Don Tennant doesn't feel so great.

Tennant died Saturday at his Los Angeles home. No cause of death was given. In 1950, Tenant was hired at Leo Burnett, in 1952 he conceived of Tony the Tiger.


Women washing their face in face wash commercials

Dear Ad Agencies, and whomever this may concern:

We see shampoo commercials featuring women washing their hair in the shower. Prell, Pert Plus, and Herbal Essences commercials feature women washing their hair in the shower.

Now, let's look at your typical face wash commercial. Women with her hair tied back, splashes some water on her face, at the sink. Then she lathers up with a face wash, and then splashes water on her face to rinse it.

So the question is: Why don't we see women washing their face in the shower in face wash ads?


Stopping advertising to save money, is like stopping your watch to save time.

Seems everywhere we look, massfirerings are happening. 10% of the danish advertising professionals have walked to their offices for the last time. W+K have slashed staff worldwide.
In Stockholm the freelancers gang is growing to critical mass. Large agencies in the u.s. calls staffers to the friday meeting ("we feel, it's better to fire on Fridays") as morality sinks to mimic the agencies golden cow account tagline, like a Rock.


No logo

Did you know that No Logo by Naomi Klein finally did make paperback? Did you also notice that has a 42 pages excerpt?


I love cum

Locum wishes everyone in Sweden a happy (yule) holiday season - with a very dirty ad indeed.


The results are in - Who sells adland best?

Who won the books, and with what? Click the read more link to find out.


Lost the pitch - but your idea still used?

Most creatives have seen this happen. They work hard on a pitch, loose it despite their hard work. Think nothing of it, and a while later, said client runs something that looks a lot like your refused ideas.


piece for peace!

Ande Foster has conceived the idea of peaceflow together with Obewong. The idea spread and brewing amoungst australian digital artists - do a piece for peace. They need work submitted before january 2002 - so go there a.s.a.p! (read MORE)


There she is again!

Fashion photographer Fabrizio Ferri's images of actress Monica Bellucci are in the center of a spat between Esquire and Italian GQ. Ferri's photographs, first taken for the February cover of
Esquire, appeared again on the November cover of Italian GQ, a rare occurrence in the competitive world of men's magazines.


Merry Molldays!

Created this little e-card that you can email to your friends. (yes - you should click "read more" now to see what on earth I'm yakkin' about.)