Blue Shield - "Uncovered (statues) - Guerrilla, USA

"Uncovered", a statue display "depicting naked humans in vulnerable positions" is meant to bring attention to California’s 6.7 million uninsured residents.


TV3 - Silence / The Librarians - (2008) :30 (New Zealand)

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The Librarians is a new show on TV3 New Zealand and this is how Colenso BBDO, Auckland chose to promote it.

Executive Creative Director: Nick Worthington
Creative: Lisa Fedyszyn
Creative: Jonathan McMahon
Account Director: Karla Fisher
Account Manager: Lucy Pilkington
Account Executive: Virginia Frankovich


Nissan Altima - Chickens crossing the road - print, USA

Pay attention young Padawan - in advertising it is not why the chicken crossed the road, but how. one should not send in work that hasn't been approved yet! TBWA's PR Director alerts us to the fact that this campaign should never have left the building. And again. check our Terms of Service for take down fees. Cheers. From TBWA\Chiat\Day, Los Angeles.


Three winners of the Video Music Awards - Mr. Roboto, Gil Green and Wayne Isham

It is to some (like me the old fart who remembers the first time that moon-dude planted an MTV flag, and Mick Jagger mouthing George Lois genius line "I want my MTV") just a tad weird that MTV stills host the Video Music Awards, as I haven't seen an actual music video on MTV for years. This year marks the 25th annual VMA's - and like with the age of pop-starlets thats right about the time you become largely irrelevant and only watched by die-hard fans who can't let go. (Madonna excluded by she makes up her own rules doesn't she?)

Still, they do it, and they give out little moon-men shaped awards and all the pop-starlets and stardudes are there and some directors get to show off their work - so lets have a look at three winning videos this year shall we? (all inside)

Co-director/Founder Chris Robinson (aka Mr. Roboto) of Robot Films and Co-Director Erykah Badu took home the Best Direction VMA Sunday night at Paramount Studios in Hollywood for Erykah's single Honey off her latest album, New Amerykah.

Robinson is no stranger to the VMA's with over 15 nominations in various categories, but this year marks his first win for Best Direction.


Britney Spears - Piece Of Me - (2008) 3:10 (USA)

Britney Spears - Piece Of Me - (2008) 3:10 (USA)

This video shot by Wayne Isham won Best Pop Video, Best Female Video, and Video Of The Year at the VMA's 2008.


Lil Wayne - Lollipop - (2008) 4:20 (USA)

Lil Wayne -  Lollipop - (2008) 4:20 (USA)

This video shot by Gil Green (co-directed by Dwayne Carter (Lil Wayne)) won Best Hip Hop Video at the VMA's 2008.


Redd's beer - Masturbation / Sleep / Pee - print, Vietnam

Update - Official statement and removal of spec ads. This is JWT's official statement (pdf under link)

September 17 2009

Official Agency Statement

Re: SAB Miller/REDD’S “Dark Secrets” Posters

The poster campaign for SABMiller – REDD’S was originally developed by JWT Vietnam for internal creative purposes. At no point of time was this work endorsed by SABMiller for either publication or submission to external award shows. We therefore regret the unauthorized submission to such shows and officially withdraw the work from any such show. In the interest of SABMiller, our client, we also ask every publisher to refrain from publishing these ads on websites or in other publications. We apologize for this incident.

Chris von Selle
Managing Director
JWT Vietnam

And once again, I feel the need to remind all readers that we actually have a spec work category to submit ads to but you need to tell us that is is, indeed, spec work (and clear the publication of said ad with your agency if it is spec for one of your existing clients).


Wagstaffe Autobody - Like it never happened - print, Canada

Rethink, Vancouver drive like mad men. But hey, that's alright because Wagstaffe Autobody is like the ctrl-z of car-dents.


"Sausage vs. Sausage" - custom foosball table for Hatfield Quality Meats

Red Tettemer has created a "sausage vs sausage" foosball game for their client Hatfield Quality Meats.
Art directed by Todd Taylor and designed by Jaimi Steen it's a fully functional foosball table will be used at live events and sponsorships - it pits polish sausages against Italian sausage so that the fennel-fans may duke it out with the kielbasa pork posse.

The ultimate goal of the foosball table is to add to the Hatfield brand experience at events and create a fun, engaging environment for consumers to familiarize themselves with the brand and the products themselves.

Oh, c'mon, admit it Red Tettemer, you did it because foosball is FUN! Pretty pictures inside folks.


Erykah Badu - Honey - (2008) 4:42 (USA)

Erykah Badu - Honey - (2008) 4:42 (USA)

Sliding through the record store where every cover does the singing. Very stylish video, but we expect nothing less from Erykah Badu.