Diageo  Dimple blended scotch - Bridge - (2010) (Greece)

Working via production studio Green Olive Films, Director Stuart Rideout, (repped stateside by Crossroads and in the UK by RSA) just finished a beautiful spot promoting Diageo's Dimple blended scotch whiskey. The :30, out of Leo Burnett Greece, is a seamless blend of bold narrative and striking visual imagery. Bridge features a sequence of urban panoramas populated with confident men surveying the land. "Once giants lived on earth," the voiceover proclaims as the men rule over rapt crowds, imagine modern skyscraper clusters reigning over antiquated cityscapes, or gather in urbane conversation. The imagery perfectly syncs with the ongoing narrative: "I say they still exist, inside some men; men of giant hearts, giant will, giant dreams; perhaps men like you# Reveal your greater self."

The big news in Sweden is that the entire Nokia team has left Farfar, the Isobar owned hot shop that created the worlds biggest signpost for Nokia and countless other groundbreaking ideas. Dagens Media has interviewed everyone and their little dog too abut Farfar, and now have word from the Jakob Swedenborg and Mårten Forslund that left as to why: "Isobel worked against us every step of the way" they say. Both the launch of Farfar, London and Farfar New York was sabotaged by Isobel.

"...as soon as there's talk about new business you end up in a competing position with Isobar's other agencies, and truth be told, I don't think anyone wanted us there" says Mårten Fishlund about the London Launch where Farfar worked on Nokia from a hotel room. The same thing happened in New York : -" I had the visa, the apartment and the work, but there wasn't a single agency in North America that wanted Farfar there, not even Isobar. That's the problem when a network tries to bring local agencies out in the world."

The quitters are key people at the agency, including the MD Matias Palm-Jensen. Mårten Forslund AE for Nokia, Jakob Swedenborg and Erik Norin, Creative Directors on the Nokia account as well as Daniel Wall, Jeff Salomonsson, Tomas Jonsson, Ante Stenberg and Carl Fredrik Jannerfeldt have all walked away from Farfar today.

Lady Gaga - Telephone ft. Beyoncé - (2010) 9:32

Jonas Åkerlund and Lady Gaga got together again for this video Telephone, featuring Beyoncé - where Gaga prances about in a womans prison sporting insane cigarette sunglasses. Once her love Beyoncé bails her out, they go on a homicide spree in their pussy mobile. There's plenty of product placement going on in this video, even for the dating site Plenty Of Fish where the officer logs in as MissOfficer if you fancy a tough broad. In the end, fashion wins... or does it?

Props for killing the hemaphrodite rumor.

Also notice: When Beyoncé kills her presumed boyfriend, she tops it off by flipping up the same style sunglasses Gaga wore in the Åkerlund directed Paparazzi video. Does that mean that she too is now an Illuminati Puppet brainwashed to kill? (see also part 2 of that hilarious idea). Why yes of course, she's been one since her rebirth as Sasha Fierce.

TBWA get down and dirty with paint for Nissan, this print campaign is shot by photographer Vincent Dixon staging the car avoiding paintballs on the city streets. The online part of the campaign lets the audience to follow QASHQAI’s journey to Urbanproof on www.nissanurbanproof.com - and finally the commercial which was shot over a period of six days in Bangkok shows the car dodging paintbullets left and right. THere's a 90 second "making of" film here for you geeks who want the behind the scenes action.


TBWA is launching the fourth episode of the Nissan ‘Urbanproof’ saga, supporting the reveal of the new Nissan QASHQAI - ten bucks say they looked at Jonathan Glazers Sony "Paint" for pointers in how to make paint go "splat" in cool looking ways. The Nissan QASHQAI outdrives the evil buildings that keep shooting giant paintballs at it, with a roof-top stunt jump to boot.

The groundbreaking TVC filmed in Bangkok in December 2009 and created by TBWA\G1 and TBWA\Paris. Previous creatives have seen the QASHQAI treating the city as its playground with trademark back- flips and stunts. In this new episode, our hero no longer copes with the city but actively reshapes its favourite “battlefield”, now mastering its own “Urbanproof” discipline. The shoot took over six days to capture, involving a 230 people crew, with 80% shot in ‘real time’.

Sarah Palin
Knitting Needles
The Electric Car
The Polar Ice cap

Zig’s new campaign for Newstalk 1010 is inviting people to make sense of what doesn’t – like the fact that Sarah Palin is a bestselling author – by listening and contributing to the conversation on the Toronto radio station. The campaign which shows some of the currently debated topics in graphic form, takes the form of billboards, TSAs, elevator wraps in Toronto’s downtown core and online banners. Speaking of the electric car, I totally want a Tesla model S, pretty sleek right?


Fans of iconic brands like the blue and yellow Chiquita should head over to Design:related and read the interview with the designer DJ Neff about the Chiquita Banana Brand Refresh for some great eye candy and howto bring an old icon into the new era.

Many times as designers we are tasked to help brands build or rebuild their identities. We may initially think that a clean slate is required to achieve a better identity, and in some cases that can be true if the existing brand identity has little to no value. But in most cases, there is always something that can be built on, discovered, or championed with any brand. It really just requires spending as much time as you can with the product, immersing yourself in it. Like method designing, you just have to live it and the work will flow through you.

Fans of old Chiquita should start humming I'm Chiquita Banana, and I've come to say
Bananas have to ripen in a certain way....
right about now.