Paul Silverman, founding Creative Director of Mullen, has gone to the agency penthouse. Creativity Magazine shows off one of his most memorable ads, hush when you watch BMW Ice Fishing. There's also this Flickr collection of some of his work to rest your eyes on for a moment.

@AdFreak points to a nice collection of vintage muscle-men ads where the classic story of sand-kicking beef-cake meets shrimp always has a happy ending. Just for that we'll have to listen to The Who Sell out part 2 (with the Charles Atlas intro), because we were never really that into the Rocky Horror Picture show.

@Drapersbastard complains: "Had to explain a call to action to my 31 year old creative director today. Looked at me as if I was explaining water-boarding." @adtothebone responds: "Call to action example: "Bite me.""


Der Spiegel reports that a politicians poster featuring Chancellor Angela Merkel's cleavage is causing a bit of a stir.

A female member of Angela Merkel's conservative Christian Democratic Union has raised eyebrows with a campaign poster displaying the chancellor's ample cleavage alongside her own. The poster's slogan reads: "We have more to offer."

The poster features a photo of Vera Lengsfeld, 57, in a low-cut dress alongside a famous photo of Merkel displaying cleavage during a visit to the opera in Oslo in April 2008.

Some people commentating on the poster find it humorous, ironic and even showing a certain degree of courage. What it boils down to no matter how you slice it is: vote for me because my boobs are bigger, and last time I checked that criteria only really applies in wet T-shirt contests. Der Spiegel seems to think this might become a trend: "Several regional CDU districts are now considering following suit by using Merkel's cleavage in their own posters. " uh-oh! And judging by the Green Party bare buttocks ad, skin is "in", in political ads down in Germany. Sheesh.

Adland is no stranger to using cleavage in ads, or even Prostitutes' Cleavage and Thighs as media space though. Expect more skin soon.

* Note: Can't get a hold of anyone at Reuters regarding republishing the photo, don't much fancy plain 'nicking' it when Spiegel always treated us right, so that's why there is none.

As I said when I saw it floating by in my twitter stream (yes, I need to be spanked for talking like this, I'm sorry) : That is the most meta viral ad I've ever seen. Forget that Ray-Ban guy catches glasses with face ad, forget the guys doing backflips into jeans - these guys are catching MSI computers with their butt crack. Might that even be a reference to the girl who cracks walnuts with her gluteus maximus? And are the ridonkulous sports suits a homage to our dear 118 118 boys that were the Kings of meta to begin with, referencing David Bedford's style, then spoofing the Honda Choir and lets not forget FlashDance, which was also spoofed by Carlton Beer by the way.

Thank you Dodgygeezer at Barkingstar for your subtle way of telling me that I need to get out more.


The Car Allowance Rebate System (a.k.a Cash for Clunkers) has many people becoming quite inventive in how to kill perfectly decent (and expensive) running cars so that they may trade them in for a more environmentally friendly vehicle instead.

So, what you do is drain the engine of oil, and refill it with two or three quarts of a salt + water + silica mix. Then you run the engine like nuts until it chokes. These guys conclude however, that disabling an engine in a new Volvo is hard work. "Super tough" as they describe it. Of course it is. It's a Volvo you fools! They're built tough.
(It honestly sounds like a puppy crying as the engine slowly dies, heartbreaking!)

(ps, Volvo, I'll send my bill to the usual address, yeah?)

Since the Burger King "Flame" fragrance went so well (it sold out faster than you can say "no pickles"), other junk food producers want in on the game. Now there's Cheetos Lip Balm. It does exactly what you'd think, leaves an orange fatty residue and smells like cheetos.

Personally I'd rather get that look by burying my face in a bag of cheetos. In fact I'm wearing it right now, I look hot. *chomp chomp crunch*

Perhaps it's simply Chester being more mischievous than ever, fooling us all into looking like fools. "Felicia... Yes..... wear the Cheetos Chapstick. Go on. Mmmmmm." You have to obey Chester.

Hat tip tobedoo & seen on buzzfeed - photograph by fortune cookie on flickr.


Not sure when Disney fell asleep at the wheel but here's sixteen year old Hanna Montana/Miley Cyrus doing some gyrating pole dancing at the Teen Choice Awards. Yes, what you see here is jesus-loving jailbait working the pole in front of an audience largely consisting of preteens. On top of a little ice-cream cart labelled "Miley's Ice Cream." Nice euphemism. I predict a downhill trajectory into full frontal nudity shown everywhere by 2012.

Hannah Montana as a brand is off prudent parents shopping lists in 5...4...3.. Aw who am I kidding it worked out great when Britney Spears did it. Ka-ching says the Disney machine! Isn't there any other way for a Disney pop starlet to "rebel"? This is getting so predictable.

Recession hit. The pink slips rained. 70,000 people in advertising were laid off quite abruptly. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade - or - you become a documentary filmmaker and make a film called Lemonade. At least that's what Erik Proulx did, by way of first creating a blog which soon grew to a job-hunt site for adpeeps called please feed the animals, then he documented the stories from the recently laid off creatives and suits from hot shops such as Arnold, TBWA/Chiat/Day, Richard group to see what they are doing in their life after advertising.

And it looks like it's become a film filled with interesting lives, hope for the future and major life changes for the group of former adpeeps. Life after advertising includes art, yoga and changing genders. Personally I can't wait to see it, lets make a date at a theatre near me when it runs shall we?

Lemonade movie trailer

In the Adage article about it people are commenting with the usual snark & bile we're so famous for in the adworld, saying that the layoffs are weeding out the bad chaff. Anyone who has seen a rain of pink-slips in action know that the best and the worst are the ones who leave - the safe are the only safe ones, and sometimes even they aren't safe.

But it's proven in the films trailer that a lay-off doesn't have to be the end of the world. It can be a swift kick in the butt to re-asses what is really important in your life. Advertising is like an addiction, it can run and ruin your life said Jeremy Clarke - in this business it's not unusual to work so hard and such long hours that life actually passes us by. But then, that's also often because we're all crazy fools who love advertising, are addicted to it even. Kudos to those who take the plunge outside of advertising. The Next John Hughes, Andy Warhol and even David Ogilvy is born today in a rain of pink slips. And we're all the richer for it.

See also Looking Beyond the Pink Slips at FastCompay - and you can always follow eproulx on twitter.