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UK bans junk food ads aimed at children

It was bound to happen after all the alerts in the news about advertising effects on children, and how it was linked to obesity. When a paediatrician recently said that "advertisments aimed at children were a form of child abuse and should be banned" we sorta knew the bans would come soon. The Age in Australia reports that UK bans junk food ads on TV for children and the austrailians probably won't be far behind in taking similar action.


Wisk gets dirty dirty dirrrty!

What is a brand faced with the problem of not having enough for a TV budget to do?
You may have seen the stickers, the jars full of dirt, or even the billboards depicting giant jars full of dirt, one headline reads "Cures Boredom", another "Reintroducing the world's first toy". These teaser billboards soon revealed that Wisk is behind them.


HSBC Lowe retrospective

It was rather sad news to hear that HSBC ended their contract with LOWE, and instead hired WPP, presumably to have more of a global agency to overlook the global account. Here's a look back at some of the commercials that Lowe did for HSBC.


The Becks a man can get

Becks biggest endorsment deal yet - £40million from a three-year contract with Gillette.


Advertisment in a bottle

Todays feelgood story; The kauai garden island news report about woman who found a bottle on the beach. It looked like any old bottle at first, classic beach debris, but when she picked it up she found a dollar and adverts inside.
When she called the number on the ads she found that the owner of the business had found the bottles himself, and after cleaning them up he thought they'd make a good advertising campaign. So he placed the bottles - and the dollar as insurance to make people take the bottle with them and not just throw it back into the sea - in the waters around the beaches.
It worked, as the story hit the local news, alas the name of the advertiser isn't mentioned. Drats. Kauaiworld


US Presidential Advertising Analysis

A feature on the USATODAY website shows interesting facts on the Bush-Kerry advertising campaign.


Hard to focus

Ford Focus. Their ad agency seems to understand the attention span of their target better than most. Read more to see the ad.


Microsoft: Now I Know

Saw this on a Russian site and thought it is pretty funny. Picture below is a poster ad in the Moscow metro, advertising Microsoft and it's new "Now I Know" campaign they are running there.


Catfight between Miller and AB

Miller Brewing Co. has taken it's competitor, Anheuser-Busch Cos., to court claiming that AB's advertising activities are damaging its sales.

Miller filed a motion for a preliminary injunction Wednesday in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin in Milwaukee.

The motion alleges that St. Louis-based Anheuser-Busch, maker of Budweiser, has included in its recent "Unleash the Dawgs" campaign numerous activities that hurt Miller's sales.
Distributors allegedly are placing 3-by-5 stickers on Miller Lite products that contain phrases "Queen of Carbs" and "Owned by South African Breweries," according to the motion.
Miller also provided photos to the court of Miller Lite with stickers that bear the Bud Light logo and say, "All light beers are low in carbs. Choose on Taste."

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