Cannes Oxygen bar by Corbis & Creativity

Lots of fun stuff going on (web-wise as well) in Cannes this year as Adcritic Creativity magazine has a Cannes Lions blog and a Corbis Creativity cafe in the Majestic Hotel. You can stop by for morning smoothies which may or may not cure hangovers, drop in for some back to the nineties oxygen breaks at lunch and get your WiFi fixes, XBox matches and world cup doses as required there. Sounds good. Register here for all access.


Happy fathers day - ads for dads

Since it's the Fathers Day in the states today we thought we'd celebrate it with a few dad ads.

First up is Saatchi with Cheerios who've gone all out and created an ad specifically for fathers day.

Cheerios - Dancy Daddy!

More daddy ads inside. (super adgrunts only can watch ads. ta)


Cannes Private View

DDB and Campaign magazine have gotten together to produce the Cannes Private View website where you'll be able to find all things Cannes comes Cannes Lions time.

Delegates at Cannes can send MMS images to it (much like we did here a couple of years back, remember?) but it's much better than the old photolog. See, you register with your name, agency and cell phone number so that the photos are uploaded and organised by agency. Everyone can add comments to it, and the best picture and caption as judged by site visitors will win airline tickets to Cannes and party invitations provided by DDB and Tribal DDB (airline tickets for UK residents only unfortunately! BooHoo!).

To whet everyones appetite here's a short promo film to boot.


PSAs for AdoptUsKids take comedic route

Director Sam Cadman of Tool of North America and kirshenbaum bond + partners teamed up with help from the AdCouncil to create four PSA spots for the Collaboration to AdoptUsKids. Here's what the director had to say about the project:

"These were great scripts, featuring a lot of funny moments that were simple and natural in feel," Cadman said. "It was also an opportunity for some great casting and very subtle comedic performances – qualities that really appeal to me."

Cadman and his crew made great efforts in crafting each spot to make it feel as realistic as possible. "It was critical to me that the teenage bedrooms didn't become cliched 'posters-on-the- wall' type places," he added. "So our location manager continued to search until we had what I think are two fantastic, absolutely genuine rooms – we didn't dress-in a thing! The same was true for the casting: We saw a lot of people, both actors and street casting, to make sure we secured 'real' performances from likable, everyday people."

Read on to check out the ads.


Cutting edge advertising....

Ah, and you thought I was done for the weekend. But nooo, here I go and dig up some cutting edge badlanders. Or at least some very sharp creative. Razor sharp, in fact. See inside


Alphabet soup - illustrating with letters.

Welcome to another helping of badlandian joy, this time we have a steaming hot alphabet soup to feast your eyes on, with a side dish of texted portraits. For all of you who wanted to know what happens when art directors stop being polite, and start using that "spray image" tool in freehand....


Help the Hill Holiday intern out

There is something odd going on in the comments to the HHblog post Responsibility. What’s Your Policy?...
Doesn't it seem that all those comments gushing with praise seem a tad canned? Mmmaybe? There's certainly something a little stiff about the blog, if! calls Hill Holiday's blogging attempt "all talk and no trousers." and tries to decipher why it is like that.


Kelly Award winners 2006

"Hollywood has its Oscars. Television has its Emmys. Broadway has its Tonys. And advertising has its Clios. And its Andys, Addys, Effies and Obies. And 117 other assorted awards. And those are just the big ones."
- Joanne Lipman, 1987

Reporting from one of the awards Joanne didn't mention - inside you'll find Kelly award winners and some notable shortlisted ads from 2006. Yummy.



WWF brings us this website where you can create a voice channel to demand changes. Very cool.

Dabitch notes: aaaw, the kyoot panda follows the cursor with his eyes...


Big people in small spaces

Here's a fresh new badlandian squeeze for all ye who like it with pulp in. Pushing big people into small spaces is fun! Or as our eagle-eyed tipster puns it in Swedish "noll koll"!