Ad Land Sells out!

Ha! Did I scare you? Not this Adland, but David Jones cartoon Adland. Check out the selling out inside.


"Live Richly?" No, Actually, Just "Get it Done."

In honor of the fact that Citigroup has announced it will move most of its global creative branding business from Fallon to Publicis, I found myself thinking back to Fallon's memorable "Live Richly" campaign. Anyone who was living in New York circa 2003 will remember seeing the barrage of billboards asserting their pseudo-philosophies in financial-tickeresque typeface, calmly and humbly floating on a plain white background:

"Contrary to popular belief, you are not what you drive."

"You are not gold, silver, or platinum. You are you."


Axe / Lynx - Any excuse to get dirty

Axe shows us once again that women will use any excuse to get dirty in the hopes of being washed by the Axe smelling man in the nearest shower. The nurse-office / broken finger one strikes me as most illogical, or just oddly art directed. Feels more like a teacher with kids crayon-scribbles on her than a patient with too many cast-autographs. But then again, maybe she is a teacher.


BMF helps Toohey's get HarvesTED

Tooheys Extra Dry (TED) launches "HarvesTED", a 90-second commercial this Sunday, 6 May on FTA television. The HarvesTED website, which includes interactive games using real video and original music composition, went live yesterday.

The BMF-created advertisement continues to use the cornerstone idea seen in TED communications for some time–-that the desire for the clean, crisp taste of TED is worth going to extraordinary lengths to be satiated. “HarvesTED really is like nothing else beer drinkers have ever seen. It’s a weirdly wonderful cinematic mini film for TV, cinema and the internet that takes the desire and want for TED's clean crisp taste to a whole new level by focusing on the care and attention that goes into 'creating' TED. It certainly breaks new ground and shows that anything's possible when the desire for the clean, crisp taste is strong enough," said National Marketing Director (Acting) Paul Foster.

Commenting on HarvesTED's fantastical farm, pod people, bizarre machinery and rockabilly quiffs, Executive Creative Director at BMF, Warren Brown, said: "Tooheys Extra Dry has a tradition of delivering unexpected and highly creative ideas to the market. HarvesTED has opened up a whole new territory for TED, both strategically and creatively; the passion that goes into making TED and the desire for the clean crisp taste are captured in a creatively adventurous idea that literally breaks new ground. It is an idea that is iconic, will set the bar even higher for beer advertising in this country and provide plenty of fertile ground for more innovative and unexpected ideas in the future."


The Social Contract

As graphic designers, artists, photographers, filmmakers and writers who present work in the public domain it is essential that we do so with a sense of cultural and social responsibility.


Millimetres Matter for Samsung

"Millimetres Matter" aims to capture the distinctive slimness of the Samsung Mobile Ultra Edition II handsets in the balletic grace and beauty of the natural world under the microscope. Illustrating insects up close and personal, whilst playfully including a selection of minute pies and desserts - the result is a microscopic pie fight recorded on film.

Also viewable here in the Adland Commercial Archive.
Agency: The Viral Factory
Creative: The Viral Factory
Production Co: Mad Cow Productions
Director: Richard de Aragues
Producer: Jonas Blanchard & Nicholas Unsworth
Editor: Rick Waller
DOP: Steve Downer
Post Facility: Rushes
Telecine Artist: Simone Grattarola
VFX Artists: Brian Carbin, Richie White, Paul Hannaford, Emir Hasham,
Matt Jackson
After Effects: Brad Le Riche


Idea Graveyard for Getty Images

To promote the latest project for Getty Images, the Heye Team created a packet that any creative can sympathize wtih.


USDA Women Self Defense - Key/Balls/Hand (2007) Poster/Press (Brussels)

Duval Guilaume Brussels created posters and press ads illustrated by AD Fred Van Hoof for the USDA Women Self Defense. See them inside.


Mekanism and PG&E Help San Franciscans Green Their City

In a major integrated media campaign, Mekanism teamed up with Venables Bell & Partners to help PG&E and its San Francisco customers showcase ways to address the challenges associated with climate change and environmental stewardship. The central focus of this campaign is - an online green guide to help individuals identify ways to support the environment.

Designed as an engaging education tool, this interactive online user's guide is introduced by a series of short films, each containing green facts and tips. Jason Harris, Executive Producer at Mekanism, comments that, "PG&E wants to help San Francisco residents accomplish their environmental goals by enacting more green practices into their lives. We thought the best way to effectively deliver this message was to create a fully-integrated campaign by launching a series of real world messages to drive green activity, told and supported by live action, animation, and web-based content."


Saatchi and Company X take skin cancer screenings to the street

Company X editor Barney Miller pieced together a comical experience about the serious subject of a skin cancer screening. Sponsored by Olay, a makeshift doctor's office was set up on the streets of New York where passers-by could receive free skin exams.