Simple print ads for one of Sweden's largest grocery stores, Hemköp which has decided to sell its groceries online since it's now 2016 and everything can be had online these days for a price. But Hemköp wants you to know the price online is the same offline. I would totally eat a pixilated tomato.

Toyota "Skip Dad" (2016) :50 (Canada)

These pre-roll ads were created for (who else?) millennials who are used to skipping ads as fast as possible. To tap into this, Montreal-based Bleublancrouge created ads that turn those moments before you can finally hit skip into the most awkward ones imaginable.

Toyota "I do" (2016) :30 (USA)

There's a lot going on in this spot including a woman yarn bombing with her friends, a guy setting up a po-pup barber shop, and a filmmaker shooting the Toyota with some light painting effects.