Beatboxers do it with Motorola is the result of a collaboration between 4 worldclass beatboxers and Motorola.


Cult shaker at it again, doubles the nudes.

Cult Shaker didn't get enough attention for their last stunt I suppose, and are at it again, begging for hype by covering bus posters and other outdoor media with two nude frolicking women but no selling point.

And once again, Kvindeligt Selskab reported them for "making the public space pornographic". Someone has vandalized most of the poster spaces already, with good old fashioned black spraypaint, which we presume Cult will have to foot the removal bill for.


Fretex wishes everyone a good summer

Kitchen Norway has created a summery poster campaign for fretex used clothes and stuffs shop (Salvation Army).


Young Director award in Cannes is a double-tie

The Young Director Award arranged by The Commercial Film Producers and Shots down in Cannes announced their winners today. A norweigan nabbed the top spot, just like last year, Eric Hillenbrand for "Sony Playstation 2 - Storm", but he shares his first prize with Seb Edwards for "Sony Playstation - Time Crisis 3".

In second place, also two winners, Daniel Outram from Moon for the film "SM Cruise" and Frider Wittich from Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München, for the film "Astra Beer - Jail"


Ugoff, new BK ad directed by Roman Coppola

CP&B released yet another quirky BK ad starring Ugoff, the designer a month or two back. Thanks to BoingBoing we know know that Roman Coppola directed it, and Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo did the score.

Ugoff's website and commercial are at, bonus, the actor who plays Ugoff also appears in this advert Charles Schwab - Girl Talk (2004) 0:30 (USA).


The Advertising Show on "Cycles: How We Will Live, Work & Buy"

Hear Maddy Dychtwald, author of “Cycles: How We Will Live, Work and Buy”, offer a new view on how Americans live, work and buy with profound implications for the marketplace, the workplace and their lives. Maddy Dychtwald is a nationally recognized author, public speaker, marketing executive and entrepreneur. One of the nation's leading authorities on generational marketing, she has been actively involved in analyzing and forecasting lifestyle and consumer marketing trends for over seventeen years.


Adidas scooter gang spotted in Paris

Shoes up reports spotting a bunch of scooter riding, Adidas sporting, road to Lisbon types driving through Paris last week, dressed in french colors and with special blue vespas. The group stopped in different spots of the city and did tricks with footballs before moving on.


Is selling your ideas a good idea? says: Sell your ideas! And somehow, Joakim Jonasson and Herman Vaske are involved in all this.


Cannes gosssip - who will take home the Grand Prix?

So, all the action is down in Cannes. Stockholm agency Grey are marching about looking like clones, all dressed in grey suits with the words "Grey" - in Grey of course - on their backs. The Young Creatives' Competition has been sorted, the Media Lions and Direct as well - their grand prix reinvents movie sponsorship for Christal beer in a clever fashion. Rumors about who will win press and poster tomorrow....


Fucking for forests

Two Norwegian environment-activists have started a website aimed to save the rainforests. That might be no news if it wasn't for the site's content: porn.

At Fuck For the members who pay for access will be able to upload their homegrown porn and see other members doing it. And the money they get in is put in a fund and will be donated to the WWF. In the Netherlands though, since WWF Norway didn't want the money.

To be able to donate money the siteowners is depending on paying members but also on selling ad-spots on the site. (Source: Bon Magazine)