Toyota "I do" (2016) :30 (USA)

There's a lot going on in this spot including a woman yarn bombing with her friends, a guy setting up a po-pup barber shop, and a filmmaker shooting the Toyota with some light painting effects.

Devour C.A.O. Recruitment Video  (2016) :48 (Canada)

Devour jerky is looking for a a Chief Adventure Officer. And they are willing to pay you 25,000 to do it. Responsibilities include adventuring outdoors, skiing, mountain climbing, and eating a boat load of Devour jerky while creating as much content online as possible.

john st. gets irreverent and topical in these print ads for Scotties tissues. They're poking fun at so much here. Whether Donald or Hillary wins. Equating a broken heart with a broken phone with equal sadness. Or whether your team wins or loses. A tissue for any issue, indeed.


Digital creative agency Deep Focus announces the appointment of John Reid as US CCO. Reid's background covers both digital and traditional brand-building, and will be tasked with shaping Deep Focus as an integrated agency.