Branding for Dummies

And you thought it was just a bottle of water... Sun sentinel dives into brandings effects on still water.


Kylie Advert tailored for banning?

Kylie has gotten herself banned in form of another lingerie advert. Despite this one not being quite as sexy as the one where she rode the mechanical bull in Agent Provocateur's advert. In this one, Kylie appears wearing a skimpy bra and knickers.

To see a windows media versions of this advert, just visit TTR2, Kylie Minogue's Banned UK LoveKylie Video .

One wonders if they were short on media buy money and made the ad to get it banned, as that makes it an instant viral. LoveKylie lingerie probably doesn't have the Honda Cog media budget... Then again, with a half naked Kylie, it would go viral no matter what they do.


California Lotto seeks agency - again.

Looks like the joking headline adweak wrote March 10 is truer than we thought. Adage reports and print the agency invitation letter in full, where Jim Hasegawa, their Director of Marketing asks for input on previous pitches; "In particular, we want to know if there were any requirements from past RFP documents that were extremely burdensome, time consuming, unclear or not relevant in your opinion." "


How much is too much ambient media?

Ambient media, also known as outdoor and out-of-home,etc, has boomed over the last couple years. The Media Guardian questions if all the various new forms are starting to be overkill. The latest companies includeWashroom Media Network, who plans to reach one million people in a six month period by broadcasting music videos, film clips and advertising messages in handdryers in public restrooms equipped built in digital displays, MediaRail, who call themselves "the brand of the hand", as they place ads on escalators and handrails in airports and other public places, FreeCar, who pays its drivers up to $400 per month to drive their vehicles or to have your own car wrapped with ads, and Nytmedie bringing ads to baby carriages. (site in Danish)

And of course, there's Dogvertising and advertising on your forehead.


Buymusic predatory apple ads

Wired examines buymusic's ripoff of Apple's iTunes music store commercials. Mac News Network asks is it Parody or predatory?


No more AOL?

Don't crack open the champagne just yet, but AOL Time Warner are considering dropping "AOL" from it's name. published an email allegedly written by Jon Miller on Monday.

" Yet since the merger in early 2001, the three letters AOL have ceased to stand for the Internet and the promise it entails, and instead have become the shorthand for the world's largest media company. As AOL Time Warner became known as, for all intents and purposes, "AOL," any controversy or criticism involving the corporate entity has actually hit our consumer brand. "

AOL reps would not confirm or deny the authenticity of the e-mail, Infoword has more on the story.


Volkswagen gets ad in deep water

Disasternews reports that this Volkswagen Touret advert made Ms Jane Yount steaming mad. She said the commercial was "reckless."

superadgrunts click to view.

For now, the Touareg ad is out of rotation, but when it reappears, it will run with a disclaimer.


Nissan's "Urban" Fakeout

Who's writing graphitti all over Nissan's billboards? Why it's Nissan, of course! The name of a website,, is being spay painted on Nissan's ads. What can be found on A "HyperSonic Transmission" of Nissan ads.


Terry Tate for Governor!

Hell - it's California.
Need I say more?


another banned Levi's ad

Yahoo biz! reports that Levi's are suffering from banned ad syndrome this week. Last night Levi's decided to pull the ad where a woman riding on horseback jumps over a train.

super adgrunts, just click the image to view the ad.