Info on the campaign from TBWA\Vancouver:

It’s time we raised some important issues about the state of our community. Why do we prefer iPods to conversation? Why do we have more friends on Facebook than in real life? When did we stop letting our kids walk to school?

Seems that over the past couple of decades, we’ve been spending more time at work, less time with our families, and less time doing physical activities. Obesity is up, internet usage is way up, and participation in sports is way down. Maybe it’s time to go back to a time when we knew the mailman, we knew our neighbours, and we felt safe in our own neighbourhoods.


Yes, you've heard by now that Farfar is dead. It's true, Isobar has shut down the Swedish creative hot shop in their network and given everyone their pink slips. Everyone that was left, that is.

Matias Palm Jensen, the agencies founder was tight-lipped when he spoke to Dagens Media today ; But he did say ”Jag hade drivit det vidare” - I would have continued to run the agency rather than shut it down. And I would have had everyone who left with me onboard..

Harvard Business Review launched a new design and website ( earlier this year, and to support these efforts, zig recently created a brand awareness campaign to promote the new and improved HBR. Although most business influencers have heard of HBR, we felt there was an opportunity to broaden exposure to the full range of the brand – not only the magazine, but all of its other offerings (website, podcasts, apps, mobile) that many people didn’t know about. There’s a lot that business professionals can take advantage of from HBR, whether they have time to read and reflect or just a few minutes to get a quick download and go.


Philips have learned from Carousel that they best way to show off a cinematic telly is to show off films themselves, and with the new incarnation of DDB & Philips engaged RSA films to help tell the story. What story? That's the fun part, with a script consisting of only five lines, RSA's five eager directors all made a film in different genres, using the same exact words to tell wildly different stories.

Wags review has an article by Will Litton called "Google is butchering the written word" or, “How to Buy PEX Tubing Online”. The first pages describe the Google/Verizon Droid commercial "stealth pods" in a way I wish scripts were actually written sometimes - it's worth to read the article for that alone. Can we make it an adland tradition to write all our TV scripts like this on April 1st? Please?