The Boards Summit Europe takes place in Amsterdam tomorrow. Cindy Gallop, @cindygallop1, will speak on "The future of advertising .. and porn". Gustav Martner, Karen Corrigan, Andy Fackrell, Mark Chalmers, Jeff Kling, John Weich, and Nick Bailey will present in pecha kucha format "7 ideas to improve the world". Gustav von Sydow will talk about media, creative and the missing link - plus much more. I'm quite exited to be there, even if the Boards Press pass says * PANTS REQUIRED dangit, and I'll be bambusing some chats live for y'all so that you can have a peek too. See you in Amsterdam!

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Tommy Carlsson and Christian Karlsson who currently work at King, Stockholm have been headhunted over to Minneapolis and Fallon reports Resumé. Darren Spiller, CD wants to put together a creative box of chocolates, where teams come from all over the world and nobody stays put on the same client.

"It's really exciting and fun to get this opportunity. It'll be a great adventure, also for our families." says Christian Karlsson to Resumé

Their most recent work done at King is this comhem viral homage. They'll leave King in April, and start at Fallon in May.

A lesson learned for the UK Conservative Party, when trying to harness the power of social media and grassroots support, make sure you understand the tools you are using.

Over the weekend, they launhed the cash-gordon website, check out the google cache of, which would display anything tweeted with the hashtag #cashgordon. That's right, anything. It didn't take long before people were tweeting anti-Conservative messages on the Conservative's own page. But it got worse, as someone rightly concluded that unfiltered tweets aren't filtered for clever little things like either. Presto, the javascript havoc began, and soon the entire website redirected visitors to Goatse

This lovely Flickr diagram shows the timeline of the #cashgordon twittertrainreck, my personal favorite is the end;

It's OK; we can spin this later as a bold social media experiment which successfully exposed why the web needs to be regulated. We can blame this on disruptive web nerds with too much time on their hands.

Of course, the Times online are already blaming this on "hackers" - trust me, had there been real hackers involved this would not have been possible to do in the first place. Do'h!

Despite my own mischievous activities in Gowalla and even some digital flashmobbing, I love playing the Gowalla game. There is something silly fun about checking in to a site, and being rewarded with a little icon. When these icons become tickets for real life discounts, it'll be even more rewarding. Gowalla has the potential in becoming the GPS-tuned position marketing media channel, forget permission marketing, here's a slew of users who actually go and get your ad, when they are nearby. If they aren't faking their GPS location, that is.

Well, since we've already dealt with accusations of ads copying videos today, lets see and example of videos copying videos (and ads), shall we? :)

Look at your giant people in that video. Now back at me. Now at your giants in that other video. Now back at me.

Yep, the video to John Dahlbäck's single "Everywhere" is yet another giants running in the city video. We've seen this before. Is it possibly "retro" now?

If you've watched any MTV back in the 90s (yes, I am a relic - did you know they used to show videos on MTV!), you will have seen Rolling Stones; "Love is Strong" .....

I Badlanded the reverse reading trick last year, hoping we'd end the old Usenet joke trend then and there, but last weeks release of DK groups internal sales meet video which again does the reverse reading thing had some suggesting that DK should change their name to Xerox.

Our pal Joe la pompe has his own post on this reverse reading trend, showing a French copy. Joe, who I keep dubbing the badland ninja for nailing twin ads to the board faster than a speeding bullet point, has a book out with twin ads out as well, which I show off here, and you can pick up at Amazon France.

RECREAR - The Truth

On the topic of twin ads, Mike Wolfsohn has posted this Adage article: In Defense of Inevitable Creative Outcomes, where he says that advertising isn't an originality contest, but a tool where one should do what's appropriate for the issue at hand. He rightly points out that input effects the outcome as well, as too many briefs are the exact same starting point, so landing on the same end-point shouldn't surprise anyone.

Too frequently ads are accused of being rip-offs of music videos or movies, without recognizing the talent that is required to identify creativity within one artistic genre and translate it successfully into another -- namely marketing.

He makes a good argument, and ties it up nicely with: "originality should be celebrated, risk should be rewarded and innovation should be admired. But so, too, should the ability to translate popular culture into effective marketing. Not when it's done illegally, surreptitiously, or dishonestly -- but when it's done humbly, artfully and insightfully"