Ad Age Adds Space

Ad Age readers couldn't help but notice the anorexic page count of recent issues. Perhaps to cover for the dearth of trade advertising, Ad Age has unveiled a redesign this week which adds white space and leading.


Media Guardians Creative Lounge

The latest UK ads in streaming media format are available in Media Guardians creative Lounge, for those of you who didn't know...

Streaming media truly sucks though, but the ads don't! "see the best new ads for free. today launches a service that will enable our users to keep up to date on UK and other adverts"


"Respect" ads not respected.

Virgin Mobile's latest advertising stunt has been sabotaged, someone has stolen speakers embedded in a special poster site.

The "Respect" advertising campaign uses outdoor posters with real speakers that pump out music near Virgin Mobile shops to attract the attention of passersby, utterly disrepecting people's peace and quiet. (pic inside)


Ad guy went viral...

Ad guy - a link that dropped into my mailbox a few hundred times before christmas went viral.
(I was as i announced on the page, in hospital, so submitting the link to this here page instead would have made the news available to others than just me, learn how to use the submit button on the left there kids, it's fun, it's friendly, and it's darn practical! :-))

Ad guy was created by Rodgers Townsend in St. Louis. Spoofing kids action figures commercials, Ad Guy action figures come in four types: Andy, the art director; Marc with a "C," the copywriter; Raoul, the creative director; and Kimmy Wong, the account girl.


Imac's are flat out uncool.

Some thought it the minute they arrived - but now the rest of the planet will think it too. News later this Monday will announce the über-cool flat iMac.
In fact - TIME will probably have it on the cover.

Quick - sell that blueberry iMac before it's too late!


New York Times - now with TV commercials

Seems the online version of the new york times will soon start running commercials amoungst their news stories. See their sales pitch here.
Do you think this is a good thing? Or bad idea?
Do you think this will work?


Last years banned ads

Every year, the amount of ads that are banned or pulled seem to rise. British regulators are too quick to ban complain ad agency heads and creatives in the UK.
In Sweden - liberal land of the free - more ads are banned as they are discriminating against women. Though nudity isn't always the reason ads are banned - sometimes humour is.

Read more to see a selection of banned ads.


Hazards of adgrunts life - kidnapping.

You thought inhaling large amounts of marker pen or spraymount, and getting a paper cut was the only hazards of adgrunts life as a student. You soon discover that alcholism and broken family lives are another due to the hours.

Well count yourself lucky - in Brazil, admen get kidnapped on a regular basis.


Hasbro's "Cubicle" does a "Fahrenheit 451."

The electronic age has swept through the workplace without much resistance from employees, many of whom do not even remember a time without email and instant messaging.
Just how much technology is too much is the question Hasbro ponders in a spot for its platinum edition electronic board games, from agency Jordan McGrath Case &
Partners. Partizan director Phil Brown, with editing and music by Editing Concepts' Nelson Leonard and Peter Lopez.


UK's ten most irritating ads last year

The votes are in - in the UK, the ten most irritating ads have been "chosen" by the consumers who watch them.

Apparently, no one can bear the annoying "go on, go on, go on" Mrs Doyle from the Inland revenue tax ads, but wish she would just go away go away go away...
Two in five people questioned in the Adwatch poll, conducted for Marketing magazine, said they could not bear the advert.

(read more for top ten list and add yours)