Surprise! P&G are behind the dickless wonder boy

It's no official, the teaser campaign (or "stealth viral" as Adage dubbed it), where a boy wakes up with "girl parts" one day and learns to love Tampax by the end of the week is created for Procter & Gamble's Tampax.

The campaign was created by Leo Burnett, Chicago and there was no mention of Tampax until poor Zack suddenly had a visit from aunt Flo and found a Tampax vending machine in the girls restroom.

As AdAge says, that wasn't the only thing "stealthy" about this viral campaign:

The campaign's backer hasn't been the only thing stealthy about it. As of this week, the most viewed of nine online videos produced had been seen fewer than 6,000 times on YouTube, though it's had a few thousand additional views on such sites as Funny or Die and The fictional Mr. Johnson also has a Twitter account, @ZackJohnson16, with 949 followers.

So something weird happened to me last night and I'm just trying to deal. Went to the bathroom this morning to find that I suddenly possessed the aiming ability of a defective garden sprinkler. Soon thereafter I discovered that a super important body part of mine had gone missing. Maybe it went for a midnight stroll and fell into a pond? Decided to seek medical attention. Had an awkward discussion with the school nurse. Didn't tell her what really happened. I will remain elusive. Chelsea Carr walked by my locker today and we made meaningful eye contact. At least I think it was meaningful. I dunno, I'm confused. Maybe this is just a bad dream. I'm sure everything will be back to normal tomorrow.

Swedish Army Recruitment campaign tests your abilities on TV, in print and on web

DDB Stockholm has just released a new campaign recruiting men and women to the Swedish Armed Forces. The cryptic (and somewhat creepy) commercials are directed by Jesper Kouthoofd. I'll admit that I've been trying to keep up with the tasks in the ads on TV, and the posters I see on the buses with quizzes like: "How many are on this bus? How many women? How many over 70?" and I fail pretty miserably most of the time so I guess it's a good thing I'm not a current member of the armed forces. Officer training for the Swedish military is conducted through Försvarshögskolan (Swedish National Defense College) - not on the web, obviously but you can test yourself to see if you have what it takes here: recruitment campaign - English. A new (english) site is under works for this part of the campaign seeking recruits - those brave enough to try it in Swedish may go to

Rest assured though, if you pass the test, you won't have to be naked. This footage, leaked in 2004 and caused quite a stir back then, shows some pranksters reading the regulation book to the dot, it mentions that you must wear a helmet at the shooting range, but makes no note of clothing.

Guillotine - Only the best will survive - print, United Arab Emirates

Advertised brand:
Advert title(s):
AdofDaMonth "Call for entries" - Guillotine;
AdofDaMonth "Call for entries" - Hanging;
AdofDaMonth "Call for entries" - Shot

Translation of headline to English:
Call for entries. Only the best will survive.


$5,000.00 for Dominic Lahiff - three hours left on bidding.

There's only three hours left on the 24DP - Director Auction. Will a commercial shot by Dominic Lahiff, with pre-pro, production, post, deliverables and original music included really only go for $5,000? Really? *raids piggy-bank!*


Festival Entries Down 20%, Attendees Fall 40%. Adland airs live 100%.

This year, Cannes Lions isn't what it used to be - AdAge reports that Festival Entries Down 20%, Attendees Fall 40%, and we all know about the canceled parties. Some of us will be there though, and those of you who are can show those who aren't in Cannes all the crazy that goes one with a click of a button on your cellphone.

Not only can you see the latest bambused films on the front page (right now) in a box on the right hand side, you can also watch the recent broadcast from the link When Cannes Lions begins we will also tweet out the funniest/best/most outrageous Live films to our twitter account @adland. A global audience to your shenanigans, go for it! Simply log in and /user/me/bambuser and you're set. We already told you about the new feature last week: We want you to broadcast LIVE from Cannes Lions, today we bring you the full page complete with a bunch of talking heads films so that you get the general idea of what will be happening. Wrath Of Cannes will be joining us booing loudly all the way from Coney Island New York, and I for one am really looking forward to that.

I will be in Cannes and am keen to meet all you adgrunts - if you see a red mop of hair hollah, but you can also simply DM me @adland or @dabitch or email so we may exchange cell numbers.


Studiocom & Dunkin' Donuts Ask Fans to Change Profile Pic For Daily Giveaway to Facebook Fans

Brands are always talking about how they can leverage the power of social networks, like Facebook. Studiocom recently has created an opportunity for Dunkin' Donuts to explore a new way to engage fans.

Dunkin' Donuts and Studiocom, its digital agency of record since 2007, launched a new experience for Facebook fans on their Fan Page ( In conjunction with the nationwide $1.99 Coolatta(R) offer and the reintroduction of Vanilla Bean Coolatta(R), Studiocom crafted the unique daily giveaway where fans "Grab It, Snap It, Post It, Win It".

Always looking for new opportunities to provide Dunkin' Donuts with better ways to engage with their customers through social media, Studiocom came up with the "Keep It Coolatta" sweepstakes in order to create excitement around the product, generate awareness and reward fans for participating.


Loud commercials - soon outlawed?

It's my dream come true - a law against the volume push on commercial breaks. Oh you know exactly what I mean, there you are, falling asleep to Saw, and while all that screaming and shouting in the movie is at a fine slumber level you wake up with a scream when ACT NOW! CALL THIS NUMBER! suddenly blares from the TV. We've bitched about it in the forums, tried to do our best to avoid it and yet, commercials seem to be getting louder, making commercial break equal to torture if you don't have a fast mute-button. Soon this may be outlawed - dum dum DUM! Why it's all the way up in congress is a mystery, one would think that a TV channel would care enough about their brand to avoid commercial-deafness of their viewers.

Lawmakers Make Noise About Loud Commercials

A bill sponsored by U.S. Rep. Anna Eshoo (D., Calif.) would require the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to "preclude commercials from being broadcast at louder volumes than the program material they accompany."

Broadcasters say they are addressing the problem already. "The major television broadcast networks, including ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox, are each, individually, implementing policies that attempt to control loud commercials," said David Donovan, president of the Association for Maximum Service Television, a broadcast industry trade group, speaking at a hearing Thursday before the House Energy and Commerce Telecommunications Subcommittee.

Mr. Donovan said Rep. Eshoo's bill could slow TV stations' voluntary efforts to control commercial volumes because any FCC proceeding would generate debate and uncertainty.

"I can assure you that the industry is motivated to act," said NBC Universal Principal Engineer and Audio Architect Jim Starzynksi, also at the hearing. Final review of an industry standard on commercial volume is expected in July, and broadcasters could begin implementing it by fall, he said.


1-900-NERD-GIRL (2009) :45 (USA)

1-900-NERD-GIRL (2009) :45 (USA)

I have not watched the Lord of the Rings film even once, although I have seen the cartoon version of J.R.R. Tolkien's, The Hobbit many times in my younger days, and I still like it. I have watched only three of the episodes in the Star Wars saga, the first one being the film released in 1977. Maybe I like board games just because I like to roll dice. I am not a nerd.

I just found them likable, that's all. They are women, I'm a man, I found them attractive. It has nothing to do with what they were doing, the sexy voice, the costumes, the elf ears.... I am not a nerd. I will not call the number.

Besides, the number is not a real number, right? Right? Maybe, I should call just to make sure.


Armor All Hot Body Academy

Take it from someone who does this for a living, a bare living, it isn't like this at all. Not where I work, anyway. Forget that.

This is the world of Armor All car detailing where it is just so fast and easy to make your car shine like the top of the Chrysler building!

Okay, maybe your car, but not the majority of cars I have to clean at work. However, I don't use Armor All products at work, and I don't have an assistant. That's why I'm so wrong on this.

Well, back to school, then.

Armor All Hot Body Academy


Kinsale Sharks vs Cannes lions

Sharks punches below the money-belt.

The Kinsale Sharks are cutting festival prices in 2009. Att Cannes they've increased theirs. Bearing in mind the recession, who do you think has the best idea?