Vasakronan copies Fat Boy Slim

OOOh, will you look at that, someone has a serious case of demo-love it seems. or do you really think that the team behind the dancing actor Michael Persbrant for Vasakronan never saw Christopher Walken strut his stuff in Fat Boy Slims video weapon of choice?

more inside. You knew that.


MySpace copyright infringement becomes art show

Intresting idea, photographer Arthur During discovered that he's is huge on MySpace, and decided to turn all that infringement into an art show reports PDN Online.

When Hancock wrote to MySpace (which is owned by media behemoth News Corp.) and asked the site to pull the images down, he heard nothing back.

As a change in tactics, During created his own MySpace account and began writing to some of the people who used his image. He found their replies less than satisfying. "People are not that interested in entering into a dialogue about this," he says. "This is an extremely incidental experience to most people."

Over time, During and Hancock became interested in the different ways people were using the image.

"You name it, that kind of person has used that picture on their site," Hancock says. "When I realized that was going on, that's when I stopped writing to MySpace and started collecting the screen grabs."

On the wall at the gallery, the MySpace printouts include a user who posted the picture with the comment, "YAAAY FOR RUNNING IN THE RAIN." Another is from a church youth group leader who uses the picture to describe his "current mood."

His image 'rain drops' has been used by stoners, teenage girls, regular joes and everyone else - interesting that so many vasty different people found that the photo suited them. These people tried showing off their individuality by using the same photo that was hotlinked by hundreds of others. Ironic. And not in the Alanis Morissette way.

Draft FCB no longer on top as Wal-Mart walks

Bloomberg reports Wal-Mart is dropping Interpublic Group of Cos.' Draft FCB, its new advertising agency. The account will reopen its review for its $570 million advertising account.

The decision to bar Draft "is the result of new information we have obtained over the past few weeks," spokeswoman Mona Williams said in an interview today.

Wal-Mart in October selected Draft and Aegis Group Plc's Carat USA after a five-month review for a campaign slated to debut next year. Draft won't be eligible for the review while Carat will, Williams said.

Wal-Mart said Dec. 5 that Julie Roehm, the head of advertising who led the selection of the new agency, had left the company. Neither Roehm nor Wal-Mart would say then whether she resigned or was fired.

Or was it that horrible lion ad going around the adworld? ;)


Zig's guilty ads for Greenpeace

The folks at zig have sent in their recent newspaper work for Greenpeace. Art Director Allan Mah and Copywriter Andrew Bradley teamed up with Photograher Michael Graf of Graf Studios Inc in Toronto to create these ads that began running last month in Now Magazine.


More badland type sites. You thought we wouldn't notice?

There are a few sites out there that like Badland, collect things that are a little too similar to each other to be just plain old fluke. Some might be flukes though. Maybe.


Got Milk? Told To Go To Bed Without Dessert

Yesterday we posted on Got Milk?'s launch of cookie-scented bus shelters in San Fransisco. Today Adage is reporting that Got Milk? has to pull the plug on the campaign.

Special-interest groups representing the homeless, the obese, diabetics and citizens who just don't like scents have succeeded in scuttling an outdoor campaign from California Milk Processor Board involving some new scent technology. The Metropolitan Transit Commission yesterday ordered the scent strips removed.

Sara Linnie Slocum said the campaign was "insulting" and that it was ludicrous to think a passenger who inhaled a chocolate-cookie scent would get on a bus, go home and drink a glass of milk.


Link lust: As Long As You Link Me

Typosperma is half sperm, half letter and completely weird.

Advertising people can now enjoy the Xmas party season without the guilt with a little help from DDB and Alternative Identity Cards.

Serve Marketing also sent Adland a special holdiay greeting. Check it out here.


Sex and comedy sells Durex

Durex has a web site that uses sex and comedy to sell Durex products to men.

Cloresa will ask you questions about your penis. You reply to her questions from the selection of available answers provided.


GOT MILK teases commuters with the smell of cookies at bus shelters


Torke Stunt creates ambient campaign for Prision Break in Portugal

In order to launch the TV series Prison Break on the Portuguese FOX Channel, a multi-phased advertising campaign was performed in Lisbon by Torke Stunt:

1) Street Campaign-Prisoners: A team of 7 people (5 prisoners and 2 policemen) walked throughout the city of Lisbon distributing flyers containing info about the series.