KING advertising agency and ICA supermarkets have had a longlasting relationship where new commercials in the soap opera story are produced each month, that both manage to hightlight the specials of the week and entertain the audience. People follow the ICA story the way you'd follow any soap opera (like my mom who calls me when a new ad is on asking if I've seen it yet). Most recently, ICA decided to promote tolerance by shaking up peoples mindset about people with down's syndrome. The background for these films is the project "we can do more" which has a goal to employ 1000 disabled people in the ICA stores around the country.

They hired actor Mats Melin, who has down's syndrome, to play "Jerry the trainee" in a series of ads. Mats works as an actor at Glada Hudik theatre, and quickly became a national phenomena in Sweden. In each one of the ads Jerry has the upper hand over the other characters. Lets begin with the introduction of Jerry.


Nevermind if you don't know Swedish, some of these films are quite worth watching anyway (and in each individual post I do my best to explain things), because Roygalan is all about the perfect commercial, and like most short stories told with 30-60 seconds of film, ideas are universal. Plus, it wouldn't be a proper award celebrating commercials 2009 if it didn't hand something to "Carousel"... which it does.

....and the winners are.

BÄSTA REKLAMFILM /GULD - Best commercial, Gold

a.k.a Tonårsfesten by Esteban.


Dead Sea Premier sells cosmetic products enriched with minerals from... the Dead Sea.
This year they launched a campaign for their Anti Age series:
A single radio spot was aired, at the precise second that Israel moved the clock back
and ended the daylight savings time.

This single radio spot was promoted with PR before and after it aired, resulting in wide
media coverage and and unusual number of curious radio enthusiasts that stayed awake
until 2 am, just to hear the single spot: