Boston wants you to get wrapped and plow snow.

If you try to play get wrapped snowplow game take my advice, watch out for trains! My age-old technique of never hittng the breaks does not work, the snow is slippery, oddly it seems a lot easier to drive backwards than forwards. Locals will recognize landmarks such as Fenway Park, the Citgo sign, and the John Hancock tower. The Barbarian Group created the game which is only part of the campaign for called get wrapped.

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The Hidden (in Plain Sight) Persuaders debate

Not sure whether any of you saw Rob Walker's article on Word of Mouth Marketing in the New York Times the other day:
'The Hidden (in Plain Sight) Persuaders'


China bans LeBron Nike ads as they are a "national insult"

It's all over the google news sources that China has banned the latest Lebron Nike ads as they are a national insult. The ads "violates regulations that mandate that all advertisements in China should uphold national dignity and interest and respect the motherland's culture," the State Administration for Radio, Film and Television said on its Web site Monday. "It also goes against rules that require ads not to contain content that blasphemes national practices and cultures." Much like that Toyota Poster that insulted chinese consumers a year ago.


Bzzagent doing everything wrong - comment spam on the rise

In yesterdays adcritic email Jim quipped sarcastically:

"A lot of bloggers are, um, buzzing about the cover story in yesterday's
New York Times Magazine about Boston word-of-mouth firm BzzAgent. We assume this is because they are all secretly working for the company."

You can check Technorati to see how many people blogged that NYT article.


Jesus And The, Er, Liberal Media

In the United States, we've been hearing a lot about the liberal media and we've been hearing it for a long time. How the major networks, Time and Newsweek, and virtually every mainstream newspaper in the country are firmly in the grip of the left.

But if that's true, how to explain the fact that a new spot for the United Church of Christ, admittedly one of the most liberal churches in America, has been rejected by all three networks?


NYT Magazine - The Hidden (in Plain Sight) Persuaders

This week's Sunday New York Times Magazine has a good article about word of mouth advertising and the secret PR agents working behind the scenes - The Hidden (in Plain Sig


Lycos Europe's Spam-attacking screensaver just too popular

Lycos Europe's "Make Love Not Spam" screensaver is


Spotlight on 86 the onions - "86ed the rest" - Part Two

You can return to 86 the onions part one here.

Or, if you fancy check out last months spotlight TBWA Portugal


Spotlight on 86 the onions - "86ed the rest"

Hello world, I've been chatting with Chad Rea, founder and creative fountain head of 86 the onions in sunny Venice beach L.A. California, a full service, inside out, outside the box agency - or creative hub if you prefer. I asked him a few things, and to flaunt some of their recent work off. In the hot seat this month, 86 the Onions, with extra everything so it's in two parts, the interview part two is here.

DB: Show us 86 the onions creative hot spot. Where are the ideas born?

Chad Rea:


AdLand- Best Culture Blog nominee!

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