Shatner turns Negotiator for Priceline Ad Campaign

Priceline spokesman William Shatner is shown as a semi-superhero in two new ads from Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners. In them, Shatner is The Negotiator with a hotline/batphone in his lair decked out 60s/70s style.

In "Naughty," he uses his Captain Kirk charm to show a hotel employee how much fun it can be to be naughty. In "Dad," Shatner tazers a father to keep him from spending too much. The result is a fun romp and a refreshing way to use Shatner. It's pretty obvious they are going after the roaming gnome with the strategy that's behind this new campaign. See the spots below:




KFed to star in Nationwide Super Bowl ad

Is the world coming to an end? Britney Spears has been called "too much of a train wreck" to appear in a Super Bowl ad for the NFL, who opted for Paris Hilton instead.

And now, Nationwide is going to have K-Fed appear in its Super Bowl spot this year.

"No one has personified 'Life Comes at You Fast' in the media better than Kevin Federline," said Steven Schreibman, vice president of advertising and brand management for Nationwide. "We're using humor and a celebrity to get people’s attention and cut through the clutter."

Nationwide will introduce the 30-second spot on its Web site Jan. 29, and air it during the third quarter of the Super Bowl on Feb. 4. It will continue to be shown along with other new "Life Comes at You Fast" spots in 45 regional markets.

In the ad, Federline is seen starring in a rap video, surrounded by beautiful women and expensive clothing, jewelry and cars. It then cuts to him working at a fast-food restaurant.


New Popcorn Ad Proves Orville Isn't Dead

Thanks to Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Anonymous Content and Digital Domain, Orville Redenbacher lives again. Although perhaps they should have let him rest in peace, considering the creepy effect of digitally recreating the popcorn maestro. Perhaps the technology to bring back the dead is nearly here, but after seeing this piece of work, we might want to hold off on bringing back Dave in Wendy's ads or The Colonel for KFC.

Superadgrunts, check it out here.


Choromatsu, the Sony Walkman monkey, dies


Ambient Laser Ad Campaign For Nike

DDB Paris was presented with a brief for Nike showing off a package of 4 sport shoes now possible due to a new laser technology. Inspired by the idea of lasers, they came up with the idea to create a sport shoe by piercing a a metal sheet. See more inside.


86th ADC Awards Jury Selected

The Art Directors Club has announced its chairs and jurors for the 86th Annual Awards competition in advertising, interactive media and graphic design. The ADC Annual Awards, the longest running competition in the industry, closes its Call for Entries for professionals on January 26 and for students on January 31, 2007.

Tony Granger, Chief Creative Officer of Saatchi & Saatchi, New York will chair Advertising. Chair for Interactive is Rei Inamoto, Global Creative Director, AKQA. Co-chairs for Design are Rebecca Mendez, principal at Rebecca Mendez Design in Los Angeles, and Adam Eeuwens, creative director of 34 Magazine. A full list of jurors appears below. They represent the largest international group of professionals to judge the awards, hailing from Europe, Australia, Asia, and South America, as well as from around the U.S., and reflect the increasingly international profile of the creative community.

"We chose these creative 'rock stars' as jurists because they lead the industry, and our charge to them, as always, will be to choose winners whose work pushes the envelope," said ADC Executive Director Myrna Davis. "As the industry's most highly regarded non-profit creative organization, ADC continues to set the bar for visual communications across disciplines, media platforms and geographic boundaries."


Shine walks away from GoDaddy before Super Bowl

Shine Advertising, a Madison, Wisconsin ad agency, is dropping its contract to produce Super Bowl commercials for GoDaddy.com.


We are about to move to a new server. Again.

Ok kids, we've done it again, we've outgrown yet another server. Sheesh, we go through these like Kleenex lately. Aeon is soon no more, and Ares will be our machine. Come Wednesday afternoon CET, we'll take everything down for roughly an hour and move some bits and bobs over.


iPhone you, iPhone me, we're a happy iphony.

Ms Taylor at adfreak wonders "what can't the iPhone do" after seeing this youtubefied video below from the Conan o'Brian show, my answer is 'get an original name'. Because yaknow, Cisco already has an iPhone. And Cisco is ready to sue apple for the name.

Hat tip for the Cisco info-nugget to researcher.


Link Lust: Feel like making link

Collegehumor seemlessly edits a car sales ad to contain a little more truth in advertising: Fuck You, Baltimore.

From old cars to Old Spice - Take the test. Yes, that's Bruce "The Chin" Campbell. Hail to the king, baby.

Chewing gum ad becomes Sino-Russia sticking point - a Russian ad featuring China's national anthem as background music "harms China's dignity".

Igor Kirkchi, general director of BBDO, an advertising subsidiary of Omnigroup in Moscow, which designed the advert said it was immediately withdrawn after complaints from the Chinese.
"It was a monstrous misunderstanding," he said.
"We bought the music and the rights to use it in an ad from an English company owning banks of music tracks intended for commercial purposes. It was impossible to determine that it was the Chinese national anthem by the name of the track."