produced a new TV commercial for the European Basketball Championship next month.


Wendy's - Breakthrough (2007) :30 (USA)


Barclays goes from Eagle to Shield?

Barclays has taken down its iconic giant metal eagle from the top the Barclays House in Poole, Dorset, UK.


Baby Spice for Prego?

Back in May, TV spots featuring Baby Spice, aka Emma Bunton, began airing in the US. Now they are running print ads (or at least I've come across one) to go with the campaign.


Tom Ford Perfume For Men - sold by hot wet naked women.

No strangers to controversy Tom Ford decided to launch his new scent by placing the perfume bottles on the shaven genitals of very naked models. No more G's shaved into pubic hair, this time we have no pubic hair at all! Does this mean it smells like pee? I'm not sure, but Terry Richardson probably had a grand old time instructing the model to squeeze the perfume bottle between her breasts as if she was in a porn movie. Whomever the fluffer... sorry... makeup artists was must have been amused too, likely called in to re-apply the shiny oil on her skin every five seconds.

And then they all went home and did more coke. True story.


That headline doesn't mean what you think it means.....

Adlister Michiel had me in tears when he emailed this delicious combination of people in red shirts declaring "you deserve the red shirt treatment"