Image searchengine resells your images - without paying you.

Do you have photographs online? You might be interested to know that, an image searchengine not only displays your images but actually sells them to people for 10 NOK a pop - without sharing the revenue with the people who own the image.

Lets have a look shall we, search on Miklas and the second image is a photo I took of my man in the shoes I made for him a few years back. Search on Dabitch and you'll even find my mother in there. For cat lovers there's my cat, for scooter lovers there's my vespas and for turtle lovers there's my turtle.

Pressefotografforbundet in Denmark have a quote from lawyer August Ringvold who calls it "Plain image theft". - which is owned by Eniro - defends themselves saying that the images are only shown in 128*128 pixels and that there is no court precedent that forbids this. However, after pissing off thousands of photographers they have removed the "buy this image for your phone"-link, for now.


2006 Adland Roundup: Top Ads of 2006 - Part 1

Go grab a handful of those cookies, candy or popcorn sitting around the office, sit back, relax and enjoy the top spots of 2006. Superadgruntdom is required to view the spots. *Drumroll* Adland, here are some of the ads we wish we did:

Most Cringe-worthy PSA

Montana Meth Project spots were quite scary, especially the eyebrow plucking spot that made our skin crawl.

Best Remix
Addictive TV - Take the Lead remix - (2006) 3:03 (UK)

Props to Addictive TV for their slick and super cool remix for the movie "Take the Lead".

Best Interpretation
Absolut Cut - Honestly / Gay - (2006) :30 (France)

TBWA France creates this great converstation between mother and son and the real meaning behind their words.

Best Thongs
Tip Top Trumpet - Simplifying Summer Undies (2006) 0:30 (New Zealand)

Colenso BBDO, Auckland and James Pilkington of The Sweetshop provide us with a hilarious and yet useful explaination of when thongs stop being thongs and start being underwear.


Some more xmassy type films for you....

If you are to trust Animax studios, xmas has a dark undertone. See Peanuts nutty Xmas carol and King Klaus.


Ode to the Christmas tree.

writer/actor John Roberts
director Clay Weiner
editor Jesse Reisner


The Little List of lists.

Yes, everyone is doing them, including us so here's some cliff notes , a.k.a the little list of lists.

Media Culpa Predicts 2007 - a rather funny prophecy of the year to come.

Mainstream media are pushing the citizen journalism trend so far that reporters are quitting their jobs in order to be just "ordinary people". "This is the only way that I will be able to get anything printed nowadays", says one columnist at the Spokesman-Review in Spokane, who prefer to be anonymous.

The NYT Stuart Elliot list of the year that was "How to Lose Cadillac and Other Lessons on Madison Ave. in 2006"

Banner Blog points out Campaign Mag's 2006 wrap up and Garfield honors commercial actors with the 2006 Bobbys.


British Heart Foundation Poster - Belt

I'm not sure what's going on here in this ad from British Heart Foundation - perhaps the visual was designed to give us a heartattack? :)


2006 Adland Roundup: A look back at the advertising year that was

2006 was the year of consumer generated content, increased viral action, and every brand under the sun (from Pepsi to Rexona and Adidas to Carlsberg) jumping on the World Cup advertising bandwagon. Then there was the Nike Rooney ad that caused an uproar. Oh yeah, and we had a bunch of Winter Olympic Olympic Torino related ads as well, including Adidas' brand boo-boo.

And if 2005 was the year of WOM, 2006 was the year of consumer-generated content. Early on we learned from Chevy that you don't always get what you want when anti-SUV ads made it to Chevy's website. And then later in the year we saw how a Virgin Money consumer generated ad backfired. Alka Setlzer, Quiznos, and Southwest Airlines were just a few of the brands we watched jump into the fray. Chevy asked students to create a Super Bowl ad for them, which then turned into an Ad Trend Alert as other brands used the same idea. We'll have to wait unti February 2007 to see how that pans out.

One other trend was the making of epic shorts for brands which they all hoped would go viral. In some cases they did and others sort of fizzled out. Saatchi & Saatchi Canada made a film short for Toyota that aired only once during the Academy Awards. Then Peroni Beer payed homage to "La Dolce Vita" while Pirelli and Leo Burnett created "The Call" starring John Malkovich and Naomi Campbell. It wasn't the only such film to use celebrity. Dove and Ogilvy got Penny Marshall to cast Felicity Huffman into shows of yore to shill their Calming Night line. And of course we had the Adicolor films from a variety of well known directors, production houses and post shops.


Super Bowl XLI madness begins

2006 ain't over yet, but we're already hearing chatter about advertisers in the lineup for Super Bowl XLI which will take place in Miami on February 4, 2007 at Dolphin Stadium. About 80% of the spots have already been sold, according to MediaWeek. Today, The New York Post reports that Motorola, Gillette, Aleve, and Taco Bell have decided to pass this year. Emerald Nuts and Ford are a couple of the brands still deciding on whether or not to return this year. There are rumors that Microsoft might push its Vista product in a spot.

Brands we know will return include Anheuser-Busch with enough ad time to run at least 10 30-second spots (like last year), Pepsi, with two spots, FedEx,, General Motors, Frito-Lay, and of course the movie studios.

The NFL, Chevrolet, and Doritos brands are asking John Q. Public to create their Super Bowl spots. Alka Seltzer will be running a pre-game spot with a new consumer-created jingle.


Nuclear association dismisses legal challenge to its advertising

CBC reports that some environmental groups are unhappy with nuclear energy. What else is new?

An organization that represents the Canadian nuclear industry says it has no plans to pull ads that promote nuclear energy despite a formal complaint by a handful of environmental groups.

Murray Elston, president of the Canadian Nuclear Association, said the nuclear industry is safe and he is confident that the Competition Bureau will not find any problems with its ads.

"I'm not changing the ads. The industry is very safe. It is very clean," he said Tuesday.

You can view the offending Canadian Nuclear Association ads here.


We love xmas sweaters - we hate sheep.

Sullivan Higdon & Sink invites you to knit the most horrid holiday sweater ever at

It hits at the first sound of sleigh bells. You think, "It's not happening to me this year." But somewhere around December 15th, you wake up after too much eggnog and think, "It's the holidays. Lots of people do it. And it makes me look like one of Santa's helpers." So you do it. You go to the closet and put on your holiday sweater. The one you got from Aunt Selma. In 1982. The one that jingles when you walk and lights up when you gesture. The one your significant other gave to Goodwill. And they gave back.

The sweater I knitted is too horrible to share, giant penguins and blinking lights. Aargh! Via Viralbomb (archives)