South African Commercial Cockfight (the chicken variety)

In the war of the chickens, Kentucky Fried Chicken has won its advertising battle with Chicken Licken. Chicken Licken was also ordered to publish an apology for contravening the ASA's code of conduct.

"In complaining to the ASA, KFC submitted that the ad was "disparaging in the extreme as it shows the colonel to be listless and somewhat impotent until he eats Chicken Licken."



Near-naked hotties sell cross pens

Adage's own Garfield gets evil on a pen ad. Hilarity ensues.

Hat tip to 99reklam (sweden).


Behold, the advertising recycler

Not quite as funny as the make-believe ad agency "plank" (ripoff) which would hypothetically scan old award books and re-sell award winning work, Thought Equity is a place for re-selling commercial ideas that were created for - and turned down - by a previous client.

The DenverPost has more.


apples ipod - has dirty little secret?

ipods dirty little secret

click on the image to reach a Quicktime movie.

Note that iPod Users Get Official Battery Replacement (Slashdot) and places like ipodbattery sell spare parts and extra widgets. You will void your warranty if you replace the battery yourself.


An American Story

Slate gives us an article dissecting presidential candidate Wesley Clark's new TV ad. In a related story, I really really want Clark to kick Bush's ass out of the White House.


Artistic Tiles

Guys, lingerie and lacy unmentionables are nice holiday gifts. But for the special lady in your life, you gotta give her some tiles.

Click read more to see yet another Artistic Tile print ad.


Rizla advert banned over 'drug reference'

The UK advertising watchdog (ASA) has banned a Rizla advert because it could be seen as condoning the use of cannabis.

The Rizla ad carried the line "Twist and Burn" - immediatly a rival brand complained to the ASA and claimed the ad "condoned the product's use for the consumption of illegal drugs".

The ASA carried out an investigation and found that, in some dictionaries, "twist" was a slang term for a cannabis joint and "burn" could be referred to smoking one, they also added that 'cannabis cigarettes are normally fatter than those filled with tobacco and twisted at one end to prevent the contents falling out.' wow, they know their stuff. ;)


The Naked chef a bit risque, full frontal fruit

Boots made a booboo, showing an image of Jamie Oliver in the Boots Christmas Gift Guide - the catalogue is now being hastily withdrawn.

Oliver graces the cover of the calender, but some peoples imagination went haywire, and to them it looked like someone had crudely appended a penis onto the picture of the naked chef.

Alas, the offending item between Olivers legs is an innocent bag of fruit. It's when the image is scaled down things get bit fuzzy....


Heinz vs. Melita

Coffee, tea or me? The correct answer is soup.

Superadgrunts, click read more to see what's cooking up in the badland kitchen.


BBDO's billboard creative vision.

BBDO in Copenhagen are trying to shake up the utter monotone of Danish Optrician chains branding, and do so with a different look on billboards. Their client Profil Optik now own the largest frames in Denmark.

read more to see the billboards.