Honda Accord - Cog (2003) - 2:00 (UK)

Honda Accord - Cog  (2003) - 2:00 (UK)

Takes: 606
Cost: est. £750,000


Britney all day and all of the night.

Japanese beverage co GG tea promotes tea soda and Peach tea with a little help from Britney Spears and 1960's pop classic tunes. After dancing through the times with a Pepsi, has Britney been typecast in the soft drink category?


FRF _ Speed Dial (radio ad that dials a phone) - (2003)

Written and produced by Aired in 2003.

The idea is that the ad can actually make the phonecall itself, which it does with the help of DTMF tones.


Have a Coke and a Heil.

(db/adlist) It had all the makings of a great Hong Kong promotion. With every six bottles of Coke, you could buy a popular robot toy for just a few extra bucks. There were just two tiny little problems...

(updated - large image if you read more...)


Best Buy tees off... well... Mr. T.

It now appears that if you're going to produce a commercial showing a middle aged guy in a sweater vest beating the stuffing out of Mr. T., you better get the mohawked one's permission first. Oops.

Superadgrunts, Click here to watch the spot.


A Miniplan for the Minivan.

For years, they've been the suburbanite sign of wimpy pops and soccery moms.
So how can Detroit delete the bad stigma and sex it up for the easily swayed Prozac Nation?

Somehow I think it will take a little bit more than changing their friggin' vehicle class name.


GQ Taiwan - them Puma ads

We can't read anything past the headline but feel confident that GQ "got it". ;) Our Badland-post with the sperm enhanced puma ads are here

Link to GQ Taiwan


Meet the iPod People.

Earlier today, posted their TV campaign for iTunes Music on their site. The approach? Endearingly hokey, but still a hoot. They kept it simple, which is a good thing - In a way, I suppose they're exemplifying how supposedly simple the new service is to use by simply showing people singin' along to their music (with varying degrees of success). Worth a peek to see and judge for yourself.

Watch out for Nic tho - he'll take you to Honkeytown right quick. Go Nic!


Dr Pepper - Paulina Rubio & Celia Cruz (2003) - 0:30 (USA)

Dr Pepper - Paulina Rubio & Celia Cruz  (2003) - 0:30 (USA)

Hot steamy, dancing.


I Wonder If She Drives A Hummer?

While perusing the trade wires, I, umm... "happened" upon this doozy from the evil world of direct marketing.

"Blech," you say. "Direct marketing sucks."

I agree, but this one got to me. Seems DM Pro Diane Silverman coined a new demographic term, and is quite proud of it... Suburban Professional Unmarried No Kids, or SPUNK.

Seems nobody's had the heart to tell her what that means outside the 'burbs.