Adland interrupts this broadcast to show you our new test pattern.

Over at Design By Hümans (oh god, the stupid use of a silent umlaut) there's a test pattern "creatures" T-shirt. They look like little pink devils! I should get this shirt, I even have the soundtrack to go with it! :) Let it be the soundtrack for this post:

Seems that I'm not the only one slightly obsessed with Test Card F and test patterns in general. Come to my house and you'll wipe your feet on a test pattern door mat, I got my test pattern earrings on, I check my D&G Medicine Man Test pattern watch. No I don't, I check my test pattern wall clock. Special Sally at Deviant Art has even knitted a really nice TV-pattern pullover. Obviously there's even a test pattern TV cosy.


Wazoo - Tastebuds go ga ga - (2009) :15 (USA)

Wazoo - Tastebuds go ga ga - (2009) :15 (USA)

That's the grossest looking candy bar I've ever seen.


GM Reinvention commercial spoofed as GM Retardation commercial.

Luke sent us a message on Fri, 5 Jun saying:

I don't know if you've seen the GM:Reinvention spot but there's a very well-produced parody at

I asked Luke if he had any more info, but no reply yet, either way, you all knew this was bound to happen the moment you laid eyes on the demo-love like General Motors - Reinvention commercial, right. It was practically gagging for it when they used the line "...fewer stronger brands, fewer stronger models..." .


Fitness First ad displays target's weight


Bavaria - Walk-in Fridge (Heineken spoof) (2009) :30

Bavaria - Walk-in Fridge (Heineken spoof) (2009) :30

Bavaria mocks "walk in fridge" with their now understated version of their classic tagline "Zo, nu erst en Bavaria" - That's "So, now a bavaria" which roughly means you only deserve your beer after you've done your work, like "not until now" a bavaria.


Post Shredded Wheat - Progress - long (2009) :60 (USA)

Post Shredded Wheat - Progress - long (2009) :60  (USA)

"We put the NO in innovation"


Wakker Dier (Animals Awake) - Ancilla Tilia strips - (2009) :60 (The Netherlands)

Wakker Dier (Animals Awake) - Ancilla Tilia strips - (2009) :60 (The Netherlands)

PETA has found competition. Ancilla Tilia was crowned the sexiest vegetarian of 2008, and is a famous fetish model. Here she strips naked for Wakker Dier (Animals Awake), only to be gutted alive by a chain-smoking fisherman. Fish and ladies, they're all the same, right?


AeroGRID Has Italian Office

AeroGRID, the aerial imagery consortium, has new offices in the city of Padua, Northern Italy. As well as providing AeroGRID’s main sales outlet for Italy it will also be the base for planning and managing image capture projects in the Italian peninsula. AeroGRID now has a presence in Europe’s four largest economies as well as Benelux.


Pond's White Beauty UV Protection Cream / PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk - Solar System

Space age technology? Ah, okay, so the ponds UV protector shields the planet so much it gets as cold as... Venus? Is that Venus or Jupiter? Where the heck is Mercury? Do I have to go back to sixth grade and not fall asleep in science class to get this ad? Oh, wait, it makes a bigger space between the sun and earth. I get it. Also, I'm really cold now. Brrr.


Found Cannes Lion - Someone dug up Farfar's lost lion!

Remember when a couple of nutty creatives from Farfar got drunk and buried their Cannes Lions award in the sand promptly losing it? Well, that was a hoax, and Caff called it by saying the guy was "full of the excrement of el toro." It was simply fun viral, perhaps even serving as a recruitment campaign for Farfar now. Nobody has responded to it as far as we know.... Until now (dum dum DUM).

An Israeli creative team, Jossi and Roy, have They hope to have a shot in one of the best online agencies in the world. Props for the opening line "We were sober and it was worth it. "