Portland Press Herald: social media for everyone talks SM with Adland's Åsk 'Dabitch' Wäppling

We gab social media is Portland Press Herald, 'Social media for everyone, from the C-Suite to the street'. Then, now, big, small, the marketing in and the dangers of our new interconnected lives.


Want to work in Ghana? Now Available Africa is seeking talent in Cannes.

Want to spend some time down in Africa? Where it rains? Sorry, had a Toto song in my head. Now Available.it have opened a 'Afropean' shop in west Africa, in Ghana's capitol Accra: Now Available Africa. If you're keen, you have a chance to interview with the Italian board in Cannes. Details below.


Who is Zesty Guy really targeting; gay men or a million offended moms?

Ladies... Can we talk?

You know how I say sexist ads are bad for everyone, and that there's a balance of humor and emotion that needs to be reached for the character to evolve beyond the rock-hard abs, now he's just an object, so you know I'm not a fan. I'm not working for the type of equality where both genders have it equally bad.


Dumb ways to die starts winning everything in Cannes.

As predicted Dumb Ways To Die is raking home the lions in Cannes, it took the Grand Prix in the Direct Lions and PR Lions. It also got a nice Gold Lion in the Promo & Activation Lions category. Trust me, it ain't over until the fat fireworks blow up on Saturday, there will be more. How do I know? Have you seen anything else memorable in 2012? That cleaned up at both D&AD and One Show?

Of course, this is Cannes, we can always hope for a dark horse from an exotic country .. :)


Duolingo proposes to user in special exercise set up by boyfriend.

Duolingo are romantic saps. When Flavio asked them to help him do a a duolingo proposal, they did. See, Flavio knew that his girlfriend was taking Italian lessons with Duolingo so that she would be able to speak to her beau in Italian. He asked Duolingo to set up an exercise just for her that would lead to the big question. It began innocently enough, with "Lui ti ama" to translate. "He loves you". Then "Lui ti adora", he adores you.. and then it got personal: “Will you marry Flavio Esposito?”


Jonathan Ive redesigns Apple: a.k.a colors, gradients, everywhere.

There's a new tumblr in town called Jony Ive Redesigns Things. He puts an orange-red gradient all over Marlboro, he makes the apple logo like a purple-pink pill and my personal favorite: Jonathan Ives redesigns the facebook timeline and Apple logo below.


NASCAR placement fail.

USA Today NASCAR writer Jeff Gluck was quick to post (and credit the AP photographer Luke Brodbeck) this wonderful bit of contextual fail, courtesy of the Michigan Lottery.


Behind the scenes: fleecing the client for mo' money mo' budget

It's no secret that I despise the "behind the scenes" ads that seem to accompany every ad, from your run of the mill cereal shoot, to your celebrity laden fashion ad, and every single kind of ad in between. I scoffed at the idea of making ad creators as rockstars™ already back in 2001, so this is not a new snark.


Busted: the don't bother Cannes App

BustedApp is the not-must-have Cannes app this year, unlike that brilliantly useful Pizza after midnight spotting App that Deutsch LA made.

Busted App hangs bling-chains, leather-bondage-gear and beards on people as you snap pictures of them, a tech so old that Google perfected Rudolf-noses tracking your face live in hangouts. So that you may "expose the decadence and depravity of the worlds largest ad festival" while you're there.


Marc Duran from Wing will be Vining his Cannes trip.

Want to see the Cannes Lions fest, but can't go? Well Marc Duran, copywriter at Wing, won the Circulo Creativo US Hispanic competition for the second year running, and the office decided to outfit him with a smartphone, a Vine-app and this tumblr called vinealoquevine. He'll be vining six seconds of Gutter-bar drunkeness and whatever else he may get up to and we can follow it from afar.

Key word: Vine It's using Vine. And Tumblr. How exciting. He better be at the Gutter bar a lot since Tumblr is sponsoring the former-yahoo-sponsored space this year.