Duffy set to sparkle in new ‘diet Coke’ campaign

Coca-Cola Great Britain today confirmed that Welsh singing sensation Duffy will star in its new ‘diet Coke’ European advertising campaign.

The £multi-million campaign is set to launch in many countries across Europe early in 2009.

The new campaign for ‘diet Coke’ will show the three times Grammy nominated singer - best known for her international number one hit Mercy and 4.5 million selling album Rockferry – acting in one of a series of 30 and 60-second spots for her first ever high profile appearance in a TV advertisement.


Eatalica Italian Food

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Client: Eatalica - Itlalian / American Restaurant
Ad agency: 1pointsize
Executive Creative Director: Sharad Haksar
Creative Director: Anantha Narayan
Copywriter: Prakash
Producer: Jai & Arvind
Country : India


MLA - Sam Kekovich's Address To The Nation - (2009) :90 (Australia)

MLA - Sam Kekovich's Address To The Nation - (2009) :90 (Australia)

At this point we can't have an Australia Day without the Meat and Livestock Association's Lambassador ranting about "Un-Australianism" like he did in 2006 and


Working Holiday In London

Landing a creative job in London has always been tough, but it's even harder when:

1) You don't live in the UK
2) Your Working Holiday Visa only lets you work part-time
3) English isn't your first language
4) You live with a horny and verbally abusive landlord

But despite all those things, art director Gwen Yip managed to score a freelance gig at Wieden & Kennedy, London. She kept an illustrated diary of her experience and it's crazy funny. Gwen likes to draw people she meets, including BBH legend John Hegarty.

Working Holiday In London is a good read for ad grunts as well as people looking to break into the business. Start at London 001 and work your way up to London 417.The copy is in Chinese but there are English subtitles.


Technosummits announces attendance of “Media Guru” at Media Content World Summit

London, United Kingdom, 08 January 2009 – Technology events company, Technosummits, has today announced that former Creative Chief of Endemol will be interviewed live on stage by Channel 4 News presenter, Jon Snow, at the 2nd Annual Media Content World Summit taking place in February.


France bids au revoir to prime-time commercials.

Tonight, France will start airing prime-time programming without any commercials. French TV viewers can now watch their beloved Jerry Lewis movies without interruption.

Advertising is now banned on French public television between 2000 and 0600. It will be phased out by 2011.

It is part of Mr Sarkozy's move to shake up public broadcasting.

He says his plan will improve the quality of programming but critics say it is a power grab that will deprive state broadcasters of funds.


Alex Bogusky has a new book out and it's not about advertising!

If anyone can sell Burger King Whoppers, Domino's Pizzas and a book on dieting, it's Alex Bogusky. He believes that to stay trim all you have to do is eat from a nine inch plate. So if your New Year's resolution is to lose weight, and you're a Crispin Porter fan, stock up on some nine inch plates and throw away all your foot-long hot dogs.

Alex Bogusky doesn't think bigger is better. He believes we should think small—especially if we want to stay trim. The idea that if you eat less, you weigh less is hardly a new concept, but it's one that Alex has packaged into a tidy little eating plan and book, The 9-Inch Diet, that hits stores this week.


Professional Executions

Having a rough day at work? Want to blow a hole through your creative briefs and account exec?
Don't do it! At least, don't do it without some practice at a firing range. This website has an awesome ad agency shoot 'em up game. Just click on Range 2.0.

Professional Executions


Bubbles Hair Salon - Fingerprints

Because each hairstyle is different - and Bubbles Hair salon offers styling that is very you.


Super Bowl Glory or Super Bowl Cheesy?

Advertisers who yearn to be on during the Super Bowl but can't afford the $3 million price tag can now get in for $395,000. The catch? They'll have to share the :30 spot with seven other sponsors. As a bonus, the spot will be available for a year at SuperBowlGlory.com
A few companies have been contacted, but it's not known if anyone has committed yet.