The ad agency Famous in Belgium enlisted some help from JCDecaux media to create an Ice beer poster - that is, the poster is made of ice and the beers are frozen in it. The Jupiler beer bottles had to be replaced during the day, so in a sense it also worked as a sample stand. ;)


Reklamförbundet has changed their simple black and white logotype to a colorful circle that reminds me of a cross between TV test picture and a printers mark.
To celebrate they decided to let all their members eat cake. Not a ready-made cake, but a do-it yourself kit - with all the trimmings and decorations you could possibly want for a cake. Resumé reported that some recipients of said cake were offended because "canned whip cream is really bad for the environment".

But for those who did get it, it was funny. The cake was a nudge-nudge joke to all the recent cakes sent over to ad agencies by assorted affiliates and subcontractors, but with a twist, as you had to assemble this cake yourself. It sums up the advertising association, you'll only get back what you put in, and it beckons those who can't keep their hands off stuff to interpret the cake in their very own way. Some agencies did this, and their cakes can be seen at (Hat tip, newmateria).

Dear Jane started it, oh yeah, it's all her fault that I sat here and tried to remember all the brands that I used today and made a timeline of it. Fora brief moment I tried to figure out if I could make a logo-tastic site where one could generate one of these timelines but I soon snapped out of it and just went ahead and photoshopped this little collection of possibly 'exotic' (to non-swedes that is) brands.
Check my timeline out inside.

Erik who was rocking our hall of fame last week with 12620 hits on The biggest drawing in the world: One part GPS, one part DHL, add creativity and stir gently now clarifies in bright red text on the biggest drawing in the world: "This is my graduation project on advertising and graphic design at Beckmans college of design. This is fictional work. DHL did not transport the GPS at any time"

So, that's settles then. A graduation project doesn't actually need to have been made in full, but I knew you adgrunts knew that anyway.

See also: Telegraph: 'Biggest drawing in world' revealed as hoax

A spokeswoman said they had allowed him to film in their Stockholm warehouse as part of a college project, on the understanding that the work went no further than his art school. The GPS package was never sent around the world.

Andiamo is a Mediterranean restaurant in Brisbane, Australia and ad agency Junior in Brisbane wanted to send the message that it serves authentic foods.

The poster in the sign extended through it to hang below the sign like strips of pasta. A crank arm was attached to the side of the sign to complete the effect.


Nike has been running a web campaign where you can peek into the closet of Zlatan Ibrahimović, created by Scholz & Friends. The idea was that fans could get a "unique peek" at Zlatan's life, by a spying webcam placed in his closet that streamed footage live and could be found via a link at Every so often Zlatan would open the door, he's showed off some of his awards, hugged a puppy, made funny faces and thrown handsigns to the camera. All the collected footage was archived at but yesterday Nike chose to remove some of it after receiving complaints over a bit where Zlatan shows off what looks like a a 50-caliber Desert Eagle gun, cocks it and aims to the right of the camera.

Little green Footballs (and yes, that's a reference to snot) got all upset when they saw Rachael Ray sporting a kaffiyeh in the latest Dunkin Breakfast Choices banner, writing: "Mainstreaming Terrorism to Sell Donuts". I've spoken to someone who was on set, and there was a choice of scarfes a la the latest fashions to choose from, they simply picked one that looked nice with no political motivations behind it. But as the NYT says; Where Some See Fashion, Others See Politics: (They also say that the kaffiyeh is passé which anything that gets a writeup in NYT is, so throw it away already.) In Sweden the "palestina scarf" as we call it has been a staple of communist, punks, vegans and other alternative kids clothing since the seventies - these days even style guru Elin Kling sports a red one. The colors have different meanings here, pink if you're feminist, green for vegan and so on - which has nothing to do with the orginal kaffiyeh. If you are in the US, British or coalition forces you'll call it shemagh and it'll come in army green. Either way, Dunkin' Donuts decided to pull the offending Rachel Ray banner and issued a full apology. I'm guessing that the stylist won't shop at Urban Outfitters again which is just as well.
Update: Offending rich media banner inside (though I can't seem to make it work properly)