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If you can read this - you're hired - also known as the best use of dingbats, evah. Lunar BBDO's recruitment ad could only attract the type obsessed. So did they get good replies? "We did get one guy who was a bit too obsessive, even for us," Kay says. "He had created his own typeface out of bits of meat, like liver and kidneys, which looked good, but was a bit much for us."

Mystery Obama 1984/Clinton ad creator revealed - and fired.

"Obviously some people are going to look at this and see that I'm working in politics and they'll think that it's kind of disingenuous or not genuine," de Vellis said in an interview with The Associated Press. "I still think that ordinary citizens can change politics. It could have been anyone else who could have made this ad."

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Saatchi Reynolds Wrap Aluminum foil

Here's a new Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil ambient media campaign created by Saatchi & Saatchi NY . How do you make people notice something so drab as aluminum foil? Easy, use those iron gates that are everywhere in New York city.


Adidas vs. Johnnie Walker

Everybody's talking about the new "Impossible is nothing" commercial with David Beckham for Adidas. Yes, a great story with a happy end. And very similar to the stories of two other great football players
... (Inside embedded films to compare. Click read more.)


HDI vs IAMS - Beware of the dogs

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Take your McJob and shove it says McDonald's

Remember back when KFed's Nationwide Super Bowl spot gathered disgruntled boos from the National Restaurant Association for portraying fast food work as "demeaning and unpleasant"?


Free stamps in exchange for advertising on mail

Reuters is reporting that the Dutch can save 44 euro cents ($0.59) to post a letter just by using an envelope that has advertising on the back.


Captivity 'abduction, torture and death' posters cause outrage.

The Hollywood reporter says Curtain falls quickly on 'Captivity' ad campaign - the Los Angeles billboards and taxi ads for the movie "Captivity" proved too much for the public and were tak


Link Lust: Shower Me With Your Link

Old Skool storyboards found here: The abstract commercial. Ah! So retro. More fun here in the animationarchive. Via ever-hip Coudal.

We've done the lost wallet trick, the lost passport gag and now Nissan is losing their car keys all over town. The New York Times shares the copy and the guerrilla tactic makes sense: "If found, please do not return" (because the Nissan Altima) "has Intelligent Key with push-button ignition, and I no longer need these.".

Notes on Design have some familiar faces guest blogging for them, like master glyph pusher Stephen Coles, wordsmith John Kuraoka, HOW magazine's editor Bryn Mooth... and oh look there's me and our own Caffeinegoddess, well whaddyaknow.

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Signs of the internet bubble bursting #127 - Kevin Federline has a searchengine

Search me why Kevin Federline decided to start his own searchengine - imaginatively dubbed Search with Kevin. All I know is that you can have fun with the image search - try any synonym for Kevin Federline, like say loser and he's there, or "douchebag" and there he is again. If you try Kevin Federline is... you'll find a bald Britney. That makes sense. Hat tip Geekologie.


1984 Barack Obama ad mashup.

In the San Francisco chronicle you can read about the Political video smackdown - fuss caused by the sen. Barack Obama 'signed' ad which attacks sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.