Bullitt kicks off a busy new year by expanding its roster with Nicolas Randall, a director and creative director known for the striking production design, distinctive color palettes, and the photographic quality he brings to each frame.

Burger King "Adult's Meal" (2017) :30 (Israel)

Kid's meals are nice and all, but it's Valentine's Day tomorrow. And Burger King has something special in mind for all you adults. And by "special," I mean "kinky." Imagine getting an Adult's Meal from Burger King and finding a surprise inside. In the form of an Adult toy.

Racing Post "Bus" (2017) :30 (UK)

Even on the bus you can check your Racing Post app and get tips from 200 experts on hand to help you out. In this case they literally show up on the bus with you. And let me tell you, the ticket master is none too pleased about it. He's definitely confused.