Pepsi ad pulled due to Asian tsunami

A planned ad for Pepsi, with David Beckham, Ronaldinho and Thierry Henry among others has been delayed indefinitely following the the tsunamis in Asia. Teaser press releases about the ad sent out to Norwegian trade press the 21st of December with a reminder sent only a few hours before the real world tsunami happened contained images of the football heroes posing in front of a giant wave. "If we had a crystal ball we would never have sent out these images" said Lene Gjestad, Pepsi marketing Director in Norway to Verdens Gang. "The image was taken from the commercial which has a surfing theme, and was meant to be humorous, but looks frightening now after the disaster."


Lowe Bull pulls Axe stunts in nightclubs

Lowe Bull in South Africa has taken Unilever's Axe (Lynx) off the TV screens and into the hot nightclubs. Like an Axe ad in real life, their stunt contains the usual ingredients of an Axe wearing man and women who suddenly can't control themselves.

The premise, their "unsuspecting" male model hangs out in a nightclub, drink in hand and a bag thrown over his shoulder, there is nothing out of the ordinary about the man... Until the Axe-gals pull up in their truck outside.....

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Commercials: announces ViralAward nominees reports about the upcoming viral awards and lists the nominees here. I think I might be having a few ad deja vus.....

The Trojan Games released in 2003 won not only a cyberlion 2004 (google cache link) but also the 2004 Creative showcase Viral awards, yet here it is again nominated for Best Campaign, this is getting a bit like the award-sweep done by the Honda Cogs march all over the award-world - where year-later respect can be explained by entry "air-dates" requirement. In this viral award case it's explained by their entry requirements: "All work must have been completed since July 1st 2002". To win a 2005 award? Weird.
In the Word of Mouth category Obey the suit is nominated which was released in 2003 as well.
Napsters (#1, #2, #3) animated series is nominated in Best Art Direction & Design, and again was released in 2003.
Mazda 2 Smooth Parking is nominated in Most Creative Use of Technology, though BrandRepublic announced the campaign way back in April 2003.
I'm beginning to think this is rather funny....


Ad gone astray?

What is going on here? Shot like a cheesy liquor ad, copy that is all over the place, and a very strange looking dress (especially at the shoulders).

Got an idea what's going on? Post a caption/comment for the ad that might explain it.


Going retro?

Only two or three pages away from each other, I found these ads in the same magazine. Could it be a return to the "old skool" style of illustration? Or maybe vintage is just the feel these two brands were going for.

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'Cigarette sex' ads fined NIS 400,000

The Zarmon-Goldman ad agency and Lamit tobacco company have been fined NIS 400,000 for breaking the law as they used human figures fashioned out of cigarette packs in their ads. Israeli law states that you can't use human (or animal) figures advertising cigarettes, but if that wasn't bad enough the cigarette-box humans seem to be engaging in oral sex.

In one, a red (presumably male) figure cut out from a Kiss packet is on his knees between the legs of a reclining blue (presumably female) figure. In another ad, the female figure is on her knees with her "face" in front of the standing (male) figure's "groin."

Eilon Zarmon, owner of Zarmon-Goldman ad agency, said to the Jerusalem Post: "The discussion with the ministry was very short. We have excellent relations with the ministry. It claimed we are violating the law, but our lawyers say these are not actual human figures but only cut out from cigarette packets. Actually, it is a work of art." Pornogami art perhaps.
Not shy of controversy Zarmon-Goldmans pervious claim to fame was for Max cigarettes, showing two upright cigarettes with one of them bent at the tip and about to "collapse", mimicking a Jet striking the Twin Towers. "We are not afraid of slaughtering holy cows" Zarmon said at the time.
Spotted by Claymore.

Chief Executive Salesman Jeffrey Gitomer on The Advertising Show

Whatever happened to customer service?


Super Bowl XXXIX advertisers in the lineup

Super Bowl Ads. This year all you need is $2.4 million, and you're in for 30 seconds.

So far over 90% of the ad space for Super Bowl XXXIX, on February 6th, has been bought up. We can look forward to seeing spots for Pepsi, FedEx, McDonald's, Ford, Honda (which will introduce the Ridgeline, its first pickup truck), General Motors, Volvo, Frito-Lay, AmeriQuest, Novartis,, (a video-game rental site), (will run 2 :30 spots) and Visa.

Ten of the 58 spots were bought by Anheuser-Busch- that's two more than last year. The NYPost claims Anheuser-Busch and Pepsi "account for one-quarter of the available spots".


Nike convicted of copyright infringement, Zhu Zhiqiang won

Back in july we told you that Nike was in court for plagiarizing cartoon stickman Now a Beijing court has ordered Nike to pay $36,000 to Zhu Zhiqiang. The court ruled that Nike had infringed on the copyright of 28-year-old cartoonist Zhu Zhiqiang, China Daily reported Thursday. The court said: "Ahead of the completion of the cartoon character of the stickman by Zhu in 2000, there was no such artistic work in China. So the character was original and should be protected by Chinese laws." Nike representative Zhang Zaiping told a newspaper that they would appeal the decision. Zhang thinks that the "stickman" lacks originality, was in the public domain and should not be protected by copyright.


Dentsu makes Boeings Dance

Glassworks, London made this little dance happen, but it was the brainchaild of the peple at Dentsu, Japan, that started it all,
Hiroshi CD, Sasaki, Yutaka planner, Maeda knowledge, Toshinari, Tada Makoto, Kobayashi, Kazuto, Itoh euhm....Tanaka , Hasegawa, Haruo, Itoh CG supervisor Matuki Kiyosh. Righto. I didn't get anyones names or titles straight there, but check thier skilzz!. They make Boeings dance! Oh yes. Watch'emboogie! (click the pic fool) --+ windows media player, only.