Shine walks away from GoDaddy before Super Bowl

Shine Advertising, a Madison, Wisconsin ad agency, is dropping its contract to produce Super Bowl commercials for


We are about to move to a new server. Again.

Ok kids, we've done it again, we've outgrown yet another server. Sheesh, we go through these like Kleenex lately. Aeon is soon no more, and Ares will be our machine. Come Wednesday afternoon CET, we'll take everything down for roughly an hour and move some bits and bobs over.


iPhone you, iPhone me, we're a happy iphony.

Ms Taylor at adfreak wonders "what can't the iPhone do" after seeing this youtubefied video below from the Conan o'Brian show, my answer is 'get an original name'. Because yaknow, Cisco already has an iPhone. And Cisco is ready to sue apple for the name.

Hat tip for the Cisco info-nugget to researcher.


Nike Women - Surgery (2006) 3:00 (Argentina)


Link Lust: Feel like making link

Collegehumor seemlessly edits a car sales ad to contain a little more truth in advertising: Fuck You, Baltimore.

From old cars to Old Spice - Take the test. Yes, that's Bruce "The Chin" Campbell. Hail to the king, baby.

Chewing gum ad becomes Sino-Russia sticking point - a Russian ad featuring China's national anthem as background music "harms China's dignity".

Igor Kirkchi, general director of BBDO, an advertising subsidiary of Omnigroup in Moscow, which designed the advert said it was immediately withdrawn after complaints from the Chinese.
"It was a monstrous misunderstanding," he said.
"We bought the music and the rights to use it in an ad from an English company owning banks of music tracks intended for commercial purposes. It was impossible to determine that it was the Chinese national anthem by the name of the track."

TBWA London seeks free ideas for Sony

caffeinegoddess just emailed adlist (invite only, nudge me if you want on) that Sony are looking from some new ideas at

Gotta love this in the terms and conditions: 8. In submitting your user content you understand that TBWA and its clients will be able to use, reproduce, develop, implement, adapt, distribute and promote all user content in any form and in all media, anywhere in the world, for any purpose, without payment to you.


Bansky frees his art online

All of the Bansky art on his website is free right now. If you look around eBay for Bansky art you'll find plenty.


Spy Post puts finishing touches on Rolling Rocks Beer Ape

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners Rolling Rock campaign which nods to the eighies metal reign with it's big hair and poolparties has apparently generated a lot of buzz on the web. The first ad shows the Beer Ape bringing life to the party, the following ads are several "nationally televised apology" spots from VP of Marketing Ron Stablehorn who allegedly pulled the tasteless commercial after many consumer complaints. The truth is of course that the entire thing is fabricated - from the VP to the hullabaloo to the commercial, which never aired on TV. All in good viral fun, kids.

Credit where credit is due, postproduction company Spy Post created the campaign with Goodby.


Trapped to view ads in trays

All this airport security where long lines form as punters take off their shoes and x-ray their keys or babies, and mutter under their breath how much they hate airport security while hoping they won't get arrested for packing a frying pan, is really just an elaborate way of keeping the consume


MLA - Sam Kekovich Un-Australianism (2007) :90 (Australia)

MLA -  Sam Kekovich Un-Australianism (2007) :90 (Australia)

Meat and Livestock Association's Lambassador Sam Kekovich rants on about things that are un-Australian, against a backdrop of flags and set to patriotic music.