So this video, showing a man in a Russian office go all postal, throwing monitors and grabbing an axe to chop up the veal fattening pens seems like a viral to me. Or at the very least, faker than hell. What do you think?

Why do I think it's fake then?
The monitors don't seem to have any cords connecting them to anything. This is great for throwing them around but make them pretty useless as monitors. Or are old style monitors not attached with cables in Russia?

So Chrysler came out with the 300C STR8 and wanted to advertise how fast that thing is, and Y&R São Paulo were happy to oblige. Looks like (but the email does not explain this) they simply hung thick plastic posters with a wee car and tagline printed on it around the city (note: comments say that the posters are not plastic).


Matthias Dubois at Duval Guillaume shows off this Tabasco Bus that won a national competition for "most original bus design" down in Belgium. They've simply turned a regular public transport bus into a firetruck.


"After all, Tabasco is so hot that you need a fire truck to cool down your mouth after you’ve eaten some."


The "Honda skydiving plane" was involved in a crash, and depending on who you ask it was either a day later or while they did the live ad.

Honda Jump (not live) and Honda Channel 4 Live ad Jump

If you read tabloids, such as the ever sucky Aftonbladet in Sweden you'll find the headline "Nine people jumped out of crashing plane" and the incorrect version of events:

Two died during the filming. They were shooting for British TV when their aircraft suddenly crashed. Luckily they all played the parts of skydivers.

Aftonbladet got their information from El País and the writer might need to brush up on their Spanish, because Hondas official statement says the crash happened the day after the live ad - their statement is quoted at The Guardian and other proper newschannels.

"No-one on the plane was in any way connected to Honda or with the company's advertising shoot," according to its statement.
"Honda extends its sincerest condolences to the families of the two people killed."

Still, how terrible, imagine if the wing had come off the plane during the live ad.

Imagine a car brand asking its customers to drive its car less so as not to pollute the environment. Or a chocolate brand asking its consumers to refrain from eating their product before going to bed…sounds crazy right?
Well that is exactly what our cellular client did when it appealed to its subscribers to refrain from sending text messages when driving. This did not only go against common sense, but against the company's obvious financial interests as well. This generated an unusual and innovative message in the advertising landscape so you'll understand why the judges at the Clio chose the orange ad, as the only ad in the telecommunications category to be shortlisted in the competition and featured in the Festival's exhibition.

Chief Creative Officer – Gideon Amichay
Creative Director – Tzur Golan
Group Creative Director – Yariv Twig
Copywriter – Geva Kochva
Art Director – Asaf Covo
Account Director – Meirav Harel
Account Manager – Merav Greenshtein
Planner- Hila Tamir


Agency: King James Cape Town

Executive Creative Director: Alistair King
Copywriters: Paige Nick & Dave Levinsohn
Agency producer: Simone Ormrod
Production Company: Spaced Out Sound
Talent / Voice Over: Dave Levinsohn
Sound Engineer: Tully McCully


Stimulansbloggen has a good post on 'greenwashing' which seems to be increasignly popular in advertising. It never fails to annoy me to see ads doing the green thing put out by a company or shilling a product that clearly isn't.

The danger of greenwash is that when companies use unsubstantiated green claims, they confuse consumers who want to do the green thing. This confusion might turn into a reason for consumers to do nothing at all. If everything seems green it becomes unreasonably hard to find the "real" green alternative.

Stimulansbloggen also points to the usful greenwash guide put together by ad agency Futerra (and where the image on the left is from).