Kiwi - Ménage à trois - (2009) :40 (Norway)

This is the beginning of one helluva refreshing campaign for diapers: No shots of blue liquid, no shots of diapered bums, heck not even a baby in sight. For extra stand-outness (and to keep the surprise, of course) they've even shot each ad quite differently, this particular ménage à trois scenario is a black and white nod to old films.

MTV - Shit - (2009) :40 (Argentina)

Crazy people. Three guys are out walking when one of them steps in a pile of perfect doodoo. Perfect! In fact he enjoys stepping in this particular shit so much he encourages his friends to smell it. This commercial is the winner in the category "new talent" in the festival "El Ojo de Iberoamerica", in Buenos Aires.

Eagles Cactus
Eagles heart
Eagles Hay

The Eagles Print Awards again. The award was established in 1996 and the Black Eagle is so tough to win it's only been awarded five times - so send them your best, your blood sweat and tears... Your creative ideas that were like giving birth to a cactus? Ok, I'm officially grossed out. What was this award for again? Ah, yes, Best newspaper advertising.

ANZ Small Business - The Chase - (2009) 1:40 (AUSTRALIA)

ANZ Small Business launches a bold new campaign that is expected to stand out in its category, for its energy, humour and broad appeal. Created by M&C Saatchi, the TVC and a wider campaign are directed at the SME market and will also impact favourably on the ANZ brand at large. The stand-out campaign is part of ANZ’s customer strategy to deliver ‘more convenient banking’ for businesses.