VH1 - Kittens - Who Am I (What's My Name)? (2003) - 0:30 (USA)

VH1 - Kittens - Who Am I (What's My Name)?  (2003) - 0:30 (USA)

Music: Snoop Dogg
Featuring: The kittens of Rathergood.com


VH1 - Kittens - Run to the Hills (2003) - 0:30 (USA)

VH1 - Kittens - Run to the Hills  (2003) - 0:30 (USA)

Telemarketeers sue federal agency over do not call list.

ABC News tells the story of the Telemarketeers sueing a second government agency over the do-not-call lists. The American Teleservices Association claims that the list could cut their business in half, costing up to $50 billion in sales per year. It could also eliminate up to two million jobs.


Heavyweight Championship Fight: Hormel vs. SpamArrest. Place Bets Now!

A fight for naming rights sponsored by Yahoo! News.

Fighting out of the red corner: a company who is famous for producing canned meats and tries to uphold it's own name since 1937 where they introduced Spam. Hormel "The greasy type to enjoy meat" Foods.


Boobies and Weapons

After 189 complaints that the ads were demeaning to women and trivialized the war in Iraq, EasyJet "Weapons of Mass Distraction" ad gets the green light. From the ASA site:
"The advertisers stated that the advertisement was the latest of a series of topical, humorous and irreverent advertisements. The advertisers said they believed the advertisement was not sexist or demeaning to women; they asserted that they had received positive feedback from both male and female customers."


Advertising is blind.

Who're the latest commercial darlings? The vision impared.

The Arizona Republic has the story, and we have the spots.

Superadgrunts, check out the commercials featuring our blind friends from Kohler, Pontiac, Crown Royal, plus a spiffy classic for Diet Pepsi featuring Ray Charles that ran during the 1990 Super Bowl.

Now the big question is, is this exploitation of a disability to sell a product or savvily acknowledging that blind folk can be groovy too? Comments are encouraged.


The Curse of Dr Pepper?

A few of you may already be familiar with Campbell's Chunky Soup curse, where football players who star in their commercials go on to face bad luck, injury and/or early retirement. Well, unfortunately, Dr Pepper has been having a devastating association on a much greater scale.

Read more for more...


"Big Guy" retires from Maytag campaign.

Gordon Jump is hopping out of the commercial limelight after fifteen years as the long-suffering Maytag Repairman. The Waterloo/Cedar Falls Courier reports.

Favorite Gordon Jump quotes from Adlist/WKRP:
"As God as my witness, I thought that turkeys could fly."
"Help me Andy, I've got a monkey on my foot!"


Mama Mia that's a ballsy rip-off ...

Those who don't know their history are condemned to repeat it.

But repeat it this well? This is a carbon-copy of the idea - with herring instead of meatballs.

Two quicktime films are waiting for you to click "read more.."


The Sierra Club rolls over Hummer.

Suppose you're an organization that encourages other to explore, enjoy and protect the planet...

Are you properly supposed? Good.

So what do you do when rich yahoos start threatening Gaea with their behemoth Hummer H2s? Why, you'd make fun of them, that's what.

The Sierra Club is roasting Hummer at their new website, Hummerdinger.com, complete with Flash commercial. The New York Times reports here.