Word on La Croisette in Cannes now says that Formans and Bodenfor's MMS campaign for AMF pension (retirement savings) where you could mms a picture of yourself to a number, and within three minutes you'd get your picture sent back albeit aged so that you appeared 70 years old.

They've actually done this before - two years ago but as they said to Resumé when the new campaign came out:

Back then we redid the photographs manually, which was very expensive and time consuming. The result was that we did it in a very small scale, and the campaign didn't make such an impact. Now we've found a way to change the images digitally, so that everyone and anyone can see themselves at the age of 70 within three minutes."
--Cecilia Rosendahl Lavén.

Ad agency: Forsman & Bodenfors
Leif Sorte och Andreas Engstrand project leaders, John Bergdahl Art Director, Jacob Nelson and Anna Qvennerstedt copywriters, Linda Hymér production, Lotta Dolling designer, Sophia Lindholm web producer, Anna Bergström and Magnus Kennhed agency producersr, Martin Cedergren web director
Production for web: Perfect Fools

Jumping on not one, but two, old bandwagons Wonderbra is launching a campaign to find Britain's best breasts. If you have a D to G cup you can flaunt your stuff on the wonderbra site and win the possibility of becoming their model. There's an open-call audition later this month where UK women can take part in a massive photo shoot. Each participant will be individually photographed, and the photos will be put together to one masive mosaic-style billboard ad (yep, that's the second old bandwagon). To advertise the competition they've dusted off the tired old "knockers, jugs, headlights, melons" idea in a small "viral" that they will seed on social networking sites. We'll see if the mosaic a.k.a the "biggest collection of cleavages" will be a "celebration of Britain's busts" or just yet a tired old idea rehashed.

The 2008 Direct Lions have been handed out at Cannes today. JWT India took home the Grand Prix for their effort was to elevate The Times of India from merely being a social mouthpiece to a catalyst of social change. Click on the images to see them larger.

Grand Prix
Advertiser/Client: BENETT COLEMAN AND CO.
DM/Advertising Agency, City: JWT INDIA, Mumbai

Agnello Dias, National Creative Director
Debu Purkayastha, AVP+ Senior Creative Director
Vistasp Hodiwala, AVP+ Senior Creative Director
Arkadyuti Basu, AVP+ Senior Creative Director
Vinayak Gaikwad, Creative Director
Simone Patrick, Senior Copywriter
Kaushik Iyer, Junior Copywriter
Anuja Arora, Account Executive