The Dragon and the beer - Golden Fire, unconventionally strong Heineken

Ninjamarketing shws off a dragon of a launch for Heineken.

They had a giant Dragon egg sculpture in the centre of Turin, did guerrilla with giant dragon teeth strewed over the city, "did wild posting, static cling, ext, a viral web spot (more than 500.000 views in one month), a 3D navigation website (www.goldenfire.it) and more than 100 events in pubs with ambient adv in toilets and other weird stuff is the core of the unconventional marketing campaign made by the Ninjas."

Personally, I think the egg sculpture was the coolest.


Ten heads of Ravana made him immortal, while you are not (print) India

You don't need to know anything about Ravana, Hindu rakshasa King of Lanka to get this - all you need to know is that he had ten heads and you don't.

Copy: “Unfortunately, you have only one head. Please wear a helmet.”

Advertiser: Vijay Kiran Holdings
Agency: Bhadra Communications, Bangalore, India
Executive Creative Director: Satya P R
Art Director: Siju S Nair
Copywriter: Satya P R
Illustrator: Retheesh T C


SKY Movies - Queen (This bus kneels) - ambient, New Zealand


One man, must follow his dream, to become an orthodontist.

poykpac peeks into the daily life of a family of voice talents.


Brand tags: Tag a brand and watch the tag cloud.

Brand tags is a site where you can tag a brand/logo and see what other people have tagged it. I have a feeling that the trademark holders won't like this place much, at least not when you look at tags that sound more like consumer complaints....

Starbucks is bitter black heroin bland branded burned burnt burnt coffee , Wal mart is bad evil harmful cheap crap junk treason, comcast is cable internet sucks, Splenda is cancer fake sugar. Coca-Cola fares much better with the big words being always classic coke drink red soda sugar.

Extra credit fun: play the reverse tag game and guess the brand behind the tags!


Can advertising change the world?


Link Lust: Don't link me now, cuz' I'm having a good time.

It's really weird getting "embargoed" submissions set to be released at a certain date that is already appearing on other adblogs. So I reckon I'll just point to the CULTIVATOR Advertising & Design campaign for New Belgium Brewing Co. at the Denver Egotist.

Welcometowallyworld notes that Amercan airlines goes gay.

Ilya vedrashko scanned these cute Boyfriend Girlfriend chocolates.

Graphic design blog lists 6 Reasons Why a Logo Should Cost More than your Lunch and they are all true.


HP Advanced Photo Paper "Ripped Exit" - ambient/outdoor

When I first saw this I swear I let a little "How the f... did they do that?" and so, for once, the little photos showing how it's was done were necessary. Now all I want to know is where the heck they've been hiding those swiss alps looking quaint towns in Malaysia. This clever little "exit" standee thing seems to have gone on a world tour. Jammy bastard.


One Show Student winners on "Doritos" live brief.

The print category received 376 entries. A Gold Pencil was awarded to art director/writer duo Elliot Nordstrom and Phil Van Buren of the University of Colorado for their campaign titled “There is Only One” which artfully featured the unique Doritos chip as the standout in a sea of generic potatoes chips, tortilla chips and crackers.

Other highlights of the show include a Gold Pencil awarded in the Interactive category to art director Thomas Jonsson and writer Cark Fredrik Jannerfeldt of Berghs School of Communication, Stockholm for “We don’t like banners,” an innovative computer plug-in program that would detect where advertising banners are placed and override them with your own personalized content. The tag line reads: “What if the Internet was just like a bag of Doritos. Filled only with the stuff you like.”


The youtube clip that needed to save "What happens in Vegas"

The footage of Cameron Diaz, drunk getting hitched to an equally soused Ashton Kutcher was "leaked" on the web to help boost interested in the movie "What happens in Vegas" which opened May 9. Adage reported:

those surveyed were asked for their top three choices of movies to see this summer, only 13% of Marketcast respondents named "What Happens in Vegas." Instead, most mentioned blockbusters such as "Indiana Jones" (May 22) or "Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" (May 16). In short, when a film is tracking behind pictures that don't even open until two to three weeks after it does, the studio releasing it has a potentially significant problem.

Complicating matters, Ms. Diaz was forced to skip its press junket last weekend after the sudden death of her father on April 15.

That has not been lost on Fox. The studio hastily cut new TV spots showcasing broader humor that might skew more male, and the planned leak of the illicit "wedding video" may yet stir up interest among heretofore unenthusiastic males.

"The 'wedding video' is only in the actual movie for a little bit, but they shot 10 minutes of footage, and it's fucking hilarious," said Shawn Levy, a producer on "Vegas" who has also directed the comedies "Night at the Museum" and "Cheaper by the Dozen" for Fox.

So far "What happens in Vegas" has received mixed reviews, and how many saw it the opening weekend hasn't been announced yet.