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How do you welcome the punters to the recently freshened up posh mall of the expensive "upper east side" of Stockholm? Well, since it is the neighbourhood where everyone was supposedly born with silver spoons and walls in homes have paintings in gold frames rather than posters as decoration... yeah you guessed it.... this is how we make the hyperlocal ad fit in.

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Budlight vs. Babybel


Kate Moss gets naked in Agent Provocateur ads

Kate Moss is back in action with a new deal with Agent Provocateur. She will appear in four films by Hollywood filmmaker Mike Figgis, director of Leaving Los Vegas.

The first ad, a short four-minute film, features Kate in bed, dressed in all-black, in a pair of tiny briefs, a corset, bra, sexy tights and a pair of leather gloves.

For now, fans will have to log onto the company's website to see the hot, steamy film - the first in a series of four. It is not yet known if it will be aired on television.

Kate is even more daring in the third film of the Agent Provocateur "Miss X" series, in which she strips off naked.


Miller Genuine Draft drops ad agency and campagin

Brandweek reports that Miller Brewing is dropping its Miller Genuine Draft "Beer. Grown Up" campaign created by The Martin Agency. Teasers for the campagin started running at the end of 2005, with the meat of the campaign first airing during the Academy Awards in February. Ad chores are being moved to Young & Rubican, Chicago and the agency will be developing a new campaign.


AdCrap ReCap - Week 35

Get your quick recap of last week's goings-on in Adland.

  • Milk launches a new campaign without any fizz.
  • Bula takes us back to the scary hairstyles of 1983 in their print ad by Goss.
  • Chrysler says Auf Wiedersehen to Dr. Z.
  • Draft NZ's ambient campaign helps keep out the draft.
  • J.C. Penny announces plans to air live ads at MTV VMAs.
  • Johnny Walker ads aim to improve morale in Lebanon.
  • New ads of the week:
    California Costal Commission - Non-Native Species (2006) 0:30 (USA)


    Kesselskramer gets in on the "Man"-themed ads for Bavaria

    Kesselskramer's new ad campaign for Bavaria Beer is what you might expect if Guinness' noitulovE and CPK's Manthem spot had a baby:
    "Ode to Testosterone"

    It's more of the "man" campaign themes we've seen, especially from the boys at Crispin. Read on to check out some of the print for the campaign.


    Chrysler says Auf Wiedersehen to Dr. Z

    On Friday, Reuters reported that Chrysler is putting an end to the Dr. Z spots many of us have been tormented by for the last couple months. A large frequency media buy with ads that were supposedly humerous but fell flat in the laughs department were part of a $225 million ad campaign by BBDO.

    Chrysler said its "Ask Dr. Z" advertising campaign had achieved the company's intent of focusing consumer attention on the American and German engineering behind the company's cars.

    But sales fell during the two months of the campaign and critics said the ads risked distracting attention from the automaker's summer sales efforts intended to clear out an inventory of unsold vehicles.


    Johnny Walker ads aim to improve morale in Lebanon

    At the beginning of last month, dabitch alerted us to a campaign created by Leo Burnett for Audi Bank in Lebanon designed to run in the middle of the war and suggested it was the beginning of a trend. Looks like she was right.

    Yet another ad, also created by Leo Burnett (H&C Leo Burnett, the agency's Beirut affiliate), was created for similar reasons for Johnny Walker. Using the global campaign idea of "Keep on Walking", this billboard and print ads were run to improve morale.

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    Jennifer Aniston + Eminem rapping in next Nike ads?

    Entertainmentwise.com reports that Nike has signed up Jennifer Aniston as the new face for their woman's line, with Eminem fronting for their men's line.

    When Aniston found out she and Eminem would be promoting the sportswear together she suggested they do a comedy rap to help keep things light.


    Commercial continues Goodby's Cannes winning campaign

    Bicoastal creative production company Stardust Studios recently designed and produced a startling, powerful animated PSA to complement ad agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners’ ongoing, award-winning campaign for the California Coastal Commission. The :30 spot entitled “Non-Native Species” is currently being made available to the media to help promote this year’s California Cleanup Day, scheduled for Sat., Sept. 16, and other related events scheduled to run through Oct. 8.

    Last year's campaign elements from the agency, which included posters featuring Audubon-inspired images of imaginary creatures made from trash, such as the CigEgret, SporkCrab and ColaBass, earned major 2006 One Show and Cannes Advertising awards. This year, the agency's creative team, including creative director Jeff Goodby, associate creative directors Paul Foulkes and Tyler Hampton and producer Michael Damiani, called upon Stardust to stylishly conjure one of the creatures for a PSA.