Lame alert: Adland's videographer banned from Cannes?

Agencyspy were quite amused, and quite pissed off, that our Videographer set to travel with us to Cannes didn't get a press pass due to the fact


Corn Pops - "The Spooning" - (2009) :30 (USA)

Corn Pops - "The Spooning" - (2009) :30 (USA)

Just like the classic scary movies, this all begins when our heroine is in the shower. Because nudity. Corn pops nudity. Wait, what?

-"Corn Pops Residence!"

It gets worse, there's milk men zombies!


Burger King - The smell of seduction with a hint of flame-grilled beef perfume

Burger King has released a fragrance, possibly the first with a hint of flame-grilled beef, and with the launch they have undressed Piers Morgan. Yep.


Apple Mac vs. PC - Booby Trapped banner ad electrocutes PC

Apple Mac vs. PC  - Booby Trapped banner ad electrocutes PC

TBWA/Media Arts Lab have created yet another Apple banner ad, this time it's booby trapped and PC gets electrocuted as he tried to keep the world from reading a quote from PC Mag praising Apple's iLife suite.

blend spirit

Blend Images repositions their brand with portraits of strong people & the help of Spil.

Spil Creative, the NY based boutique branding studio has created this campaign for Blend Images that "deals with re-thinking the labels we place on people and culture".

”We are very excited about the changes to our branding and our campaign,” said Sarah Fix, Creative
Director at Blend Images. “Our new logo, website, and our brand identity is bold -- stylistically conveying
commercial polish with an editorial edge. Our new ads are provocative – challenging stereotypes


Læger uden Grænser / Doctors without borders - Send help - (2009) :30 (Denmark)

Læger uden Grænser / Doctors without borders - Send help - (2009) :30 (Denmark)

A dramatic scene where the electricity is cut in the middle of an operation somewhere in the dark night of AFrica, the day is saved by a woman donating money in Denmark.


Fonzie jumps the fail whale.

CurrentTV mock twitter again, the second installment of their twouble with twitters by Super_Josh is now up, adding a dash of Fonzie jumping the fail whale, in the same leatherjacket, yellow floater and blue shorts he wore when he jumped the shark. Nice touch.

Also, our pals at adfreak tip us that Current used twitter to ask for The Agency RFP, and found themselves deluged with RT's and @messages long after they had announced a list of agencies considered. :))


Your momma.

With Mother's Day now behind us, we can look back at yet another year of touching and/or sentimental blah blah mom blah blah does so much blah blah thank her blah blah buy our product for her blah blah.

Thankfully, somebody decided to take a road a wee less traveled. Surprisingly, it was for Denny's.


SNL: The Mom Celebrity Translator advert spoof. Get one for your mother this Mothers day.

Happy Mothers day - if you missed SNL on NBC last night, they did a great spoof of gadget commercials, shilling the Mom Celebrity Translator, a gadget that every teenager with a mom needs. It can even translate back to mom-speak!

(Apologies if Hulu makes this video impossible to view where you are located. I've tried to sneak around that.)


M&S admits "we boobed" and apologizes for £2 DD bra charge in ad

M&S justified the surcharge for largest bra's by saying "because larger bras need more work to provide the extra lift." Curvy ladies were not amused and soon a facebook group called Busts 4 Justice was protesting loud enough about the "tax on big boobs" that they were heard by the tabloids. M&S chief executive Sir Stuart Rose admits that The Sun helped swing the new price setting.

“We always try to do the right thing by our customers and we thought we had.
“But as The Sun has shown, it’s clear we’ve got it wrong this time.
“From tomorrow — no matter whether it’s large or small bras you need — the price will be the same, with the same level of great support.”

The Sun, always classy, worked in "exactly 64 years after VE-Day" just so that they could pun the headline: DD-day. The minds of their writers must be a fascinating place of boobs and bombs.