Create Your Own Sea Kitten at!

In a very unlike PETA campaign, nobody famous or pregnant is getting naked or comparing bizarre greyhound murders to chicken slaughter. Peta has done some market research and found that nobody likes fish. They're slimy, scaly, have eyes on either side of their pointy little heads, and are generally un-cuddly. So, in order to drum up some sympathies for these unloveable creatures they are re-branding them. Save the sea kitten, won't you?


Sampoerna / The Tanya Kenapa - Ramadhan - backlit billboard, Indonesia

A friend of mine loves being a muslim in Sweden when the Ramadam falls in the winter, because if it falls in the summer "I loose my temper and so much weight" due to our midnight fun-sun we have. In the winter it gets dark so fast that Ramadan is hardly noticeable, except when it's over and you need a machete to cut through all that parsley and dodge the dates the supermarket has stocked up on.


Procter & Gamble PŪR Water Filtration System - Message from no bottle - print, USA

PŪR Water Filtration Systems makes tapwater taste gooder cuz' it's cleaner, selling point "removes unwanted contaminants". Like odor and reducing some of the chlorine (which is the bad taste by the way). It won't remove that US government added flouride you guys have in your tap water which counts as an "unwanted contaminant" in my book. Nor will it remove bacteria and viruses. To remove Cryptosporidium, try just boiling the water instead. Ooops, did I just unsell this thing? Sorry. TBWA\Chiat\Day, Los Angeles might hate me now. I think I'll have a tall glass of pure fresh nice tasting Swedish no flouride tap water right now.


Neonic Evolution Limited CCTV - Anyone could be a crook - print, Thailand

Opportunity makes the thief they say, thus Lowe Bangkok offers you the reason for CCTV, mission impossible mask-revealing style.


Keep Holland clean foundation / Dutch government - Garbage bus - bus ad, The Netherlands

I ask you, what better way to tell people to quit leaving their garbage on the bus? Grey Amsterdam turned a bus into a garbage truck.


AT&T - Pest control & handy man - billboard, USA

GSD&M's Idea City, Austin make literal outdoor billboards for AT&T "Need Something?"


Aquafresh Flex Direct Toothbrush - Ultra Bency - print, Hong Kong

I still don't know why a flexy bendable toothbrush is an advantage when cleaning my teeth, and thus why I should bother buying it, but I find looking at this tooth-brush-mohawked dude a rather interesting visual. Do I get one of these guys if I buy a brush? In that case, sold! Grey Hong Kong created it.


Amnesty - Felt Tip, Ball bens, Fountain pen - print, Malaysia

Amnesty hammer home the point that writing letters set people free - no matter what kind of pen you use - in this three execution campaign from Saatchi and Saatchi Malaysia. I keep thinking "the economist" when I look at them though.


BMW - BMW Puzzle - print, Canada

Concerto, Vancouver riddles us for BMW. There are 80 BMW logos in this ad, one is not quite right.


The Mad Men tweets - even the Xerox machine is tweeting now.

The mad men tweets has now spread all the way to office-machines taking part as the Xerox 914 tweets away about missing Miss Peggy Olsen and "Paper Out". I can't wait until the by now famous Boylan Seltzer bottle (I have one, they're so sexy) starts tweeting away! "bubble, fizz - cap opens" and other important events in a bottles life are a must follow. ;)

Other Mad men tweeters: Mad Men, another Peggy Olson with new & improved flip-do, Bertram_Cooper & Bertram Cooper, Roger Sterling, Joan Holloway, Paul Kinsey, Bobbie Barett, Jimmy Barett, Betty Draper & Betty_Draper, Anna Draper, Francine Hanson, Pete Cambell, Trudy Cambell, sly off the wagon Duck Phillips, Ken Cosgrove, Harry Crane... and the list goes on and on.

Famous non-fictional ad people twittering from the era include Bill Bernbach, David_Ogilvy and still living and breathing ad legend Mary Wells, a.k.a Mary Wells Lawrence. I wonder what she thinks about that twitter account from her younger self.