Nike - Unlimited Courage - (2016) :40 (USA)

Chris Mosier, the first transgender athlete to make the U.S. men's Olympic team, stars in Nike's newest "Unlimited" campaign installment which aired this Monday night on NBC. Mosier is a duathlete who transitioned in 2010, and joined the men's national team in 2015.

Nike "Unlimited You" (2016) 2:37 (USA)

The VO guy totally loses his shit in this charming and at times very funny Nike spot. It's 2:26 seconds and shares the same everything-but-the-kitchen-sink math as Write The Future. It gets out the Bro Bludgeon, pummeling you with noise and action.

Gymboree "Summer is over" (2016) :30 (USA)

Summer's over, this spot tells us, using adorable kids dressed in Gymboree's Fall 2016 collection. And there are some new rules to be followed, they tell us, as the camera slowly pans across all these kids one more adorable than the next. Leave the pet nickname at home.

Chevron "Creed" (2016) :30 (USA)

This spot features Lisa Kelly, from History Network's Ice Road Truckers reciting the Postman's Creed and then amping it up further to include the failed missions of other truckers, to acts of god and more to make the point that no frontier is too foreboding enough to prevent