Centraal Beheer - Abyss in the mall floor - Guerilla, The Netherlands

Oh bless, we've been fans of Julian Beever since at least 2004 (see 3D street chalk art used for ads.) and now he gets to show off his mad skills of anamorphic illusions for Central Beheer in a Rotterdam mall. Accidents can happen anywhere, you know. I love that Julian sneaked a self-portrait into this as well, that's him with his trademark baseball cap hanging on for dear life..


Zach and Miri make a porn movie - poster banned.

"Zack and Miri Make a Porno" opened at the Toronto film festival last week and this poster - yes, this one above here - was banned because.. Well I don't even know why.


ESPN - Desktop Football Field - DM, USA

Wieden + Kennedy, New York had a little fun with this DM for ESPN (say that ten times fast). It's a grow-it-yourself mini-fields for your desk, containing a sponge, seeds, a cut-out ref , goal and football. I like the instructions that read: 1. wet sponge 2. plant seeds 3: wait for it.


Have you seen something similar ?

This is an ad, recently awarded at a festival for new creative ideas. But I thnk I have seen it somewhere before. Can you help me and remind me where ?


SUNA GPS Traffic Updates - Birthdays / Wedding / Christmas - billboards, Australia

Suna GPS Traffic Updates is what you need if you don't want to spend your life in traffic. These billboards created by Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne were placed in high traffic areas.


OneInThree create droste effect video for "Brave Bulging Buoyant Clairvoyants"

In 1956 Escher attempted to create a picture where there was a continuos frame linking the large image and the next smaller image in a spiral. He created a spiralling grid and used that as the basis for the unusual lithograph 'Prentententoonstelling', the print room. It depicts a young man viewing a print on a wall of a gallery, but as he follows the image of the print he finds a repeated smaller image of himself standing in the same gallery. The centre of the image is an unfinished blank space, where Escher signed and mono-graphed the piece.

This "droste effect" (named after the Chocolate brand that featured a recursive image on it packaging way back in 1904) was the inspiration for OneInThree's music video for the Wild Beasts. The Leiden University & the University of California at Berkeley initiated a joint project to decode the math of the drawing and attempted to develop a more satisfactory way of filling the 'hole' in Eschers drawing. As a result of their research they developed a formula which could complete the drawing. Josh Sommers translated this formula to into MathMap a program that allows one to distort images on a pixel by pixel basis based on instruction specified in a simple programming language. (more inside folks)

The impromptu rendering farm pictured above


Wild Beasts - Brave Bulging Buoyant Clairvoyants - (2008) 4:02 (UK)

Wild Beasts - Brave Bulging Buoyant Clairvoyants - (2008) 4:02 (UK)

Brave Bulging Buoyant Clairvoyants, released on October 13th, is the second single to be taken from Wild Beasts’ debut album Limbo, Panto (available now). I think I'm love with that neat lilting thing the singer does.


Lexus LX 570 - Crawl / Interior / Safety - print, Australia

Saatchi & Saatchi, Sydney sell the Lexus LX 570 by trying to show it all in one image.


World Heart Foundation / WHF - Croissant, Cheese, Butter, Meat - posters UK

The lovely PR chief at BBH, London alerts us to the fact that this campaign was not approved by the client after it was shot, and these mockups can get BBH in serious trouble. As per our current policy, we do not remove submitted work - but have pixelllated the trademark. Please don't send us stuff that hasn't been cleared yet, kids. Unless you are prepared to pay our removal fee, as per our terms of service. And no, we aren't kidding.
Speaking of saturated fats, we're going to enjoy some leftover osso buco now. Cheers.


Greenpeace - Squirrel - print, Romania

Scala JWT, Bucharest are back again with another ad promoting the use of energy saving economic light bulbs (their previous light bulb bugs are seen here). Being kind to the animals on the planet is a nice idea, but will that alone change peoples habits?