Smoking kills more than Hitler
Smoking kills more than Bin Ladin

Hitler and Bin Ladin posters created from cigarettes from F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi

F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Brazil who created the "war" commercial by animating cigarettes has now released the second part of the campaign, cigarette posters in the city depicting mass killers such as Osama Bin Laden and Hitler. The words "cigarro mata mais" worked into the artwork means "smoking kills more"-


Candid Camera Concept Catchy for Pizza Hut and Carl's Jr/Hardees

Earlier this year, Yum Brands Pizza Hut launched it's new pasta offering by setting up a fake restaurant named Tuscani, serving their new pasta and then video taping the diner's reactions when they told them it was pasta from Pizza Hut. Superadgrunts see one of the ads below:

CKE's Carl's Jr and Hardees have this week launched a new campaign with the same the same fake restaurant idea. The ad campaign "Fake Restaurant" fooled consumers into thinking that the expensive burger they just ate was worth $14 or $20 when it actually came from the Carl's Jr. and Hardee's chains. Just like the Pizza Hut campaign, it captures on hidden camera the experiences of customers who believed they were eating expensive burgers at a fancy restaurant. Mendelsohn|Zien created the concept and a series of 30-second spots started airing Tuesday in Hardee's markets, and will begin airing in Carl's Jr. markets on June 22.


noneofusarefree.org - Burma films and poster by Ogilvy and Shilo

Yes yes, I know that you've already seen it and I apologise forbeing late to post this poster, it was the "new Burma viral vid" post by timwhirledge in the forums that kicked my tush, there's more to this story than just a poster and a film.

The filmmakers from creative production company Shilo (www.shilo.tv) recently collaborated with an extraordinary group of individuals and organizations to create a powerful animated :90 public service announcement (PSA). The piece, entitled "Burma Viral," uses footage of warplanes bombing Burma with flowers as a dramatic call-to-action, inviting viewers to visit a new Burma Arts Board website, noneofusarefree.org, where they can send messages of support to the people of Burma in honor of their continuing struggles against the notorious practices of their oppressive military government, learn more about the devastating effects caused by the recent cyclone, and find ways to contribute to relief efforts.

At noneofusarefree.org one can find ways to contribute to the relief effort, learn about the effects of the recent cyclone and "send messages of support to the people of Burma in honor of their continuing struggles against the notorious practices of their oppressive military government" though I honestly don't see how that helps.


Bold.se is dead, long live Bold!

The graphics/advertising/typography community Bold.se which even spawned it's own font available at Veer came with the sudden announcement yesterday that Bold will be closed. Kenneth Pilo, the founder and driving force behind Bold has found that running a community on unpaid time after work is hard (and really under appreciated) work, that is stealing too much time away from his family and real job, so he decided to close Bold the forum as it is today and have a rethink about Bold the brand over the summer. It seems that it won't die completely, but the forum community itself will be closed, and the members very lost for a while, god knows I'll be confused as to where I can chat advertising in Swedish (yeah I'm a sick twisted adgrunt). We'll miss you Bold, kudos to Pilo for making it possible. Thanks for all the fish.

Bold.se began as 99reklam in 2002 and changed the name to Bold in 2004. I have personally made over 2 634 posts at Bold.


Wrath of Cannes 2008

You might remember this from last year when, to honor those who couldn't make it to Cannes, NY-based indie Woods Witt Dealy & Sons created the Wrath of Cannes website with the tagline, "Those who can go to Cannes.


Link Lust: Link Your Body

Mike Row gets down and dirty for HP. No, not like that.

Just when you thought Hot or Not sites were a thing of the past, MTV’s college network and the Kaiser Family Foundation have joined forces to producewww.posornot.com which shows photographs and brief biographies of men and women ages 21 to 30, and asks visitors to decide whether each is H.I.V. positive or negative. The message is that you can’t judge someone’s virus status by looks, occupation or taste in music.

OvercomeADbesity.com is a self promotion mircosite for Outhouse in Connecticut.

An Alberta, Canada man is selling ad space on his prosthetic leg.

Smids says he came up with his plan to sell advertising space on this prosthetic after he realized how much attention the device drew, especially when he wears shorts. "I don't know the exact number, but probably 80 per cent of people, I can see them looking at the leg before they even look me in the eyes," he says. He says by wearing removable, laminated logos, he could rotate ads on a regular basis.

Check out How to waste your time, make tons of cash and feel creative at the same time Part II (Based on contest submission by Daniel Modell) at businessguysonbusinesstrips.com


Identity Crisis

For about the last year or so, if you live in the States and have cable, you've probably seen the occasional commercial for LifeLock, a company that offers ID theft protection. In a brazen bit of showmanship and trust, their CEO had his actual social security number printed on the side of a mobile billboard (aka "truck") and driven around to prove how good their services are. Along with their million dollar guarantee, I bet you just can't wait to start punching in their toll-free number and handing over your s.s. and c.c. numbers, eh?

Well, according to the Charleston Gazette, you might want to reconsider making that phone call.

Bonus: Superadgrunts, view one of the ads here.


Mythbusters tried "dynamite surfing" just like in that viral ad.

Politiken.dk tells Danish viewers to catch the Mythbusters episode "lead ballon" on the Discovery Channel on Sunday, as the mythbusters team test if one can really surf on dynamite explosions, just like in that CGI-faked viral created by Saatchi & Saatchi, Copenhagen.

We're adgrunts though. We can't wait until Sunday, can we? Noooo. So Without further ado, the pirated clip from Mythbusters on youtube. Like inside ya'll


NY Times Magazine: Can a Dead Brand Live Again?

It takes years and millions of dollars to build a brand, but that doesn't guarantee immortality on store shelves. Even the best household name brands go the way of the dinosaurs (e.g. Brim coffee). Chicago-based River West Brands think some dead brands are worth buying and resurrecting them. Maybe one of your favorite dead brands could be making a comeback soon?


Top ten reasons we hate using stock - #137

He's got an MSI Wind, no wait, he's got an Asus Eee PC.... No, wait of course, it's none of the above but rather an iBook if you check the original Getty Image. What we know the ad creators did get was 'royalty free image'. Oh you silly silly people, don't let the suits do that to you.