Ten silly things you didn't know about Adland

1: Adland can be reached by quite a few URL's. One of them is Adland.eu which we don't brag about because the .eu thing is still too darn exotic. ;)

2: Adland is a common expression in the UK, which is probably why executive creative director and ex-vice chairman of Ogilvy & Mather Patrick Collister calls his column at the First post the Ad Land Column, as Tim at Adfreak alerted us to. There's also Duncan's TV Adland, Adland TV and a classified ads system called Adlandpro and many more.

3: People like to call Adland by it's URL rather than its name, which explains why there are so many mentions of "AdRag", "Ad-Rag" and "commercial archive" out there. We don't do that though, because calling "Adscam" for "www.adscam.typepad.com" or "Adfreak" for "adweek.blogs.com" or "Advertising design/Goodness" for "frederiksamuel.com/blog" is just such a mouthful. Come to think of it, "advertising design/goodness" is a mouthful right there. We simply say Adland to mean the whole enchilada here, the commercial archive, adforums and badland included. It's descriptive.

4: We coin words and expressions here. Tim from adslogans (may he r.i.p. he was a great guy) called the Badlandian pairings for "dupliclaims" which stuck, I called the rants section for Adrants way back in 1996, which these days is also the name of another well known adblog (hi Steve!, member since April 10, 2001). But the best part is that the made up word "adgrunts" spawned its own comic around life as an adgrunt. Neat.

5: All of Adland's servers have had names that are four letter words, ever since the first machine Humpty crashed badly and all the kings horses and men couldn't put it back together again. Acme, Apex and Aeon picked up the slack. Two machines were actually built by yours truly. Aeon which we use now lives in the UK and is hosted by memset.

6: Back in 2002 when the server lived in an extremely hot co-location space, I had to add an industrial size fan to the machine to keep it up. Since the fan didn't fit I got a little creative with a sponge to fill the gaps. The sponge-machine ran like that for another two years.
(See image at top of article - the soldering iron is my favourite tool. Yes, that is a snakeskin skirt.)

7: Our very first cease and desist letter came from Universal Studios back in 1999 for hosting this particular Atari christmas commercial starring E.T. . We speculated Universal was ashamed for having their character associated with a game so bad there are rumours about landfills full of unsold copies, and it might have been the nail in the coffin for Atari. We never posted the letter, simply replied and Universal realized their mistake, damn. Could have become supah-famous right there had we blogged our private correspondence like so many do these days. Doesn't pay to have class. ;)

8: Speaking of C&D's, these days they seem to be a barometer of an agency loosing the account - our most recent came from Deutsch about some Expedia films . Two weeks later it was announced they lost the account. We'll never look at a C&D the same way again.

9: There are currently 36864 Quicktime commercials in the commercial archive section alone.

10: During Adland's lifetime Dabitch has lived in San Francisco California U.S.A., Stockholm Sweden, Amsterdam The Netherlands, New York City N.Y. U.S.A, Copenhagen Denmark, and now Malmö Sweden. In that order.


Gossip blogs sued for $7.5 Million worth of copyright infringment

Perez Hilton - who's got nothing on thesuperficial and idontlikeyouinthatway if you ask me - is being sued for $7.5 Million TMZ reports. It's Hollywood photo agency X17 that filed the suit - click her to see it (pdf) - and seven other photo agencies are also considering filing a lawsuit. X17's suit is a classic case of copyright infringement they say "knowingly and willfully used X17's images on his blog without permission from the agency, thereby violating federal law." and Perez responds with a classic blogger defense ' Nobody contacted me to take it down, so shut the fuck up' showing Perez' considerable knowledge gap about the point of copyright. In a release X17 stated:

"Mr. Lavandeira has regularly infringed on X17's large scoops. While it usually takes weeks of effort by a team of photographers and reporters to break a story, for Mr. Lavandeira, it has been as simple as a right-click."
"Mr. Lavandeira is profiting through advertisements on his site (one-week ads on his site go for between $9000 - $16,000) and has gained relative fame from the success of his blog, which, X17 contends, is due in large part to the quality and quantity of ceebrity images he posts on his site, many of which are owned by X17."

Since all publicity is good publicity, as long as they spell your name right, especially in the blog world where more traffic equals more advertising money, Perez Hilton writer Mario Lavandeira might cash in on this and become even more famous, if not a strange poster boy for the vastly misunderstood creative commons. (with those kinds of friends you don't need enemies). Splashnewsonline even has a video of Perez being handed the suit. Seems Mario thinks he can make it go away by throwing it away. (direct link to .swf)


Live Audio Wrestling Moves to CFRB

Before Live Audio Wrestling moved to CFRB in July, 2006, the LAW created an ad to let their listeners know of the move. The spot was filmed in the city of Toronto, with a low budget, some spontaneous action, and lots of parady.

Live Audio Wrestling is moving to Newstalk 1010 CFRB. Watch Dan Lovranski, Jason Agnew and John Pollock make their move in their own creative way.


Massive amount of holiday sites for Office Max

Toy, NY was given the task of creating a holiday campaign with a small budget to convince folks to do their holiday shopping at an office supply store. They decided they'd have to do some giving of their own. So to that effect, Office Max now has about 20 games and microsites under the theme "Spread the cheer", a couple of which borrow from the cult classic "A Christmas Story".

"An office-supply store as a gift destination wasn't exactly an easy leap," said Ari Merkin, partner and executive creative director at Toy. "If we were going to ask people to get a gift at Office Max, we felt we would have to start by doing a little giving of our own."

Check out the sites below:
Don't Shoot Your Eye Out - shooter type game...watch out for ricochet.
Stuck to a Pole - Just what it says.
My Holiday Sweater - Get back at grandma.
Shake The Globe - Shake it.
Roast a Turkey - Seriously!
Everything's A Reindeer - Babies, dogs, cats, etc.
Reindeer Arm Wrestling - Can you beat the reindeer?
You Got Elfed - Spoofin' Punked.
Elf Yourself - Turn yourself into a dancing elf.
Elf Interviews - Get to know the folks behind the jolly man.
Mistletoe in an Elevator - Livin' it up when you're going down.
Season's Sculpting - Make your own ice carvings.
Faux Charity Donation Generator - Send a donation to some strange charities or make up your own
Guess My Gift - Can the site guess what you want for the holidays?
A Worldwide Wish - More wishes make the tree grow.
Conspiracy Carols - Plays jingle bells backwards with your "message".
Yes I'm Working - Spreadsheet heaven!
Save The Snowman - Hangman snowman-style
North Pole Dancing - Make santa dance.
Greetings From the North Pole - Did you know it's cold up there?


Link Lust: The One That You Link

It's World AIDS Day today. Check out lots of ad campaigns at Houtlust, a blog that covers nonprofit and social advertising. Superadgrunts, check out the racy girl on girl action in "Sharing Sex" spot by Lowe Thailand which shows women as the sexual predators, demonstrating the actions of their partners has an effect on them as well.


Contrapunto's ambient campaign for F.A.A.D.A

F.A.A.D.A., a Spanish foundation created in defence of the animals, wanted to promote adoption and sponsoring in their annual summit.

The folks at Contrapunto Barcelona needed pictures of people with their pets, so they sent an email to some friends and colleagues asking for photos, and suddenly it became almost viral. They received hundreds of pictures from all around the country. Sadly, they had to ruin the pictures. See why inside.


Win an ADC Cube before the End of the World

This year's Art Director Club's Call for Entries poster addresses the turbulence of our era and where we seem to be heading, as well as the desire by those in the industry to win a Cube. "The ADC Cube is the award that every creative wants to win at least once before they die," says TBWAChiatDay co-creative director Ian Reichenthal, who guided the effort along with co-CD Scott Vitrone. "And the clock is ticking."

"There were lots of disasters and apocalyptic trends that deserved mentioning," Reichenthal adds, "but we scaled it down to our favorite 20 or so. Our choices were based on which ones lent themselves to being illustrated in an interesting way."

The TBWAChiatDay creative team that worked on the assignment reports that, as they researched the history of Armageddon, they turned to medieval woodcuts for inspiration and received a "sign" that they were pointed in the right direction. "In one we saw what looked like the Art Directors Club logo," explains art director Matt Sorrell. "We thought, is this a message?" (Actually, the original logo of the Art Directors Club was inspired by Albrecht Dürer's signature initials. A German Renaissance artist, Dürer is known for his engravings, particularly his Apocalypse series, which dates to the late 1400s. )


Singing about your *ahem* "plumbing"

The other night I was heading to the kitchen and walked past the TV. I caught the beginning of an ad for CranAssure. I was transfixed by the animated woman singing about urinary tract health and the boucing cranberry following along with the lyrics of the jingle. It's got some flavor of old skool ads from the days of the Maypo Kid and dancing cigarette ads from the animation and jingle style. Thankfully the whingy cranberries, whose voices pierce through my brain resulting in ringing in my ears, leave the singing about urinary tract health to the woman. And now everytime I see the OceanSpray logo I'm going to think of urinary tract infections. Perhaps that was their aim. Anway, watch the spot here. Follow the bouncing cranberry and sing along!


Link Lust: Dontcha link me baby?

Colour by numbers lets you control the lights in a tower at the aptly named "telephone square" in Stockholm by pushing buttons on your cellphone. To see what colour the tower is right now, click here..

Mack Simpson found this strange nut crushing package design in Japan. Japanese commercial design is an enterily different world, when they're not posing ninjas(?) in nut crunching positions they're drawing smileys on strawberries and naming chocolates "meltykiss". Dieties bless Hello kitty (even on exhaust pipes)

A Draft ad showing some lions getting it on garners 78 comments at Adfreak (and counting). Who knew kitties were so controversial? Brazilians, that's who - or at least these guys who choose an interesting name for their waxing services. The Pretty Kitty. Mjauw. Or, mja-OW!

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Viral ads: what works and can it live on TV?

A Reuters story titled "Viral Good for Advertisers" has a marketing agency stating that a video of a Canadian schoolboy playing with a light sabre, which received 900 million hits, could help advertisers tap into the younger Internet audience. But it's not always easy to tell what will successfully resonate with the audience enough to convience them to purchase something or even remind them of the brand. Especially as much viral advertising has very little to do with the product or brand.

"With viral videos, the audience is in control so advertisers have to engage this audience rather than bombard them," said Toni Smith, Head of Strategy and Communications at the Viral Factory agency. "They need to be cleverer and more inventive as they cannot buy the space."

"Our research showed fun, pointless and silly content were very popular with the young Internet audience and advertisers can learn a lot from that," Smith said.

"Advertisers should embrace the Internet medium by all means but they should not take advantage of it. Their campaigns should say what they need to but in a fun and entertaining way."