Running with Pitbulls

Spec spot for Adidas submitted by Brian Spitz who directed with DP Michael Bonvillain from "Lost", Cut and Run Editorial, Company 3 and Villalobos Rescue Center, the largest pitbull rescue in California which trains some of its rescues for movie/commercial/music video work.


My ass opens at six am.

Parakaashtha has found this rather amusing McDonald's sign in Yass, Australia. Thanks mate, we needed that laugh today.


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VIFF Vancouver International Film Festival - Interloper - (2007) :30 (Canada)

VIFF Vancouver International Film Festival - Interloper - (2007) :30 (Canada)

Creepy flying backward talking kid. Perfectly normal.


Music on the construction site

Who knew that construction sites were so musical? Both Dunkin' Donuts and Sprint Nextel felt it was the right path for their products in their recent spots. Interesting brain sync - considering they are talking to the same audience.


Sprint Nextel - Conductor (2007) 0:30 (USA)

Sprint Nextel - Conductor (2007) 0:30 (USA)

When working noises are like the sound of music.


RPA uses Odd Couple for Honda Civic Hybrid Spot

As the subject of environmentalism continues to be at the forefront of discussions at dinner tables and during political debates, the new Honda Civic Hybrid spot created by RPA, titled “Trashed,” adds humor to the topic by bringing attention to the choices each consumer makes—to clean up, get fed up or carelessly contribute to the problem. At the same time, the spot aims to strengthens Honda’s stance as an environmentally conscious automotive leader.

Well-known theme music from The Odd Couple symbolically adds to the spot by augmenting the “clean versus messy” storyline. Voice-over from Kevin Spacey closes: “The incredibly clean and fuel-efficient Civic Hybrid from Honda. Reverse your thinking.”


The revolving door.

Philippa Cross examines the truths and untruths of ad agency staff turnover for South Africa's Marketingweb, and guess what - Some crap is universal.

Everyone is replaceable

It is my hunch that, whether consciously or not, in the back of the mind of most managers is the belief that everyone is replaceable.

Furthermore, there's an attitude (perhaps subconsciously) among management that employees should be grateful for work at all, and should count themselves lucky to work for "this great advertising agency". If an employee doesn't want to accept the status quo of the agency, they can leave. "There are plenty more where you came from honey".


Sydney White - Dork - 5 (2007) :15 (USA)

Sydney White - Dork - 5 (2007) :15  (USA)

Look, a dork-crow.


Oregon Humane Society wants to end petlessness

The folks at Leopold Ketel & Partners just launched a new campaign for the Oregon Humane Society. Finding that 1/3 of Oregonians don't have a single pet, they made it their cause to end petlessness by showing that pets really do make the world a better place.

The campaign includes TV, radio, print and outdoor ads.