Curry shows the Panther move.

Curry shows the Panther move.

Curry shows the panther move.

See the interview with Paul Malmström The RubberBurner story and clips for story behind this viral campaign.


Hey Whipple - squeeze that

Luke westwayne Sullivan has donated a bunch more of his Hey Whipple Squeeze this book to us again - these will be lotted out to users of Adland.

Read his excerpt from this book here, and sign up to be an adgrunt if you aren't one already, to get a chance to win.


Herman Vaske interviews Tim Mellors

It's only advertising. Nobody gets killed. The old saying about boxing champions "They never come back" does not apply to advertising. At the beginning of the seventies, Tim Mellors was the beloved wunderkind of British advertising. Then Mellors went into directing and failed. After an attempt to set up his own consultancy, which went bankrupt, Mellors ended up in the world of alcohol and drugs. Seven years back, Charles Saatchi and Jeremy Sinclair got the prodigal son back into their office.

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Naomi Klein takes on brands and the "American dream" in No Logo

As a private person, I have a passion for landscape, and I have never seen one improved by a billboard. Where every prospect pleases, man is at his vilest when he erects a billboard. When I retire from Madison Avenue, I am going to start a secret society of masked vigilantes who will travel around the world on silent motor bicycles, chopping down posters at the dark of the moon.
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Dunlop Tyres - Aged James Dean - print, South Africa

Erik Vervroegen, copywriter and Creative Director at TBWA Hunt Lascaris explains that this ad came about after he was inspired by the morphing of Naomi Cambell into 70+ year old woman in Paris Vogue.

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web: CINT Sweden - pekar mot adland i sitt nyhetesbrev (swedish)

CINT på (huvudsidan) skrev om Adland (inte Ad-land *hehe*) redan vecka 42 2000.

klicka på bilden för att hoppa direkt till nyhetsbrevet vecka 42. Section mentioned - Badland of course.


Boards Magazine [canada/world tradepress] 2000

Or read the article now online at BoardsOnline August issue, 2000. "It's a harsh audience for parties" says Åsk Wäppling.

David Bell of KesselsKramer, freelance art director Åsk Wäppling (the proprietress of and and Dirk Bouw of SWH met at London's School of Communications Arts and wound up working at Dutch agencies. An intellectual yet festive bunch, the three friends threw their first Cannes party four years ago for Dutch music maker Hans Brouwer of Massive Music and Amsterdam/London/Berlin's Condor Post Production and have made an annual tradition of it.


'How was Cannes?' - Dabitch reports from the south of France

In the middle of June ad people gather in Cannes from all over the planet. They go to see ads from all over the world, poster, print, TV and new media, all day every day of the week. They go to party all night every night of the week. They go to spend heavily from their expense accounts while networking.


Swedes bring home the gold. And so does Nike in the Cyberlions.

In Cannes it seems the Swedes are continuing to take over the world in their second Viking raid era. Course, this is only advertising we are talking about, and hopefully no villagers will get pillaged, but there must be something in the knäckerbröd over there to bring home this much gold per capita.


Sony's phony audience.

As Clay pointed out earlier, film studio's can get really creative when trying to get good quotes about their movies by inventing their own film critics.

They just topped themselves, by inventing their own audience as well.
I heard Pearl Harbour was crap...but this bad?