Shootonline [production trade press] April 2003

The ad blogging phenomenon gets a writeup at shootonline.

They don't know how to spell my name - but hey all press is good press right? (or is that just as long as they spell your name right? I forget.. ;))

More focused on television commercials is the Adland web log run by Sweden based freelancer Åsk Wäppling better known by her screen name; Dabitch. Adland contains an extensive commercial database and being a communal blog (other users are free to post content) it sparks a debate every now and then.

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DoubleClick in court over pop-ups

Those annoying pop-ups with fake user interfaces that mimic Microsoft operating system error messages are getting Doubleclick into trouble.
Ference & Associates
are trying to win $5 for each computer warning ad served by .
The suit accuses the New York-based company of deceptive business practices and fraud. No court date has been set yet, Nj newsflash has the full story.


its true - advertising is everywhere!

The Statesman worries about advertising oversaturation. Apparantly even the Pope is sponsored, or he was at a pray-in held in May at a Madrids airport. Some 500,000 attendees were given backpacks filled with goodies that included vouchers for food from McDonald's. Don't forget to say grace over your fried burger.

Schools have sponsors too, as public funding only stretches so far. Not all people think this is a bad thing, Joel Ehrlich, president of Youth Marketing International said to the Statesman:

"We're not in the classroom giving out something that tells kids to go out and buy Care Bears," he said. "The company does get exposure, but it is a very subtle, very soft sell."


If this minivan's a rockin'...

Nissan Quest. More room to screw. Nissan harnesses the MILF factor? Well apparantly Minivans arent just for soccer moms, Nissan tries to attract sexy younger couples away from the SUV's and into the minivans.

More on automotives: The Four Ugliest Vehicles on the Road - Could this be the evolution of the 60s VW Beetle marketing approach? Naaaah. Good fun though. And last but not least, Automotive News has noticed that automakers are actually starting to sell the vehicles instead of incentives, discounts, and low APRs. For better or worse.


Lurzers TV Archive Mag/DVD coming to USA


New York, NY – July 20, 2003 - The publisher of Lürzer’s Int’l ARCHIVE Magazine (Ads & Posters Worldwide) has just announced that it will be making a considerable commitment in the US market by introducing it’s sister publication, Lürzer’s Int’l TV ARCHIVE, Commercials Worldwide and DVD.


Is that a robot in your pants, or...

Recently, Jenny Everett of Popular Science called up Dockers customer service after seeing Dockers Go Khakis advertised as being stain resistant thanks to nanotechnology.

Anytime you can combine advertising, pants, tiny robots and a smartass, you know you're gonna be in for a good time. CNN online relates the exchange.


Yet Another UK Slogan Survey

"I'm beginning to think that Brits do nothing but argue about slogans", said Clayton on adlist. Older posts on this topic include Beanz meanz Heinz and Linez Meanz Salez.
Dailyrecord reports that; Interflora's famous Say it with Flowers motto was yesterday voted the nation's favourite one-liner from television's commercial breaks.

The Sloganmaven is british, it might be a national pastime. ;)


Cool... not!

"Some think cool is a cliche. Bruce Crouch, partner and creative director at the advertising agency Soul, calls the word 'the most overused one in advertising. I don't find it very cool to use the word cool.'" from

So does that mean we can now use "cool" in a surfeited, triple-post-ironic sorta way?

hat tip: clayton/adlist


first your fortune, now your Tokitos

Mark Hughes, CEO Of Buzzmarketing, conquered the adspace of fortune cookies, and now he wants to advertise inside Tokitos UPI reports.

Tokitos are a mexican dessert cookie, hint of cinnamon and crunchy, and much like it's chinese counterpart, perfect for carrying small notes.

With this technique, Hughes has been attempting to achieve a culinary intersection between cookie and commerce. For example, a Buzzmarketing fortune cookie with a proverb reading "Patience is the best remedy for every trouble" may also read on the back "Win a Job to Die For at".


Somethin' Looks the Same...

Okay, you all remember the Levi's commercial that aired during the Super Bowl entitled, "Crazy Legs". It featured a guy with the craziest legs you ever saw. Well, it seems McDonald's noticed how odd, yet popular this commercial was. So they came up with the almost exact same commercial...only the guy in their ad didn't have crazy legs. He had a crazy stomach.