SCPR reports that Ken finally dumped Barbie: Barbie it's over; I don't date girls that are into deforestation.. Actually it was Greenpeace who protested outside Mattel over Indonesian rainforest. Turns out there's mixed tropical hardwoods used in toy packaging! Why on earth would they be so wasteful, all my "new" floors in this house are recycled woods, and they slushing up virgin rainforest just to wrap up a few dolls? "Wrap" isn't the right word for it, anyone else notice how it takes a box of hardware tools, including screwdrivers, to get into doll-packaging these days? I swear they're doing that to torture us parents.

field print: 

In Venezuela over 70% of mothers do not breastfeed. Unicef set out to change this, as mothers milk really is better, and with Leo Burnett they turned breastmilk into a brand ready to compete with all the formulas out there. There was packaging in stores, with a stylistic breast drawn on it of course, and commercials to boot.

Barkach explains :

We made a logo, a package and a whole advertising campaign to promote BreastMilk as a brand, in order to compete hand by hand, advertisingly speaking, against all the artificial formulas in the market.
Is a David versus Goliath kind of fight, that is why we are arming David with a Bazooka.

Collaborating with History Channel for the second time this year, METAphrenie has delivered a new promo and show open for the high profile movie event “Gettysburg.” The two-hour special, Executive Produced by Ridley Scott and Tony Scott, presents the engagement in a new light imbuing the stories of eight soldiers with the terrifying experience of war.

NYDailynews says "You've really arrived -- possibly in hell -- when your online flirting and last name become fodder for an airline's ad campaign." Yes, this godawful Spirit ad is mocking Anthony Weiner and his sexting. The pun, oh dear I can't look, "Fares Too HARD To Resist!" is possible the worst one I've ever seen. It's right up there with Weiner's pun-skills though, did you see his photo "me and the pussies"?

Along with a website and a smartphone app that allows you to find the nearest shop that sells condoms, this strange film is supposed to make using condoms cool.

The ad begins with a host of sorts walking through a museum of sex, where cavemen and 18th century people have tremendously boring threesomes. "Sex hasn't changed much over the years" declares the host as yet another boring threesome, now set in the 1930s, takes place behind him. But it's all about to change, for these days we have both luxury condom and lubricants, for a whole new sexy feeling.