180 Amsterdam launches “Set Your Fingers Free” for HTC, one of the fastest-growing companies in the mobile device market. The integrated campaign is headlined by a :60 second TV commercial, initially for the US market, which illustrates the new experiences people have at their finger tips today. This TV spot will be underpinned by rich media banners, in the same visual style, which go live on May 12.

“It is about the experiences and the freedom these devices give us,” said Adam Chasnow, creative director at 180 Amsterdam. “It goes way beyond wireless data speeds and the specific technologies. It’s about how smart devices, like the HTC Touch, fit into the lives we are already leading.”

Exercising her talent for quirky storytelling, FilmCore’s Tiffany Burchard has edited a new campaign for Bloom and Charlotte, North Carolina agency BooneOakley that positions the upscale market as having the answer to any problem a consumer might have—no matter how weird.

Burchard collaborated with Director Rick Lemoine and a team of agency creatives who share her off-kilter sense of humor. Each of the dozen 15-second spots features the same set up: a man or woman pushes a shopping cart through the market (without somehow seeming to walk) while describing some peculiar life calamity.