Email harvesters are getting prettier

Even if you don't know what an emailharvester is, I'm still pretty sure that you might have met the results of one in your inbox at one time or another. They collect emails in clever fashions, then they send you spam. Ew!
In the front of collecting real and valid emails tactics have changed over the years, no site that cares about their members will sell or leave the gates open to reveal the emails of , say, everyone that is a member here, or everyone that is a subscriber of the New York Times.
Result? Emailharvesters make their own sites! (do read more)


Mitsubishi vs. Volkswagen

I scream, you scream, we all scream for originality! But, sometimes the creatives just can't help but have similar ideas.

These two car commercials have two things in common: 1) the airport and 2) kids eating ice cream.

The Volkswagen spot was created by BMP DDB UK and the Mitsubishi spot was created by Deutsch LA.

Click read more to view the spots.


Google Adwords: the most expensive word is free

Most artists are resigned to the fact they won't make money through their art. Christophe Bruno, however, decided to try use his art to lose it instead. And in the process he came up with a fantastic way to subvert search engine advertising.

His site tells an interesting story about how he bought Adword space on google and used it for his poems, and how google ended up censoring him.

It raises an interesting question about how the nature and value of words has changed - with 'free' being the most expensive keyword on sale.

Something to think about next time those focus group results come in...


Digital ads in "Spider man" have Super Sign filing suit against Sony

C|Net reports that 'Digital ads entangle "Spider-Man"' for digitally superimposing billboards in Time Square, thus eating into their revenue stream. But I thought the spider-man movie was fantasy, not a documentary....?

As computers make it easier to manipulate video images, the issue of who owns the space that appears on-screen is likely to heat up in a battle over digital advertising and product placement.
In its suit, Sherwood and Super Sign allege they've lost revenue because their Times Square billboard space becomes less desirable if the companies can't guarantee exclusive placement both on-screen and offscreen.



Mike emailed us: 2002 One Show finalists are now listed on


Scwab leaves BBDO

Charles Schwab Corp dropped BBDO nyc after four years of dating. They said their Dear John's on friday (research shows that staff cuts and agency dumping is best done on fridays..) and BBDO has declined to comment.


"let them read Smock"

Kate's lowbrow right now, I think you need to visit and laugh at the pillsbury doughchrist (scroll down a second).

Mocking religion Art and *Doughboy* in one go - triple blasphemy!

Adland: The cheese lottery This promising site needs your help in finding the very worst the industry has to offer, including a couple of badland candidates.

It's fresh invective on a familiar theme - so submit your own suggestions and help build a worthy anti-tribute.

Or just blame the clients.


Wall Street Journal Redux

On April 9, the Wall Street Journal went to the newsstands with a new redesign. With the addition of color graphics and a new section called Personal Journal, it is the newspaper's first design change since 1942.

Not terribly exciting news for us adgrunts...however, the trade campaign announcing the redesign is great. They are spoofs of other publication layouts such as tabloids, teen mags, car mags, comics, women's mags, etc.

The $21 million ad campaign was created by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and the WSJ's new tagline is "Business. And the business of life.

Click read more to view the semi-complete print campaign.


N.W. Ayer has left the building.

In an effort to Reach out and touch someone N.W. Ayer decided to merge with sibling agency under Bcom3 Group parent umbrella, When it rains it Pours unfortunatly and even if A diamond is forever Ayer decided that in order to Be all they can Be, they'll have to discard their old name, and flag their sibling agencies Kaplan Thaler instead.

Most people know the taglines better than them agency names anyway. ;-)