ATG - 32 Million Years in the Making (2007) 0:45 (Sweden)


M&C Saatchi promotes WAGS Boutique

M&C Saatchi, London sent us some recent work they did to promote WAGS Boutique on ITV2. The reality show pits two teams made up of footballer's wives and girlfriends (WAGS) against each other to create the best boutique.


Bob Giraldi and Verizon make History with J. Ivy

Bob Giraldi has directed "History in the Making," a special cinema spot for Verizon, airing in select cities across the country. It's part of Verison's new community-support advertising campaign featuring J. Ivy, the New Age spoken-word poet, who encourages African-Americans to make history every day because "history is more than a memory; it's a movement, an act by certain individuals, who have found the ability to make time stand still."

"Bob captured more than the the powerful words of J. Ivy's work," said Lewis Williams, EVP/Chief Creative, Burrell Communications. "He captured the soul of the campaign."

"Watching J. Ivy work was watching an incredible young talent creating truly Black History, music history, contemporary history - and more," said Giraldi of the experience.

"We chose Bob Giraldi to direct this cinema spot for our campaign because he's a master at capturing raw energy," said Deirdre Robinson director of brand marketing at Verizon. "Bob's work was exceptional and he communicated the intensity of J. Ivy's passion and spirit."


Twisted Viral For Auntie Anne's Pretzels

Bob's Your Uncle has created a viral for Auntie Anne's Pretzels with the concept being a short mockumentary, directed by Terence Williams. It's about a talented contortionist girl-next-door, who explains her desire to twist her body into a pretzel.


DIY Advertising - Flea Market Montgomery

The Flea Market in Montgomery Alabama proves that you don't need a big ad budget or even an ad agency to create a popular commercial. Well, it's not great, it's just popular on the Internet.


Auntie Anne’s - Pretzel Girl (2007) 0:60 (USA)

Auntie Anne’s - Pretzel Girl (2007) 0:60 (USA)

She's so twisted indeed.


Wanna play Art Director? we got just the thing for you.

David Jones, cocky ad cartoonist has created the remedy for all those clients, AE's and other wannabes who always seem to want to play Art Director. A board game!

Wearing a black turtleneck and designer glasses while playing is optional.


Animal Anti-Cruelty League reminds you...

CD Gareth Lessing, Creatives Andre Vrdoljak & Miguel Nunes, and photographer David Prior from Lowe Bull Jhb would like to remind you all to sterilise your pet - "before it's too late", like the line says...... Hands up everyone who doesn't get it!


New Wonderbra ad relies on viewers imagination

Nima Stillerud (AD), Gustav Egerstedt (AD) and Hans Malm (copywriter) over at Saatchi & Saatchi, Stockholm have created a wonderbra ad showing no cleavage, no model, and - gasp - not even a wonderbra. All they needed was a pen and the viewers imagination. Brilliant.


iBrush toothbrush with tunes homages Apple 1984

This commercial prompted Clayton to email :

hacky hack mchackerhack

"Do you think anyone will notice if we rip off that ancient Apple 1984 commercial?"

"Nah. And even if they do, we'll call it an 'homage' or some sh*t like that."

Musical brush? Apple 1984-like advert? Kids these days have it so good, why in my day you actually had to brush your own teeth to the sound of.. brushing - and the 1984 ad blew everyones minds. Get off my lawn!
Meanwhile Orwell spins in his grave so fast we might be able to harness that as an environmentally friendly energy source.