Sabritas Foundation - Destiny - 2009 : 50"/57"/42" (MEXICO)

Sabritas Foundation is a non-profit association that looks for supporting and helping economically and in a functionality way short-of-money kids who live in marginal areas of the Mexican country, so they can keep studying in the rural areas. How is it done? Sabritas Foundation helps repairing and building shelters close to the schools, so kids can arrive easily to them, because arriving to the school is a triumph for most of the kids. In addition classrooms are also built with the elementary tools that help kids with their studies.

When I linked the "kill and idea" previously , I only linked to the illustrator, Scott C's blog straight up. Hit his archives and december of 2008 for the full campaign (that is, for uncropped images with the sender still on it) and the backstory.

for the independent film group Show Off! Designed by two awesome fellows named Marcelo Lourenco and Pedro Bexiga of Fuel with the help of Hiro Kawahara. I did a bunch of paintings for them depicting an idea and the enemy of that idea.

Gossip: This campaign is competing in Eurobest - we'll see next week how it did. I'm sure the baby seal (Idea) meeting the two guys with clubs (Rebrief) hits home with the jurors.

DISH Network has gone to Victors & Spoils, to redesign their entire fleet of 4,500 installation vans across the United States. Not a bad first paying gig for a new ad agency - as soon as it landed on their desks they turned around and asked the creative folks at 99designs to do it.

You probably know of - a.k.a "the largest marketplace for crowdsourced graphic design". Here's the Victors & Spoils DISH brief: Check submissions so far. Hat tip @jas_aiken

Chicago-based street artist Goons animates this story where even a rundown home is restored to shiny and new with the help of Orbit-lips kisses.

A new breed of artistically inspired marketing content is emerging, and Orbit gum is looking to a contemporary artist to breathe life into an experimental video campaign. Launching online this week, this video comes from Chicago-based graffiti artist Goons, well known for his handmade paper creations and graffiti art that catch residents by surprise all over the city.