St Luke's worldwide domination begins in the north.

St Luke's is opening in Stockholm!

Yep, St Luke' says it'll happen the second of November this year.

Magnus Westerberg and Tim Hearn are the creative heads apparently, and also very shy it seems as they have yet to reply to emails sent out 24 hours ago. Annika Carstedt took only ten minutes to reply with an explanation - apparently they have gotten a thousand or so emails in two days. More soon!


Internet Ad Virus - looks like another Mahir trick.

Here we go again.

If you have seen you might have had a sense of Deju Vu.. Another media-virus internet site? Oh yes, but it gets even better than that.....

Earlier you might have read the articles about the, and created by Paul and Linus at Fallon (US) for their client BuddyLee.


Canada and Australia have a lot in common.

You might have noticed that I mention the canadians teabaggers here once in a while, well, some hawkeyed ranter in that online forum has discovered yet another rip-off.

Now it's the Molson Rant that has been ripped off by Fosters Australia.

Try as you might, you could not avoid the avalanche of popularity the Molson Canadian Beer ad "The Rant" got this spring.

It was avidly written about in the tradepress, gossiped about in the regular Canadian press, and it even had it's own tail of urban myths.


Creative Hand Jobs

The most publicized "intellectual property" case in recent months has been mounted by against a rubber puppet used on the Conan O'Brien show in a recurring skit. sued Robert Smigel, creator and voice of "Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog," to the tune of $20 million for defaming their "spokespuppet."

The irony is, Triumph is over three years old (in dog years that's the equivalent of 21). introduced their sockpuppet only a year ago in August 1999.

Providing further evidence that's puppet dog is a copycat is European ad sensation, Flat Eric, whose success proved that spokespuppets were a viable execution.

For a better grasp of this trend, read "Attack of the Puppet People."


John West Salmon - Bear Fight - (2000) :30 (UK)

John West Salmon - Bear Fight - (2000) :30 (UK)

Gold Lion at the Cannes Lions Festival, 2001


Logo A Go Go

Adobe Systems, the company whose software touches so many our lives, appears to be softly launching a new brand image.

For what will hopefully be a brief time, their current logo (the big "A") and tagline (bet you didn't know it was "Inspiration becomes reality") shares the main page of with their replacements.

The new tag, "Clearly Adobe Imaging" is accompanied by a logo that's anything but clear. Actually, it looks as if they tossed the old logo in a blender.


Advertising Light bulb jokes

Image by Laszlo under a Creative Commons 2.0 license

Q. How many copywriters does it take to change a light bulb?
A. "NOBODY changes ANYTHING!!"

Q. How many art directors does it take to change a light bulb?
A. "Does it have to be a light bulb?"


Five months and what have they got? SAG strike continues.......

The Actors strike in the USA has halted productions, left actors carrying boards instead of reading them before a job, forced talent agencies to close down, and even tragically caused a death as 38-year-old actor William Ray Embry died after collapsing on a picket line in Hollywood whilst protesting against a non-union shoot for a Sony PlayStation commercial. Where is all this going and will it ever end?


Ground Zero's new Hero?

Dabitch: -"Hey Tyler Whisnand, what will you bring to the shop when you are CD?"
Tyler: -"A macintosh powerbook and a case of southern comfort. (our new office is in the meat packing district above the famous landmark biker bar: Hogs 'n Heffers!)"

Earlier Tyler said that he missed Amsterdam, and somehow moving from the border of the Red Light district Amsterdam to the meat packing district in New York seems to make some kind of cosmic sense. It's a step up, I'd say.

Dabitch: -"Tyler, seriously now, what do your parents think you do for a living?"


Dear PETA: "Save the wild pussy"

PETA want people to stop wearing fur trim, so they show this image of a woman with a rather thick area of pubes peeking out from underneath her lingerie. Oh, PETA, will you ever be able to make an ad that doesn't disrespect women as a springboard for your cause?

MS Magazine has a collection of readers reactions this this ad, well worth a read. My favorite: