"Hello" project for and about homeless around the world.

86 the onions is now looking for photographers around the world to distribute up to 25 Hello-signs each to their neighborhood's homeless and take a picture of each person in their environment holding their oversized nametag, complete with their own handwritten name as part of the Hello project.

We will compile all of the images for an exhibition, website, and a book that will be published, sold, and distributed to relevant press and politicians. Proceeds will go into other projects benefiting the homeless. We encourage you to do the same.


Even animated lizard spokescreatures have blogs.

Ever since the Raging cow milk marketing blog last year we kind of knew what was on the horizon; more blatant marketing blogs pretending to be sincere. Soon everone and their spokesperson will have one. We didn't expect the Geico Blog to be so realistic though, sooo.. boring, even though he tries to spice it up by talking about the ads "he" has shot this week. Even animated lizards can have uninteresting "lives" apparently.

Ascii art comment at metaFilter perfectly sums it up.


Trump wants to trademark "you're fired".

Wigged out news of the week - Donald Trump wants to trademark the phrase "You're Fired".
No seriously. If you don't believe me check out the The Smoking Gun who has posted the papers filed at The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

That's right, if The Donald gets the nod from The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, he'll be able to exclusively slap the words "You're Fired" on clothing and "games and playthings," and use it in connection with "casino services." Along with peddling overpriced apartments, Trump runs some spectacularly underperforming Atlantic City gambling joints. Trump's two trademark applications, which you'll find below, were made after the January 8 debut of "The Apprentice," the NBC hit that has thrust Trump (and the alleged billionaire's swirling hairdo) back onto the front pages.

Misleading America

This article on Slate analyzes new American presidential election ads from Herr Bush and Mr. Kerry.

"Bush's new ads, 'Forward' and '100 Days' reinforce the pattern we saw in his first three ads. Namely, this is a president who thinks good intentions are more important than good results, except where the other guy's good intentions are concerned."


The Advertising Show talks to Del Galloway

Is there such a thing as bad PR?
Del Galloway, President and CEO of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), discusses how public relations is turning into crisis management. Listen up Martha Stewart! In order to be more effective, Del believes PR should be more proactive not reactive by integrating advertising into public relations.
Tune in Saturday 8-10p.m. CET (2-4p.m. EST) to The Advertising Show for their live webcast. Or check out their commercial free archives.


First Burger King, now Earthlink

Crispin Porter + Bogusky has won yet-another mammoth account. Or so says Adweek.com. Earthlink has decided to hand its $50 million advertising account over to the Miami-based "hot shop."

Funny old world. You earn your reputation by doing great work for small, quirky clients, only to end up with behemoth clients like Burger King 'n Earthlink. Hope they keep up the good work. Really.


MoneyMarketing - the old new media in everyones pocket.

Money talks, and it wants you to buy stuff. Seems the old idea of stickers on money has a new lease on life, with even full fledged specialized media agencies opening in it's honor.

"The idea was born when I received a coin at a taverna in Greece which had a sticker with the name of the bar on it" said Thomas Ridell, founder and CEO of Moneymarketingmedia .

Several lawyers have looked into the legalities of stickers on Swedish
money and while it is clear that bills may not be 'stickered', there is
nothing stopping people from putting stickers on coins, as long as the size and the weight of the coin is not affected.
Åsa Syden, lawyer at Swedens National Bank (Riksbanken) is less enthusiastic: "This must be stopped, if we have to we'll take them to court." she stated to Dagens Industri before even the first coins hit the streets.


7th Asia Pacific Advertising unfolds March 18-20

A record breaking 3,200 entries are slugging it out for top honors in Asia’s elite creative show. Asia Pacific Advertising,touted as one of the world's prestigious advertising events, is slated March 18-20 in Pattaya ,Thailand. Up for grabs are: Film (18 categories), Print (18 categories) and Outdoor/Poster Ad (10 categories). There are 160 awards in total, including a total of 138 gold, silver and bronze awards plus 15 best of category awards and 7 Recognition awards.


Heineken - The Royalties (2004) 0:30 (USA)

Heineken - The Royalties (2004) 0:30 (USA)

Heineken is the beer for the blues.


Adidas slugs jogging

Adidas shoes almost run on their own.. it seems in this viral at t4w.co.uk.... This was an American broadcast commercial from August 2002, you might have seen it before, but perhaps not the 60-second version?