BRANDNEWS (creative circle denmark) #35 2002

Creative circle in Denmark comped our lecture ticket so that we could report about Luke, and points to our Luke Sullivan interview in their own monthly PDF mag, Brandnews #34.


7up, starring Buck Nekkid - It's the Mountain Dew of deja vu.

After seeing that 7up has agreed to pull its "Captive Audience" spot, I an reminded of what happened last year with 7up, pixilated nudity and the holier-than-thou American Family Association.

Well, Adland has the naked truth along with the spot that was yanked in 2001. Click "Read more" for mo'.


7up pulls prison spot

The little old ladies from... prison? strike again.

from brandweek: Human rights group Stop Prisoner Rape (SPR) said Friday that 7UP has agreed to pull its "Captive Audience" commercial off the air after the beverage company received complaints from SRS and "nearly 100 organizations" over the ad's content.

(do please read more, there is a link in here to said film)


Burger King - BB King (2002) - 0:30 (USA)

BB King loses a bet with the devil.

I mean, "mmm, yummy."


anti-spam measuments on your page

Alistapart just published one of their entertaining step by step tutorials on how to mask your email away from nasty spambots, whilst allowing other visitors to see it.
A must read for anyone who is working on their portfolio page.


Grey no longer messing in the grey zones

This department of justice announcement lets us know that Mitchell E. Mosallem from Grey Global Group new york and a bunch of friends at The Color Wheel Incare indicted for graphics bid-rigging and conspiracy. Ouch.


The copyproofness of Sony's CD's cracked with 99 marker

hilarious, Sony Music spent a great deal of energy and money on their agressive anti-piracing campaign. When their copy protected celine dion CD killed imac's the hunt for the cure was on, and users discovered that by adding little bits of tape or a small line drawn with a 99 cent black magic marker on the CD it would both copy and play.

they snicker in wondering what the music industries next move will be.. A ban on magic markers perhaps?


Ogilvy on advertising

How to run an advertising agency.

Ad Books: 

Top Ten New Copyright Crimes

posted over at Lawmeme is a priceless list of "crimes" we all commit.

You know, by channel surfing, you are avoiding the ads (unless you're weird like me and channelsurf to find them, which I think you are), this made the list:

8. Channel Surfing during commercials, especially with Picture-in-Picture capability.

Similar to radio, skipping through channels, particularly when combined with picture-in-picture (which permits viewers to know precisely when an ad block ends), will be prohibited.


Barking mad dog billboards

Barking Billboards is a new media company, attaching small billboards to dogs with velcro.