The DDB "limey" campaign which features a song by Santogold in one of the ads has now launched.

Director Johannes Gamble of superstudio recently partnered with ad agency DDB Chicago on a viral campaign for summer's newest beer, Bud Light Lime. Created for YouTube consumption, the spots introduce Limey, Anheuser-Busch's new Bud Light Lime mascot, who does stunts and features the tagline, "It's amazing what a little lime can do."

"This was one of those ever-evolving projects, which kept growing into something bigger, and blurred the lines between TV and Internet," says Will St. Clair, DDB Chicago VP & Executive Producer. "We needed someone who had the experience and versatility to bridge these realms. Johannes not only had the right mindset, he also embraced the challenges and found solutions. He was inventive enough to work within our budget; he materially improved upon our concept and developed it into something both cool and doable."

Cox - Pods - (2008) :30 (USA)

Cox has just launched a $10 million integrated campaign that will introduce new brand characters called "Digis." These digis are the new "friend in the digital age" and illustrate that customers get more out of what they’re passionate about with Cox’s digital cable

Douglas Coupland & Terry O’Reilly at The Bessies.
The Bessies were held in Toronto on Thursday, May 15th. I know, the name of this annual event is a bit ambiguous. “Bessies” is it about cows? Your great aunt? The Bessies is the Canadian ad industry's top award show, put on by the Television Bureau of Canada, to honor the best in Canadian broadcast advertising. In past years, the Bessies has been an all day event, beginning at 11 in the morning and going to the wee hours. Which caused difficulties, as many were drunk by lunch and hung over by 5 p.m. This year, for the first time, it began with cocktails at 5:30 p.m. – much more civilized. It was at Toronto’s Royal York Hotel (lovely), where it was held in its inception, but has not been held there for many, many years since (so long that no one knew it was ever held there).

The Show began at 7 p.m. with guest speaker Douglas Coupland (author/pop-culture icon) being interviewed by Terry O’Reilly. (If you’ve never caught O’Reilly’s Age of Persuasion on CBC radio, I highly recommend it). I have a confession to make: Last year, Crush Toronto did a series of nine clips to promote Coupland’s latest novel, The Gum Thief, and I had a feeling that this campaign (view here: would win some awards. (It won a bronze pencil the week before at the One Show.) But when I heard that Coupland was speaking, I knew that they were definitely picking up some awards...why else would Coupland be there? Simple logic. So with this in mind, I sat myself close to Crush so I could see their reactions when they picked up an award or two.

Sunil puns "Whose beautiful laundrette?" as he compares the 1968 Hamlet "Laundrette" commercial with the 1985 Levi 501 (Nick Kamen) "Laundrette" commercial. They are an interesting pairing, and I remember having seen them compared in class way back in advertising boot camp, the story being that it was an intentional homage. I can't be sure f this since I can't find my notes from that class and it is a million years ago, and I had totally forgotten about the pair when Sunil who's advertising brain is far stickier than mine dug them both up again. He says about the pair:

I don’t for a moment think that John Hegarty or Tony Scott would stoop to purloining someone else’s work. I prefer to think of the Levi’s ad as a tribute to its predecessor which, although not one of the best Hamlet ads, was an idea so natural for Levi’s that it proved simply too good to waste.

Too good to miss, go read his post and watch the classic ads.


Now for the vespaheads in the audience - get this nicely stencilled vespa T-shirt designed by Matt Bugeja, and for your desk, The vespa lamp (Thanks alec!).

We've seen the BK veg city tray liners that depict tomatoes checking out pickles in the red light district, onions being searched at the airport and other onions being the target of assasinations, and now we've seen the commercial - but BK "veg city" isn't done until the flash website sings. Now the site is almost finished, and there's sniper games, wallpapers, ringtones and other oddness at

For example, when you're done sniping random pickles, you can go to the airport and check luggage for items that are not allowed. There are a few more games marked "coming soon" so the site is till under construction but 50% of it is done now.