Quiznos jumps on the consumer-generated bandwagon

Quiznos is the latest brand to jump on the "Consumer-generated" commercial bandwagon. Promo Magazine reports Quiznos is asking its customers to make their own Quiznos vs. Subway ad, following the theme of their current advertising that asks the "man on the street" which sandwich has more meat.

Now Quiznos is challenging customers to develop their own Quiznos-versus-Subway ad for a chance to win $10,000, a year of Quiznos food and have their spot aired nationally. Videos no more than 45 seconds long can be submitted at MeatNoMeat.com. Commercials will be judged by VH1 talent and the creative team at Quiznos.

The winner's ad will air during VH1's Best Week Ever's year-end show, Best Year Ever, on Dec. 15 and in Times Square on New Year Eve. Lesser prizes include video iPods and Quiznos gift cards.


Extra Strength Aspirin - Sally's Busy Day / Wrists on fire - (2006) :30 (Canada)

Extra Strength Aspirin - Sally's Busy Day / Wrists on fire - (2006) :30 (Canada)

Sally's Busy Day gets better once her co-worker tells her the trick to put out wrists on fire.


AdCrap Recap - Week 45

Get your fill of Adland goodness with a quick recap of the last week's goings on.

Up: Marks & Spencer's new Christmas spot features Dame Shirley Bassey and celebs. Seems like we're in for a Bond-themed adfest.
Down: Lyxn battles New Found Glory, while Allstate takes on Mercedes in Badland.
Up: Matchbox ad larger than life.
Down: Greenpeace anti-oil protest photo used in pro-oil ad.
Sideways: Allen Rosenshine, Chairman of BBDO Worldwide, to retire at the end of December.


Whare the Bali Hell are you?

Here's a half-smart spoof of the Australian Where the bloody hell are you? tourism campaign applied to Bali. Australian visitor numbers to the Indonesian island are way down since the Bali bombings and bad press surrounding the high-profile Schapelle Corby, Bali nine and Michelle Leslie drug trials. The once favourite haunt of pissed-up Australians in thongs (flip-flops) and sluggos (Speedos) is being given the cold shoulder.

Compared to last year, the number of Australians visiting Bali has dropped from about 224,000 to 95,000 - a 57 per cent slump.

But the number of European tourists heading to Bali has fallen far less - by about 15 to 20 per cent.

Australian, Brett Morgan, who owns a hotel on the island, has produced this online viral marketing campaign at wherethebalihellareyou.com which looks like a good idea looking for some decent acting and production.

It stars a smiling Balinese guy who points out that Bali's attractions are now being enjoyed by tourists from other parts of the world rather than the formerly ubiquitous Aussies.

"Hey look, the Japanese are surfing your bloody waves,"

"The Russians are in your bloody spas. The Dutch are wearing your bloody thongs. The Americans are doing your bloody shopping.

"The Italians are drinking your bloody beer. The French are eating in your bloody restaurants. The Germans are laughing in your bloody pool bars."

At the end of the clip, the Bali bloke asks: "Aussie ... where the Bali are you?"

The video was shot in Bali over two days and cost just $3000 to make - and it looks like it.


Honda Civic - The Game / Tron (2006) 0:30 (USA)

Honda Civic - The Game / Tron (2006) 0:30 (USA)

Honda does a tribute to Tron.


The impossible watch ad

James Randi found an ad run by Neiman Marcus for a "Jaeger-leCoultre watch" on the back-cover of a recent issue of TIME magazine:

But what really caught my probing eye was the fact that whoever designed this ad, might be more accustomed to using an hour-glass or a sun-dial rather than a mechanical watch. This is the result of an artist choosing the most pleasing placement of the variables, regardless of whether or not he's representing a realistic view. The watch shown could not exist.

Randi looked for more information on the watch, but could not find it listed on the Neiman Marcus web page. When Randi phoned the local store to ask about this particular timepiece he was told by the store they had never heard of it.


Still chugging along - now over 35k.

We interrupt this regurlarly schedule advertising bickering to let y'all know that the commercial archive now has over thirtyfivethousand commercials in it. Count'em! Thirtyfive thousand adverts. Wooo!


Absolut bad idea.

Absolut Herbertstraße at UPI.com A recent Absolut ad in Germany showed lipstick traces against a white background, and the line, "Absolut Herbertstraße" - clearly playing with Herbetstrasse's fame for prostitution.


Marks & Spencer's - Christmas (2006) 0:90 (UK)

Marks & Spencer's - Christmas (2006) 0:90 (UK)

Trivia: Advert features Twiggy, Erin O'Connor, Laura Bailey, Noemie Lenoir, and Dame Shirley Bassey doing a cover of Pink's 'I'm Coming Up'.


Pamol - Headplayer (2006) 0:90 (Finland)

Pamol - Headplayer (2006) 0:90 (Finland)

"I'd like to tank my Doctor, and Finnish health care, for bringing me my life back, thank you!"