Link lust - todays gossip Destino, Husband billboards and Audrey Davis.

Woman advertises for Husband on a huge Billboard. A Chinese-Australian woman has taken out a giant billboard in a busy part of Sydney to advertise for a husband. "If you can put up a sign advertising Coca Cola, why not write one about a husband?" she said. Good point, miss. Heck if Blaire can do a website called Marry why not a billboard?

Audrey Davis, the creative director of Maisonneuve Magazine is interviewed at Blogfonk

Back in 1946 Salvador Dali and Walt Disney collaborated to create a short animated film called Destino, it was finished finished 57 years later by Roy Disney using Dali's storyboards. Those who think this is a combo to die for should head over to NPR where they can see to realmedia clips of Destino. Disney is planning to release a DVD with a documentary that tells the whole story.


Crispin Porter and Bogusky chickenfight.

Yet another game of chicken from CP+B, as Claymore noted called chickenfight "...because not even CP+B would dare call it cockfighting". If you have a camera and microphone attached to your computer you can even control the chicken by screaming "peck"!


John Hegarty weighs in on virals.

John Hegarty speaks about viral ads in the Guardian.
The trouble with viral campaigns
- the net is a bordless world, but people live in countries. What is in danger of being lost in the viral world is the value of context.

Yet this is what the viral world is in danger of missing. Will we have to develop a different set of communication skills to cope with a lack of context? Almost certainly. If, however, as a medium it just relies on shock to get its "click through", we soon find, as that poor cat did, that it will fall out of sympathy. Brand building is not just about recognition and notoriety, it is about building empathy and respect. I'm not sure you can just shock somebody into that point of view.


Spray gives away free screensaver that DDoSes spam-sites, a Swedish portal, search engine, internet place to hang and the second widest used free email host has begun a new campaign to attract more Spray users.

The evil geniuses at Starring have put together a campaign that doubles as a DDos attack. Seriously.

Banners on all large Swedish site declare: "Make love not Spam" and take people to where punters can download a screensaver. The screensaver 'visits' (hits) well-known spam sites whenever it's in use. Sites that sell dildos, porn and Vigra are targeted. The more people that download and use the screensaver, the more often these sites will be 'hit', creating the effect that the targeted sites will be very slow to surf as their servers work overtime to answer all requests.

"We don't make it so that any of the sites crash, we just slow them down and make them difficult to surf. With more people using the screensavers, the slower their sites gets, and then we hope they might understand that it's just not worth using Spam as they do." Said Calle Sjönell to Resumé.


CSI Badland - DP DDB v. BBDO in the Burgled Beverage Barricade Brand Boggler

It's a quasi-effective anti-theft device.
It's a Bud Light commercial.
It's a Pepsi commercial.


Read more for the forensics on this defensive drink device doppelgänger...


America: Have it your way

Alright. You know it's going to be a crazy election this year when you have Snoop Dogg telling you to vote!

Click here to view the Burger King commercial.


Coke reaches the parts that other colas can not reach

As Claymore so eloquently put it: Coke to Pepsi: "Ha! Bite my shiny red ass!"

A new study reveals that Coke takes over parts of the brain that Pepsi can't reach. The experiment was a laboratory controlled version of the Pepsi challenge, tasting blind the subjects had no preference for either cola. However when they were shown the logo's, three quarters of the tasters said they preferred Coke. It doesn't end there though, the researchers found a huge increase in brain activity in the parts of the brain associated with cultural knowledge, memory and self-image.


CapriSun Sport - Volleyball (2004) 0:30 (USA)

CapriSun Sport - Volleyball (2004) 0:30 (USA)

The referee messes up the game.


Sharp sells TVs with intertwined blogs and the wrong berries.

Over at MoreToSee electronics company Sharp has a cryptic campaign for their new flat screen TVs. We think.
Created by w+k New York, and according to adcritics email with cooperation from nearly all of its offices and numerous partners with creative director Ty Montague in the lead, the labyrinth of intertwined stories about a love triangle, spreads across several blogs and television commercials.

When I went to visit the MoreToSee pages, I got stuck on these mislabeled berries. As you can see by the long stem that holds a bunch at a time and the see-through color, those are red currants from the gooseberry family and not lingonberries.


Sega Launch New Viral Ad Campaign

The Viral Advertising Agency ASABAILEY has launched it's first viral campaign for SEGA Football Manager 2005. The ad was produced by Maverick Media and directed by Seamus Masterson, for SEGA Europe.

Available in two versions, the first version comes complete with more colourful language, and it is being seeded as, The Banned Country Sports Video , for the enjoyment of the 18 - 30 online gaming community; who, those at the agency say, will get the humour and will not be offended by the language.

The softer, yet still funny version has also been seeded, but this ones been let out to the younger, and more morally considered communities. Who will undoubtedly just search out the adult one anyway.