first your fortune, now your Tokitos

Mark Hughes, CEO Of Buzzmarketing, conquered the adspace of fortune cookies, and now he wants to advertise inside Tokitos UPI reports.

Tokitos are a mexican dessert cookie, hint of cinnamon and crunchy, and much like it's chinese counterpart, perfect for carrying small notes.

With this technique, Hughes has been attempting to achieve a culinary intersection between cookie and commerce. For example, a Buzzmarketing fortune cookie with a proverb reading "Patience is the best remedy for every trouble" may also read on the back "Win a Job to Die For at".


Somethin' Looks the Same...

Okay, you all remember the Levi's commercial that aired during the Super Bowl entitled, "Crazy Legs". It featured a guy with the craziest legs you ever saw. Well, it seems McDonald's noticed how odd, yet popular this commercial was. So they came up with the almost exact same commercial...only the guy in their ad didn't have crazy legs. He had a crazy stomach.


NFL = Non-Flaccid League?

Well, this should certainly change the dynamics of the game...

The Day (login needed for old news) reports that impotence drug Levitra has become a sponsor of NFL. The multimillion-dollar agreement allows Levitra to use the NFL logo in advertisements and other marketing materials, said Brian McCarthy, a spokesman for the NFL.


commercials work - when made in Taiwan

Taiwannews tells the story of the succesful eBay ads in Taiwan. Taiwanese local online bidders doubled in June from the previous month, eBay stated proudly.

In the commercial, a man finally recovers his wife's antique vase that he had accidently broken, or rather he finds one just like it on eBay. To celebrate his victory he uncorks some champagne, and when the corck goes flying, it breaks the replacement vase...


PETA likens meat industry to Shoah

Oh dear, PETA are making friends again.

PETA launched a new TV commercial campaign this week comparing the meat industry to the Holocaust, they liken the mass transport of animals to slaughterhouses to the Nazi deportations to concentration camps.

Quote from Jewishweek: "The ad, unveiled in the historic center of the Nazi deportations, follows the group’s controversial photo exhibit and Web site comparing the meat industry to the Shoah."


Tasteless water now available at Piggly Wiggly

Remember those highway posters promoting "Outhouse springs water"? They were made by Cognetix advertising agency, and actually promoted the use of billboard media to advertisers. The Charleston Regional Business Journal reports that the formely hypothetical product has been made real and will be on the shelves of Piggly Wiggly as of July 14.

“When we first started talking about this, we all thought that it could turn into something bigger than we’d ever imagined,” says Kane. “We never had a plan B. We only had a plan A and we decided to let the market tell us what the next step was. So when we got these incredible awareness numbers back, we thought it would be a real shame just to let this go.”


w+k goes vacant

The mobile store,, appears for one month only in an empty spaces in major cities has now opened at the Weiden offices in Portland, Oregon. Get your designer toys, gear and hope to run into Dan on the corner of 13th and NW Everett ave this summer.


snapple cap wisdom

The insides of snapple caps are the new fortune cookies washington post reports. Squids can have eyes the size of volleyballs, and slugs have 4 noses, a camel has three eyelids, are some of the snapple cap quips.

"We were thinking of a way to entertain our customers," recalls Maura Mottolese, Snapple's VP of marketing, "and we thought, 'The real estate under the cap is unused real estate now.' "


Ordinary Advertising. And How To Avoid it like the plague

by Mark Silveira
Chapter One
How Bad Is Most Advertising?

It depends who you ask. If you randomly stopped 10 people at the airport, you’d probably hear that most advertising is so- so, neither here nor there or something equally tepid. Were you to ask the leaders of any of the world’s largest advertising agencies or their clients, you’d probably be told that a significant amount of it—theirs especially—is good or at least effective at meeting its objectives. But ask one of advertising’s true believers, those people who’ve either been a part of making some enormously successful advertising or who’ve benefited from it, and you’d likely hear quite a different story.

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