Did you know that El Tesoro is hand made, using the same methods they used way back in 1937? No? Well, Publicis Mid America in Dallas created this visual to inform you. Or freak you right the hell out. I get it, sure but also, that's the kind of stuff I see when I've had one tequila too many and before it goes all black so now I'm scared. Hold me.


Oh god, remember that Axe upskirt mousepad thing? Here's a new variation - an upskirt soap dispenser.

Sexy Camera è la nuova candid camera erotica in onda da marzo su "FX", un canale della famiglia FOX Channels.

Wait, did they say family-channel? Ah, no, it says FX is part of the FOX channel-family. Phew. Wow this would be so much easier if the release was in a language I didn't have to guess my way around. (Fun fact, we get releases in French, Hebrew and Italian!) The actresses on the show are real porn stars I gather. These dispensers were placed in bars and gyms - mens rooms only.


TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris, Johannesburg decided to go all out when advertising Twinsaver Toilet Tissue - they wrote a whole song about it. I wish we'd got more submissions of radio ads if they are all this catchy. ;)

download radio ad


Citrus have created this dear agency letter generator. You choose between three different things, such as monkeys, lizards or meerkats in response to the question "What animals have been suggested that "really take your brand to the next level"?" and click write letter to get a nice letter that you can send off to your agency when you want them to know you're letting them go. My only gripe with this is no matter what animal I pick that particular creature isn't mentioned in the letter, though the others might be. Fail.

Here's an example of what you might send to your agency. I got this when I picked meerkats. No cats at all in the letter (hehe) but cavemen and geckos are mentioned.

That's right. You heard me. Fired. As in axed. Let go. Canned. Sacked, as the Brits say.

Did it have to come to this? Let me put it to you in a way your tragically hip, bipolar, right-brained mind can understand: It was either this or I start torturing interns for fun.

You're confused, are you? Let me clarify. Over the past year, you've tried to sell me regurgitated award show ideas that no self-respecting agency would even put down on paper, let alone present. Do you really think a garrulous reptile is a new idea? Let alone a good one? Here's a tip: If it's been done as a failed ad campaign AND a failed TV show, it's not going to make my brand famous. Same goes with babies, cavemen and anything else that might require an on-location "wrangler."

The attitudes, the overcharging, the blown deadlines, the constant bitching and moaning like it's the end of the freaking world when I suggest you add my web address to an ad that I'm PAYING for...you should be paying me for putting up with it for so long.