Turkey Guy's Goose Cooked

He's the namesake of the "do a Mahir" viral marketing craze that's inspired creative appropriators around the world--most recently the hypemeisters for Steven Spielberg's new film A.I.

Yet, despite this notoriety, the Turkish "I kiss you" guy is about to get the kiss off.


Won't you take me to Honky Town

Rejoice o citizens of the world. The brilliant, caring folks at P&G have figured out how to make even the cutest Asian teenager look like Michael Jackson. Read on and rejoice.

P&G Thailand taps Saatchi to launch skin whitening line
(from http://www.adageglobal.com/)


Dopey Spokesman Gig Awaits Robert Downey Jr.

If Robert Downey Jr. flees the USA, he just might run right into an opportunity to hawk hashish Happy Meals in Europe. His credentials would make him the perfect celebrity spokesaddict for a new chain of marijuana and hashish drive-thrus (McDruggies?) scheduled to open in the Netherlands next year.


Agent Provocateur - Kylie says: Please stand up - (2001) - (UK)

Agent Provocateur - Kylie says: Please stand up - (2001) - (UK)

Kylie Minogue demonstrates that this is the most erotic lingerie in the world.


Shots.net quote popbitch

Here's a cute touch, in the latest shots update email, they quote popbitch as if it was a reliable source. I'm not saying that it isn't. I'm just saying.. Shots.net quoted popbitch! Dude!

It looked a little like this:

Cult UK record industry website popbitch has fanned rumours that Jake &
Jim's latest promo for former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell single It's Raining
Men featured a body double and vigorous post-production. The website alleged


TBWA London shakeup

Simon Clemmow, chief executive and Johnny Hornby, managing director , left TBWA London to head up their own shop.

TBWA does Labours advertising, and this comes just weeks before the general election. Will the agency without it's heads manage to produce any ads? Can the creatives do their job regardless of who steers the ship? And will the upstart be any good? Perhaps Labour won't win this year?


Big Chief, No Shit

Well, apparently someone in the US doesn't sue for money as adweek reports.


City fights back - pavement not adspace

Kirshenbaum and Bond Bamboo ads made, eons ago, maybe 92-93? Remember those?

IBM just launched a campaign for "Love peace and Linux" (how sweet) by spraying graffiti on the pavement (via adweek), and enraging the cities of Chicago and San Francisco.


Andy and ADCN - and the guld

The international Andy awards are being handed out in New York tonight as the Dutch ADCN parties till dawn in an old warehouse. "Who won what?", "did it really - that piece of..", and "why didn't they enter in the awards?", will be the topic of discussion over free coctails most of the evening. In Sweden at Guldägget the topic will be "do the winners correspond to that list on Adland?". At least, that's why I will be watching.......

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Hannibal Influenced Kiddie Ads=Taboo Breakthrough

Some people would give their right arms to do an "edgy" TV commercial.
Others are just smart enough to glom onto the international trend for dismemberment as an attention-getting source of spot humor.