Vodafone and Beckham splits

Beckham was making £1m a year on being the face of Vodafone live! but the coupling is now off, despite the fact that Beckhams sexually explicit text messages to Rebecca Loos really sold the idea of mobile phones practical use.


Real Spoofs of genius!

Mr Pocky Snack inventor, Mr anime fan - yes, the real american genius (or heroes as they used to be called before it went out of fashion) ads for Bud Light have been deservedly spoofed, as Pocari Sweat real otaku heroes radio ads.


Unfortunate ad placement of the week

Sometimes ads find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. Back in '97 when cutting edge news sites employed a keyword system to get the right banner near the right articles, it seemed like a great idea until a banner for Mercedes showed up above an article about Princess Di's death. Since then we've seen many more combinations like that, this usually doesn't happen in printed newspapers. But last week, Politiken newspaper ran an ad with a somewhat unfortunate visual of a girl holding a video-camera..... Perhaps I was the only one who noticed.


Getty images teamed up with PicScout to hunt and destroy copyright infringers

Getty Images has teamed up with PicScout to search and destroy.. Ah, no maybe not that dramatic, to "investigate internet use of its entire collection of approximately 450,000 Rights Managed images." the StockArtistsAlliance reports.
The SAA (Stock Artists Alliance), a global trade association


Marketingsherpas copyright series asks Google about faux Blogs

Anne Holland at Marketingsherpa has been writing about blogs and copyright lately, more specificlly the practice of some exited people to copy an entire article and re-post it elsewhere. That's not cool. See her pieces here Blog Copyright Theft On The Rise and Blog Copyright Theft on the Rise Part II.

The worldwide 'fair use' idea is pretty simple, if you like what someone has written, or hate it even, you can quote from that piece to critique it or review it or simply highlight it. Quoting from a piece doesn't mean copy the entire piece though. But y'all knew that. Anyway, part of MarketingSherpas story focuses on those fake blogs that scrape RSS feeds off other blogs, sorting themselves after topics like "Google adsense", "Britney Spears" and even advertising - we wrote about the phenomenon in May: "Faux blogs live off RSS feeds and AdSense". So what does Google plan to do about it? Nothing much it seems, as this is what they told Marketingsherpa.

Here's what Barry Schnitt in Google's PR department said in response to my query about this problem:

"Copyright violations are against our policies. We ask that the owner of the copyrighted material comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (the text of which can be found at the U.S. Copyright Office website: http://lcWeb.loc.gov/copyright/) and other applicable intellectual property laws. In this case, this means that if we receive proper notice of infringement, we will forward that notice to the responsible web site publisher. To file a notice of infringement with us, you must provide a written communication."

My take on this? It's not awfully reassuring. Google seems to want to put the policing ball in the copyright owner's corner despite the fact that few of these stolen content sites would exist if it were not for AdSense revenues.

In short, the only way to get rid of those faux blogs is to report them, following the US DMCA (even though you and your work might be French), one by one it seems. Can anyone be bothered?


Mother makes 10 Cane hip

"It's a dream project for us here at Mother. Not just because we have gotten the opportunity to create an integrated campaign, but also because we are involved in building a luxury brand from scratch together with LVHM, down to the tiniest detail. Our copywriter Todd has even written the text on the labels, says Linus Karlsson quite chuffed.

Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy sent the creative posse from Mother down to Trinidad for 12 days, where the photographer Lars Topelman shot around 5000 pictures that are used in the campaign, and Linus Karlsson himself picked up a camera to shoot the commercials. Linus says he doesn't plan on becoming a director, this was simply the exception to the rule. The commercials will be aired on cable TV and in cinemas this fall, while the press ads are already running in mags across America. Super adgrunts, have a sneak peek at one of the commercials here:

Daryl Dancing


Axe Unlimited Mojo Master campaign

Axe has started a campaign for their Axe Unlimited with some new tv commercials and a couple online components. The new TV spot leads to www.mojomastergame.com, which is a Sim-like game.

Superadgrunts, view the TV spot here:

The "major features" of the game according to the site:

* Create your Mojo Master persona and build him up with new clothes, bling, and a repertoire of moves to play on the ladies.
* Collect hundreds of moves, some more rare and powerful than others.


BK brings back chickens - sort of

Rockers with Chicken headgear, CoqRoq, star in the latest BK commercial for their new Chicken Fries. And yes, The King does make an appearance too. And as Clay says, it's got a Kiss/Gwar/Slipknot feel about it.

Superadgrunts, check it out and bob your head:

One odd thing though is that the end of the ads point to www.coqroq.com, which isn't live yet. Earlier today I was getting a login box. Now it's just going to a blank page. Are the CP+B folks testing out the power of their advertising to see how many folks will go to the site, even if there's nothing up? Or was there a mix up on the run date?


Forget boybands, girlgamers are the new cash cow!

Hot on the heels of last years Ubisoft PR creation, the Fragdolls, who game and blog and look great doing it, as long as it's Ubisoft games, comes another femme clan: Les Sueles from Sweden. This counterstrike clan will be touring on a telly near you soon, as the production company Reveille just signed to produce 12 episodes with the ladies.
Ben Silverman CEO at Reveille said to Resumé: "The series Play Us will make these girls rock stars within gaming."
See more about the show at Play Us tv and the girl gamers at Les Sueles own website.

"In French their name means 'The Outsiders'. But in the world of "Counterstrike", a first person shooter PC game, Les Seules have moved to the forefront, thanks to their virtual machine gun and grenade wielding techniques, and, well, their good looks" ABC News.

Ah, I thought meant something like "lonely" which explains why I flunked French. Quelle surprise. (read more)


'Degrading and Sexist' ad to promote advertising week.

Advertising Week, an organisation and event that aims to improve the image of advertising has promoted itself with an ad that many industry leaders deemed so "sexist", "moronic" and "tired" that it might actually damage advertisings reputaion (if that is even possible).

"This sexism isn’t new, but shouldn’t national advertising conferences be celebrating creativity, rather than tired boob jokes?" said Jennifer L. Pozner, director of Women In Media & News to AdAge. Success, the buzz is on as everyone talks about the boob-ad and if boobs made it in most of the advertising press.

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