Magnecote helps you with the Super Pitch

Magnecote is launching a new campaign to show advertising folk how important presentation is to landing the big account or selling your work. They've also created SuperPitch, a microsite game where you can try your hand at a pitch yourself. The print component of the campaign uses inserts (soon to be appearing in Creativity Magazine) which "are designed to be playful and to illustrate some of the possibilities of the product." Each statement is perforated and can be placed in guilty co-workers offices.


Miralus - HeadOn - blue version (2006) :10 (USA)

Miralus - HeadOn - blue version (2006) :10  (USA)

Oh yes, there's a blue version. Variations, yo.


Miralus - HeadOn - Green version (2006) :10 (USA)

Miralus - HeadOn - Green version (2006) :10  (USA)

HeadOn, Apply Directly To The Forehead. HeadOn! Random Caps In Words Make Me Stabby Stabby!


Miralus - FREEdHEM (2006) :10 (USA)

Miralus - FREEdHEM (2006) :10  (USA)

"From The makers of HeadOn" a.k.a the most annoying ad buyers in the world.


Miralus - ActivOn (2006) :10 (USA)

Miralus - ActivOn (2006) :10  (USA)

"From The makers of HeadOn"


HeadOn - but what does it do except give me a splitting headache?

I'm glad that I'm not the only one wondering what on earth that "HeadOn" stuff which ye shall "apply directly to forehead" does - seems everyone has been hypnotized with the ads that are so bad they cause migraines.


Bud Light - Nagafuki Surprise (2006) :30 (USA)

Bud Light - Nagafuki Surprise (2006) :30  (USA)

Shoulda snuck in a wasabi reference, but excellent nonetheless.


AdCrap Recap - Week 29

Get your fill of Adland goodness with a quick recap of last week's ups and downs.

Down: Ads get placement on barf bags and egg shells.
Up: Sprite uses interesting media for giant "blinkie" posters.
Up: UK Kellogg's ad gets cult rep - Frosties kid not dead.
Down: Hell hath no fury like a media woman scorned - a.k.a. billboard stunt for Court TV, updated here.
Up: Pigeons protest the Toronto Zoo.


Ricard dresses statues up for summer

Last Friday, the 21st of July, it was the national holiday in Belgium which means "party party party". They might not be the Dutch on Queensday but they are damn close. This year Ricard (an aniseed based spirit) decided to party with folks and decked statues out in summer-gear. See images inside and the positioning that prompted this idea.

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Hi Steven, people loved our billboard stunt says NYT

Recall: Hell Hath no fury like a media-woman scorned?
Well here's the update - even after people sussed out that it was for CourtTV, the web was still buzzing about those posters. Did people get mad when they found out it wasn't real?
Not according to the The New York Times reports "Public Hath No Fury, Even When Deceived "

"Emily is really an amalgam of all of us who have been cheated on," said Marc Juris, general manager for programming and marketing at Court TV. "Clearly, this really resonated with people."
Whether it resonates into higher ratings for "Parco P.I." is another matter. The "Emily" ruse was originally intended to be a stunt to help promote the start of the show’s new season on Aug. 15, but Court TV's marketing group liked the idea so much that they made it a large part of the campaign. The second phase - ads for the show to be stamped over the original billboards - was to start next Monday, but Court TV moved it up to July 26 after all the attention.
Mr. Juris was still marveling: "It's like a flash investigation took place, and within 24 hours we were busted."

People liked Emily? That's not what I heard. She's a "woman" who describes her nipples as erasers and spams real blogs like the "Fork in the Road" where the post just described a car accident with the canned "my hubby is having an affair" message. I don't like Emily. I hate Emily. Describing nipples as "erasers" sounds terribly male writer/penthouse letter, and latching onto real blogs real life events with canned unrelated promo responses is nothing short of spam - comparable to that pharma-spammer who sprinkles his links all over this place these past weeks. But in the old "any press is good press" (as long as they spell your name right) apparently this campaign was a success.

All people not living in the US, but still hanging on the web, can be grateful that we don't get CourtTV I guess, because if that show is executed even half as mediocre as this ad campaign was, it'll blow chunks.
This poster below is on the I-95 North near Jerome Avenue in the Bronx, NY.