McDonald's - Beefcake prefers burgers to babe?

There's a disturbing trend in McDonald's advertising - their burgers mean sex. Or they wanna have sex with their burgers. Or nobody told them what really happens when the birds and bees get together - either way it's kinky. Here's another recent example.....


zig's ad campaign uses humor to talk to first time home buyers

zig uses humor to communicate the importance of having a realtor on the side of first time home buyers. "We learned that we really needed to shift public perceptions about the value REALTORS® bring to their clients and provide tangible proof of their trustworthiness", Andy Macaulay, Partner at zig. The 'how realtors help' campaign, which includes TV and web, was launched to educate consumers on the value that REALTORS® bring to a real estate transaction.


The coolest dressing room ever, literally.

Åkestam Holsts has done a pretty cool thing for the outdoor clothing shop Playground - they dragged 200 kilos of hot ice and ten cubic meters of snow into the changing rooms so that when you try on winter coats, you're doing in in minus ten degrees celsius.
"Then we decorated the room with a few appropriate items" says the suitably named Jerker Winther from Åkestam Holsts.
Ads in the daily papers invite punters to come try the clothes on they way they are meant to be worn - in the cold. (ad inside)


Wanted: Transmission across time advert

Way back in 2002 thelyingspy asked in the forums where he might find the transmission across time advert. Now he's not the only one looking for it and I've searched high and low to no avail so now I ask you, dear readers, and hope that someone out there might know someone involved in it so that we can finally add this ad to the commercial archive. As thelyingspy explains, it went a bit like this:

...A VW advert was running, possibly for a Golf. The advert stopped abrubtly (bit of kinda interference type stuff going on). Then an advert started that was in a kinda arena, with peoples heads kinda floating round in bubbles. Woman bubble moves to near camera and says stuff, including "This is the first transmission across time". Anyway, advert ends, and VW advert continues as normal.

I recall the ad from ad school lectures and 1987 seems about right as the year of this ads airing - in the UK. I'm not certain but I think the sender was BT. So does anyone know where we might find it?



A horror film created by Rapp Collins in NYC.


Howling bad duplicaism for Renault and Nova

Yes, we've got yet another example of the dangers of using stock imagery. Antoan sent in this badland duo of a newly released billboard of Nova Television TV station in Sofia, Bulgaria and a print ad for Renault.


AdCrap Recap - Week 44

Get your fill of Adland goodness with a quick recap of the goings on in Adland last week.

Up: BBDO Düsseldorf GmbH gives Starbucks customers extra white smiles with their ambient campaign.
Up: INTERSpectacualr gives some kitch to Discovery's Science Channel's new bumps.
Down: Things get explosive in badland when Sure and AT&T duke it out.
Up: Cliff Freeman & Partners' wildposting YouthAIDS poster.
Down: Citroen's commercial featuring Sean Connery disappoints.

Ads of the week:
Mastercard – Peyton Manning (2006) :30 (USA)


Stop motion in living room shoot to create spec

Anne-Lise Borgen (AD) teamed up with Martin Von Will (Director, DP, Stop Motion Animator, and Editor) through a Push creative workshop to create a Fiskars spot for their reels.


Lynx vs. New Found Glory

Woke up and found yourself in Badland? Don't worry. It's not your fault...or is it?


Allstate vs. Mercedes

No matter how fast you drive in Badland, you're moving too slow.