hyundia i30 - Fun for the whole family - print ads, Israel


Scarlett Johansson in Dolce & Gabbana campaign - print, double page spread.

Here Scarlett demonstrates that with Dolce & Gabbana's eye shadow men will not be able to take their eyes away from your badly photoshopped cleavage.


#FollowFriday : The #adpeeps who tweet

Yesterday I asked who it there works in advertising on twitter - I figure other adpeeps will also want to find friend in the field out there. It's far too easy to find all the social media experts out there, but what about the discreet designers, the quirky copywriters, the always panicky producers and other fun stereotypes. We probably have a lot in common, that's why I want to find and follow all of you lot.

As a bunch of people retweeted my tweet, I've found lot of fresh new people to follow and here they are. From my highly unscientific polling here, it looks like there are more writers on twitter than artfolk. That can't be right.

Ad people:
darrellwhitelaw, been following him for a while now, because he laughs at my jokes. ;-) Kiddin. He's an an Art Director and Visual Designer in NYC.
thegirlriot a Copywriter into strategy, content management, and branding - also in NYC.
BetaRish is "a restless copywriter and poet seeking sales and stanzas everywhere" over in jolly old London.
jasonoke is a planning director "and a virgo, in case you were wondering". I dig virgos. ;-)
garethk I'm a planning director in the wilds of Boston MA
trevorcolom is a brand consultant / thinker / former planning director.
GrantSanders a writer who is in "Nantucket, mostly"
justinmccammon copywriter in Colorado.
nsedef threw her hands up and quipped " so much for the low profile" - she describes herself as a reluctant marketer. You're so outed now girl.
BBHLabs has two people tweeting from that name, they are malbonnington in New York & Melex in London.
Caff is our own caffeinegoddess "Copywriter/ACD type in Boston"
kellimarks another writer! She tweets " I work at @cjrwadvertising with @bryanjones and @cagolden" so in that tweet we scored three people and one agency, yeay! (except @cagolden is a locked profile so I figure we'll leave her off this list)
Fountainjohn is another copywriter reporting for duty located in Henley on Thames, England
gregbond does it all in Atlanta, where Texturl defends the words as well as his missus adgrrl. I'm currently in a phase of deep lust for Atlanta so I'm very seriously considering house-swapping with those two fine folk, course that means I gotta clean up around here first, egad. ;-9
Representing Philadelphia is a copywriter named jayninedee
adtothebone is our own Claymore who reveals his ad-path: creative director (previously producer, writer, art director & freelance designer)
swissarmywife hollers "Hi, I'm an Account Supervisor, splitting my time between Philly and Milwaukee."
MeJayne invents a cool title: "I'm a planning director but much prefer curious mind meets digital enthusiast"
shazell a planner in TO with these matters on the brain
tromlov meets both #adpeeps and #productionpeeps criteria by being a commercial producer.

Want to alert us to your presence? Comment here and/or tweet to #adpeeps I've found many more agencies and ad people, I just figured that those who want to play should use the hash tag!

Overstock.com sells rape simulation video game

Overstock Auctions RapeLay PC Game English Edition Sexy Item 43855975

Overstock.com sells "RapeLay PC Game English Edition Sexy" on their website which to me looks like a PR-blunder of massive-ginourmous proportions. Yes, that Overstock, the brand with the "O" lady Sabine that drove brand recognition up to 46 %, and the female target market, is selling rape-simulation games in their auction area. For real. It's ten bucks.

Yesterday Amazon was selling it as well, The Belfast Telegraph reports and has this fantastic bit of info:

The game's producer, Illusion is a company from Japan famous for making similar 3D Hentai games.
The online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, says: "Due to Illusion's policy, its games are not intended to be sold or used outside of Japan, and official support is only given in Japanese and for use in Japan."

...yes, because it only being intended for sale in the Japanese market makes it all OK? What?

Jezebel has an update see comment & link there


Ankara Turkey Int Film Festival 09 - The Terrorist - poster, Australia

Who's the bigger enemy - terrorists or our own paranoia and prejudices?
'The Terrorist' is a story about how quickly we judge someone by their appearance.
Whybin\TBWA, Sydney

Link to larger image


BP Superwash - Carwash - poster, South Africa

A brush n the middle turns two posters into a car wash. A magic car wash, that makes your car shiny and new. Super new. Omg, what are you, blind? There's two different Beetle's in there.


Fischer Portugal - Some words (about the crises) - print, Portugal

Fisher in Portugal have a different point of view on the current economic crisis. Please click here for a larger image in case you can't read the copy here.


Arby's - Reveal (boobies) - print for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue

Arby's special ad for the Swimsuit Issue of sports illustrated teases with "We're about to reveal something you'll really drool over". Boobies! No. Is this a the way to a mans heart goes through his stomach -thing? At least it wasn't a knob gag.


Art Director Wisdom.

I got a little carried away when procrastinating today, and by popular demand here is a more permanent place for these tweets. For added fun, and to prove twitter is not just a megaphone, conversations do happen, replies are included. :)

Art Director Wisdom #1: People only say "Great idea" if you execute it flawlessly.

Art Director Wisdom #2: He who doesn't put the marker cap on properly is an evil, evil, person.

Art Director Wisdom #3: There are no bad fonts, there is only bad typography.

Art Director Wisdom #4: Even the best copywriter you've ever worked with, can't find a way to explain what you really do to your mom.

Art Director Wisdom #5: The x-acto knife is not a toothpick

Art director Wisdom #6: Spraymount can be used as hairspray and removed with olive oil or conditioner, despite what cw @caff thinks.

~ hakestam: @dabitch Spraymount can also be used as napalm light with cigarette lighter and some basic training. 3M never mentions this on can, strange
~ darrellwhitelaw @dabitch don't forget xacto knife throwing stars.

Art Director Wisdom #7: Keeping your burnisher collection in a pen jar drives your copywriter crazy. fun!

Art Director Wisdom #8: Permanent ink stains can be removed with rubbing alcohol or nailpolish remover.

Art Director Wisdom #9: SuperGlue is the best band-aid for deep bleeding paper cuts when you need to keep blood off your bristol board.

Art Director Wisdom #10: Design the whole ad from the ugliest thing in it. Usually, that's the logo.

Art Director Wisdom #11: Make logo 30% smaller than you want.When client wants it bigger, enlarge 10%. Repeat 3 times. They never ask 4 times

Art Director Wisdom #12: The punter can never love the line if they can't read it.

Art Director Wisdom #13: Wax gets in your eyes, hair and everywhere except the back of the galley. (Young adpups will not get this)

~ thomdinsdale: @dabitch You're right, I don't get it. :P
~ garrick_s: @dabitch You're killing me with these! I remember picking bits of copy off my clothing every evening after a day of paste-up.

Art Director Wisdom #14: If fellow AD lets you touch their markers, place them back in holder in exactly the color order you found them in.

~ nicole_fletcher @dabitch completely agree on the marker issue. Total pet peeve of mine!

Art Director Wisdom #15: "Don't bleed on the boards!" when co-worker slices finger off is not insensitive, it's being helpful.

~ Zindella @dabitch Yep. Innovation comes through taking something away.

Art Director Wisdom #16: Everyone in the world can read 5pt if it's on the right paper.

Art Director Wisdom #17: It's not about making it simple, it's about how you make it simple.

Art Director Wisdom #18: If copywriter ever calls you a wrist, always refer to them as "the textguy" from then on.

~ strawberrycough @dabitch i'd call you a fart director, myself.

Art Director Wisdom #19: People never read the copy unless it's Lorem Ipsum

Art Director Wisdom #20: Fonts are like voices. Saddam Hussein speaks in Futura Extra Bold Condensed, all caps.

~katrinalimbaugh: @dabitch not any more he doesn't... :/


Will Twitter start charging brands who tweet? What about the ad agencies who tweet?

Interesting news today regarding twitter - both Brandweek and Techcrunch are reporting that Twitter might start charging brands for "pro" twitter accounts. How will this pan out now that everyone has a personal brand these days? Do I have a brand on twitter? I go on little theme-tweets travels like share Art Director wisdom and spend a whole day telling light bulb ad agency jokes, but really I'm just being my nutty old self a.k.a Dabitch®. ;) Is wilw a brand since he is actor famous and funny, much like Stephenfry whose fame comes from being funny in the first place - even though they are, like everyone else, just tweeting what they happen to be doing or thinking any day. What about tweeting companies? There are major brands on twitter handing us headlines like CNN and BBC, but small startups are sharing their passion for teas or energy drinks or whatever they do as well. This brings me to ad agencies.

I, as in dabitch on twitter and adland on twitter went on the hunt last night to try and find new ad agencies to follow, turns out that there's loads of ad agencies on twitter now.

Cliffbot is Tom Christmann the ECD from Cliff Freeman and Partners. adamkleinberg the the CEO of hot shop Traction twitters. I'm not sure if Dave Trott is the same Dave Trott who taught some Miami Ad school ad pups that they are a brand though since that account seems quite dead.

The agency who just let 23 people go yesterday Modernista! is on twitter - wonder if they DM:ed the pink slips. In fact, agencies from all over the US are on twitter like SteinRogan+Partners, New York, KGBAdvertising Cincinnati, OH, kelseyads LaGrange, GA, agencypja Cambridge, MA, fusionadv, Dallas, TX and RL_agency from Chicago. Heck, even the ad club of Kansas City tweets under the name adclubofkc and the student run agency cgadvertising from Iowa State University.
Europe represents as well, deliriumad from Barcelona, Saatchicannes from Brussels, while Greyemea represents everywhere in the world.
Alphabet-soup bigwigs are on twitter for example ClemengerBBDO, BBDO, and TBWALONDON.

Oddness abound with these though, TBWA is a no-follow-nobody zone, while HHCC, Arnoldworldwide and HillHoliday have been squatted by someone looking to "sell the names".

So will all or any of these accounts fall under the possible "pro account" rule in the future? Feel free to add any agencies that I missed in the comments, I want to find more - there's plenty of post production companies as well, not to mention PR people but if I list them all in this post I'll never finish. ;) Who are you on twitter?