Flossie.com - Monthly Cycle adshel - Outdoor, New Zealand

Oh that's exactly what we need, an Adshel that menstruates.

TBWA\Whybin Auckland built special adshels that went through a monthly cycle. PMS, Chocolate cravings and all.
It was first filled with tampons, and then the adshels were filled daily with free stuff women need over the course of a month.Chocolate, to fruit, to naughty knickers, to voodoo man-dolls and so on. Any passing female could help herself to the free Flossie-branded items. How fun. :) Click on the image to get a better look. Go inside to read credits but only if you promise not to giggle at the ECD's surname.


Partners Portugal - Brand Tailors - Self promotion, Portugal

Male nipple alert!
Larger image available here

'Brand Taylors by Partners' is a self-promotion print campaign created specifically for the Lisbon fashion week issue of Zoot Magazine – the international fashion and music magazine from Portugal sold worldwide. The agency's goal was to contextualize the ad with this special fashion issue and also to position the agency as a brand creator and visibility generator

I think you mean "brand tailor", guys. Jesus, does your agency look this hot? Sadly, the photographer credit is "Getty Images", so I don't think that anyone who works at Partners is in this shot.


Star Movies - National Treasure / Trap door - Guerrilla, Hong Kong

DDB Hong Kong promote the film "national treasure" with a series of trap doors.

DDB Hong Kong
Ruth Lee, Paul Chan, O' Poon : Creative Director
Paul Chan : Copywriter
O' Poon, Fei Leung, Darius Tang : Art Director


Médecins Sans Frontières - Signs - Guerrilla, Hong Kong

The “MSF Orienteering Competition 2008” is an event that supports Médecins Sans Frontières’ delivering medical aids to inhospitable areas. Grey Hong Kong encouraged volunteers to participate in the event, and walk a preset route to help raise funds. Messages on the signs would read "step ten meters and save 1000 lives". Click the image to enlarge and read all details.

Grey, Hong Kong
Keith Ho : Executive Creative Director
Alexandre Koch / Buji Ng : Creative Director
Doris Leung : Art Director
Lesley Fung : Copywriter


AmBank: We're now in your neighbourhood - print & DM, Malaysia

EURO RSCG Kuala Lumpur announce that there's new branches of AmBank opening up near you soon. They also complemented the poster campaign with direct mail to match to announce the new branch in Bandar Manjalara.


SBS Top Gear - Ularu a/ Opera House - print Australia

Top Gear Australia grace us with flying cars after their spontainous ramp stunt earlier. Agency - RazorJunior Sydney.


Sunlight - Spoon - print, Indonesia

Demonstrating that one tea spoon of Sunlight can wash all your dishes everyday by making a teaspoon be all your dishes.


WorkSafe Victoria - Eye, Arm, Burn - print, Australia

Grey, Melbourne continue to encourage young workers to speak up by scaring the heck out of them.


Lasik Surgery Clinic - Sharpener - print, Philippines

Lasik Surgery Clinic specializes in Laser Vision Correction, and visual solutions, too.


IGN Australia - Boxer, Soldier, Wizard - print, Australia

IGN.com is the place to go to find your game says GPYR Sydney