Inuit's Super Bowl 2014 ad will not be for itself

Intuit, a tax preparation company, will be showing up for its Super Bowl in February 2014. According to Business Insider, there's a twist--Intuit will not be running a :30 ad for itself, but for a client.

"We wanted to do a series of firsts," CEO Brad Smith told Business Insider. "It's the first time a company will buy a customer an ad, and it's the first time a small business will be showcased among all those big national brands."


Tom Feiler and Tribal Worldwide Say “Toys Shouldn’t Play for You”

Feiler, who is represented in the U.S. by Accomplice Media, directs three ads that poke fun at digital toys.

Tom Feiler has directed three web spots for the Toronto-based children’s store Kol Kid and Tribal Worldwide Toronto. The spots cleverly communicate how tech toys can’t always fulfill the joy of traditional toys. The ads are the centerpiece of a new, multi-faceted campaign for the store celebrating the value of “simple play.”


Grumpy cat launches grumpy cappuccino, the grumppuccino.

So, grumpy cat apparently knows what we all look like before our morning coffee, because Grumpy Cat announced the launch of the Grumppuccino this weekend. We don't know where to buy it yet, or why anyone thinks that the line "awfully good" is going to sell chocolate flavored cold coffee in glass. I'm a huge cold coffee fan, ask anyone who has to trek through Japan with me where I insist on buying a canned Boss coffee in every vending machine we pass, but I do say "meh" to cold coffee in glass, and mean it. Especially when sold by memes. *pulls grumpy cat face* Will you buy it?


HUSH Elevates Design Culture With Client Savvy Expansion Led by Banner, Rodriguez, and McGrath

HUSH augments their brand-centered design culture with staff additions and the signing of seasoned talents Gabe Banner and Dan Rodriguez to leadership positions. Rodriguez will assume the role of Director of Engagement in an effort to support HUSH’s intimate, long-term client relationships by facilitating communication between design phases and project cycles. Banner is the newly appointed Director of Production, structuring all projects and decoding even the most perplexing design challenges. With these two new roles, Ryan McGrath will become the Director of Operations in order to focus his relentless energy on the studio’s core functions, including work processes, growth strategies, fiscal responsibility, best practices, and the foundations of client engagement, particularly at a project’s initial phases.


Why does social media move so slowly? Twitter installs abuse button, finally.

Just now, Twitter has decided to add a Report Abuse button to its site.

This was in response to Caroline Criado-Perez, a feminist who in pointing out it would be nice to keep a woman on the £10 note, received heaps of abuse, for her campaign.


Publicis & Omnicom merge to become the Publicis Omnicom Group - Pepsi and Coca Cola now have the same agency!

Publicis and Omnicom to merge! Yes folks, you've heard the chatter since at least Friday, as have we, and in the middle of summer vacations in Europe, all Publicis and Omnicom brass had to go to the office on a Sunday just so that they could email all the employees about this merger. Fun times. That's probably not the only reason they waited until Sunday to announce this merger. Pop quiz hot shot, what days are the best days to not get noticed in the news? If you answered Sunday, you win a gin and tonic.


Does PR need more men? No, clients need more balls.

Havas north America says the PR industry is "too feminized", and there's quite the reaction over at the Drum.

First, lets look at what Marian Salzman said, in context.. Read the whole piece before you hit the symbolic 'male' paragraph.


Flags 'meet the world' tour Marketing mags in Finland

This is sort of cheating here, since this press is not about Adland, but refers to us. Marketing Magazine in Finland, who found the suddenly popular Flags meet the world post again. They correctly credit FCB Publicidade and show the Euro-flag.

Adland-sivusto kertoo, ettei kuvia mielletä kaikkialla edes mainoksiksi, vaan niitä on kuvailtu esimerkiksi taiteeksi ja poliittiseksi kannanotoksi. Kyseessä on kuitenkin puhdas mainoskampanja.


Don't worry about my English: Copywriter wants a job, proves he can spell

Remember when subservient chicken was so cutting edge it was the most amazing thing? Now tossing together recordings (audio or video) and a clever script that sorts which recording will respond to what are so pedestrian, there are very few ways they can still surprise you.

However, they can be still be cheeky clever, like this self-promo site from copywriter Tal Schweiger seeking work in the USA: Don't worry about my He can spell anything, like a master spelling bee winner, with a few "uhm" and "eh" thrown in for good measure. It seems complicated, but it's in fact very simple because however you spell the word is how Tal Schweiger will spell the word. The color vs colour debate ends here.


"Dear Nike: Make your shoes for girls too" say a pair of London creatives

I was in an Adidas store the other day. The kind with a huge wall full of shoes enticing you to crosstrain, run, hike and play soccer. While my writing partner was busy trying on all the shoes he was interested in I couldn't find anything for me. I concluded after staring at the wall that I am only allowed to have shoes that are either have a pink or purple accent. And while I probably look like a hyperventilating wet shaved koala when running, I will not stoop so low as to wear pink shoes gosh darnit.