Nokia Presents: The Passenger

A mysterious woman is in need of your services. She needs you to reach three addresses in Paris in a short amount of time. It's going to take all your driving talents to get her to her destinations.

Nokia is using this semi interactive game to sell their Multimedia Car Kit CK-20W. I have thousands (thousands) of hours logged driving with a GPS navigation system and this game ad didn't impress me.

The game ad doesn't show any interesting navigational features of the GPS, I don't want my GPS to play music, or to be a telephone, the car in the game handles worse than the bus I used to drive, and the hot French Femme Fatale is way out of my league.


Weekend roundup - commercials this week in the archive

Ah, Sunday. Just to recap folks, there's been quite a few ads sent in this past week you might have missed.

Iphone - Hello! sortof does that Virgin "spot the movie" thing - can you see which films they clipped their greetings from? I'll start you off - Pink Panther, Bullitt, Flintstones, Three Days for The Condor, Back to the Future, Patriot Game, High Fidelity, Amelie from Montmartre. I'm sad to see that there is no "pronto" or "moshi moshi". Could wee Sophia Loren and Tomorowo Taguchi in the next one please?


Top 10 worst marketing gaffes, flops and disasters.

From the good folks at


Cadbury/Hollywood - Sphere - (2007) :30 (France)

Cadbury/Hollywood - Sphere - (2007) :30 (France)

Human ball alert!


Link Lust: Lonesome Link

I know, this is ancient, but still - Gawkers wonders "Did Bud Super Bowl Commercial Rip Off The Whitest Kids?" Naaah, I don't think so, do you think so? Input plz.

We got this email that follows every single rule of skanky seeding mails: "Hi dude, have you heard about this? it's a link to this year's viral oscars 'germ'. There's a category for best image, video and interactive viral. I think the deadline is march 31st. I've just craeted some cool new clips so will def enter them"

Bad spelling? Check. Mysterious tipster from throwaway email account? Check. The phrase "have you heard" used? Check. We replied: "Hello Mystery dude emailing from a throwaway hotmail account. If you are in any way involved with this we'd really appreciate it if you said so now, so that we could ask follow up questions and make a better article about this germ award." - we got no word back so here's a single crummy link with no more info, have fun with that.


Trendspotting - getting undressed-dressed is getting tedious

Sure, it's a really neat trick, but we're seeing too many ads using that undressed/dressed thing recently.
If you're scripting something like this you may want to wait a year or two before doing it again. ;)

Personally, I love the Levis one.

Apple - iPod shuffle - Put Some Music On (2006) :30 (USA)

Levis - Dangerous Liaisons (2007) 0:90 (UK)


Boy Genius - the new kid in production town

boy genius Award-winning spot helmer and creative Ed Schumacher has announced the creation of Boy Genius, a production company based in Venice, CA. Thefirst signee is copywriter-turned-director Scott Corbett and veteran Director of Broadcast Joe Pistorio is Head of Production.

"Making commercials is fun," Schumacher said "We want to be challenged by great creative and collaborate with people who shared our sense of joy about the work. We don't want to take ourselves too seriously."
Adland: might make you loose your lunch

lostjaw logo A pressrelease sent to us reads "YOUTHOGRAPHY AND THE NOT TO KIDS! COALITION LAUNCH GROTESQUE CHEWING TOBACCO PSA CAMPAIGN TO ONTARIO TEENS" - and by golly, they aren't kidding about the "grotesque".

In order to resonate with the 13-18 year old target demographic it was important to show the possible physical effects of chewing tobacco in a visually arresting manner. "The shocking image of a typical high school student on picture day with a portion of his jaw left exposed and raw from mouth cancer or ulcers was designed to promote a reaction and stick in the minds of consumers who see it." says Youthography Creative Director, Sean Claessen.

(the horror inside)


Worst banner ad ever - system doctor takes over the browser

ARrrggh! Have any of you met that super annoying ad that takes over your browser - even firefox on Mac - and hides all the windows while showing a very serious looking alert that reads:
NOTICE: If your computer has errors in the registry database or file system, it could cause unpredictable or erratic behaviour, freezes and crashes. Fixing these errors can increase your computer's performance and prevent data loss. Would you like to install SystemDoctor to check your computer for free? (Recommended)

No matter what you do, you'll still have to go to the systemdoctor webpage eventually, cancel doesn't actually cancel. Brave souls who want to see how the ad works might try copy-pasting this link into their browsers.

(more inside)

Ripolin makes watching paint age interesting

Oh my, what on earth is this? My tutor Gillard (may he r.i.p.) used to spend hours praising French advertising "they may not make sense, but they always look fantastic", over the years I've come to agree with him. Here DRAFT FCB has an unusual way of selling paint.

see ads inside yo.