john st. gets irreverent and topical in these print ads for Scotties tissues. They're poking fun at so much here. Whether Donald or Hillary wins. Equating a broken heart with a broken phone with equal sadness. Or whether your team wins or loses. A tissue for any issue, indeed.


Digital creative agency Deep Focus announces the appointment of John Reid as US CCO. Reid's background covers both digital and traditional brand-building, and will be tasked with shaping Deep Focus as an integrated agency.

Atomic Candy  - Shed / Creepy Clown (2016) :60 (USA)

Just in time to remind us all about the creepy clowns spotted all over the world, Atomic Candy - the store in Texas - seem to have an explanation for the phenomenon. We open, as usual, in the bathroom as our protagonist applies the last bit of red to his clown makeup.