MudStencils - environmentally-friendly street art, soon in an ad near you

Via advertising-hints tweets (here & he got it from groundswellblog), I found a call to stencil with mud. Yes, Mud. There's even a blog dedicated to it :Mudstencils - where you can pick up tips on how to create the best mud.

Once I fought the urge to scream "damn hippies" I soon realized this is the ultimate media for Wisk worldwide. Dirt is good! Keep your eyes peeled for a mud stencil ad near you soon.


Evian - Skating Babies - (2009) :30 (France)

Evian -  Skating Babies - (2009) :30 (France)

The French campaign for Evian have been cgi-ing babies into doing crazy stuff for over ten years now. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, I guess.


Apple's iPhone strategy - get 'em hooked when they're young.

Toddle screams iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyyyyPhoooooooooone! You think he's addicted? Countdown to Apple buying this as an ad and producing toddler-iPhone's now: 4...3....2.....


Portable strippers - pole dancing on bikes advertised on Craigslist

I have no idea what Agency Spy were really searching on, and they'll probably never admit what the extra words were was but they found Poledancing on a Bike when looking for bikes for sale on Craigslist. Whoha!

They saved the image from the ad, yep, that's a woman pole dancing, on a bike.
Who invented this? Why does the service cost $200?
Is this to spice up those boring nights of cruising up and down the city strip with an open container? What does the guy who drives the bike get paid? How do you stick dollars down her garter? How soon will Sloggi jump on this idea to sell their latest string underwear? (No, I haven't quite forgiven them yet for making me turn my back on my favorite knickers brand, after all their terrible terrible ads.)


Psyop Workshop in Cannes 2009 - where skin wins over execution.

Psyop - you know them - they're world famous for creating amazing animations for advertising, had a workshop in cannes Wednesday 24 June titled: Blurring The Line Between Art And Commerce In Advertising. Their best-known piece is probably Happiness Factory for Coke out of W+K Amsterdam that won a silver lion last year and appeared in the 2007 Super Bowl. When I heard they were doing a workshop, I was interested in learning more about who they are, what they do, and how they do it.

The workshop was headed up by Psyop Managing Partner Justin Booth-Clibborn and Marie Hyon and Marco Spier both Founders and Creative Directors at Psyop. The workshop began with a little bit about who they are this may be best shown in their anthem spot which they created to define themselves, their anthem. They then then went on to dissect a few of their best works including the beautiful Crow for MTV HD (, the paper doll cutout music video for Converse , Fantaand their latest for Milk. They shared with the delegates what goes into a job, how they pitch it and their design process. They went into the most detail on the Milk Sad Princess spot and it's really amazing at how much work goes into creating animated water - something like 28 layers to make it look real.

In the last 30-45 minutes of their workshop, the workshop bit began. Delegates dived into groups, given a number of magazines, poster board, sharpie markers, scissors and glues sticks, and were told to come up with a concept or story inspired by the music. The music was "Thank you for Being a Friend" (yes, the theme from TVs The Golden Girls, egad!). They didn't wnat to make things easy. Groups, composed of people from all other the globe, who did not know each other, began to frantically work together to get this task done. The prize to the winning group would be Psyop books, which are not yet released.

The groups came up with some great ideas - the most impressive to me was the group who did a stop-motion piece utilizing their digital camera. In the end the team that used sex to sell, they had a Playboy magazine to work with, were the winners of the day. Figures.

Burger King it'll blow your mind away

BK tries McDonald's food = sex theory, but fails - and MJ is honored in the gutter bar.

Michael Jackson was mourned Cannes Lions style the day after his untimely demise - at the Gutter Bar of course - & FinchFactor has the photo proof of it. Was that guy psychic or what?


MTV - Octabong

This press campaign created by Leo Burnett Lisbon promotes Skins, a controversial teenage show that follows a group of young teenagers throughout their troubled daylife – sex, drugs and alcohol are just a few of the explosive ingredients shown on this tv show.


MTV - Rainbow Party

This press campaign created by Leo Burnett Lisbon promotes Skins, a controversial teenage show that follows a group of young teenagers throughout their troubled daylife – sex, drugs and alcohol are just a few of the explosive ingredients shown on this tv show.


Mark Wnek - Crisis and Creativity, The future and Dinosaurs - Cannes 2009.

Crisis and creativity

Quite tired up after spending long days and long nights in Cannes I waited for Mark Wnek in the cool light lobby of the Carlton hotel and somehow we ended up filming it in the darkest le petit bar without a flash on - to avoid all the noise of Spike Lee and all of Microsoft running around out there.

I began by showing Mark this illustration at adage where he's painted in the style of Mad Men, on i-boy's suggestion.

Mark Wnek: The Mad Men thing, yeah that was Jonah Bloom's idea. For AdAge he wanted to do something different, so he had us all illustrated in the style of Mad Men. I thought it was quite fun.

dabs: I love the show actually, do you watch it?

Mark Wnek: Oh yeah, it's great. It's fantastic.

dabs: What is the difference between US and UK advertising?


Washington State Department of Health - "Dear Me - Robert" - (2009) :60 - (USA)

Washington State Department of Health - "Dear Me - Robert" - (2009) :60 - (USA)

Directed by Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist and documentarian David Turnley. Aimed at decreasing smoking rates within the state's lower-income community, a group that's 20 percent less likely to quit smoking successfully compared to the general population.