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Thru-you is where Kutiman remixes youtube proving that with the right editing unrelated youtube videos can become grand funk and dance music. "Through-You is a venue for music and art appreciation. The videos and music is shared out of love and respect, and is only meant to help expose and promote the featured artists. - this is my soundtrack today.


Nothing launches in Amsterdam. (Yes, it's an ad agency named "Nothing")

Michael Jansen and Bas Korsten, highly awarded ex-DDB Executive Creative Directors and co-founders of Selmore, have officially started Nothing this week. Yep. Nothing.

Have a look at some of the photos from the agency (click for larger view)

To create the right atmosphere for the Nothing office - it being "an independent entrepreneurial agency that delivers innovation and commercial creativity for local and international clients out of a cardboard box" they literally built the Nothing office, entirely out of cardboard boxes. Check out a stop motion movie inside.


Who watches the Watchmen's guerilla teams spelling?

All over New York City you can find graffiti that reads Who is watching the Watchmen?, or in this particular case "Who is watching the Watchmemen". Watch-me-huh? Got a little carried away there didn'tcha?
Guerillacomm found it at arrestedmotion but neither source knows if this is the work of an ad agency or a bunch of over exited fans with spray cans.

For those of you gearing up for the premiere over here in Europe (In Sweden it's on this Friday the 13th, dum dum dum!) and if you fancy tagging sites instead, use the embeddable TV's from Rubberepublics Watchmen watch site. They've also created a retro arcade game, Watchmen widgets and even an iPhone app. There's also a youtube channel at thenewfrontiersman.

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Watchmen - NBS nightly news / Dr. Manhattan - (1970) 3:00 (USA)

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Russell Bates - Clown Killer - (2009) :60 (SPEC)

Russell Bates - Clown Killer - (2009) :60 (SPEC)

Russias largest billboard ever for BMW cars, with plenty of real BMW cars on it.

EnglishRussia show off a enormous billboard and dub it "The biggest ad space in Russia". They claim that it is one and a half acres huge (6000 m2) and it even has a bunch of BMW cars stuck onto it, as if in mid-race on the side of the billboard. Each BMW on the billboard is a different one, like the M5 and M3 and so on, but I have no idea what the headline claims.

Nice touch: the headlights and breaklights are lit during the evening. Reports claim that the worlds largest billboard in Berlin is feeling inadequate.


James Ready Brewery - Share our billboard, poster, Canada

James Ready Brewery & Leo Burnett Toronto asked consumers to help share their billboards. See also the website Share our Billboard gallery for more images.


Kia Soul - Hamsters - (2009) :60 (USA)

Kia Soul - Hamsters - (2009) :60 (USA)

LA-based independent creative agency David&Goliath created this spot, directed by Tarsem, edited by Whitehouse editor Ben Stephens, and the vfx done by - who else - Framestore London.

A really simple, but also slightly absurd visual brings home the point - the KIA is not your usual drudgery in the hamsterwheel of commuting. You might still be a hamster, but now you drive a cool car and listen to hip-hop.

“This campaign isn’t about counter-culture or opting to go in a completely different direction. We’re merely suggesting there’s an alternative to the ordinary,” said Colin Jeffery, executive creative director at David&Goliath. “We all have to get from point A to point B – The Soul is just a cooler way to get there.”

David&Goliath used this opportunity to promote various musicians. There’s a key moment in the spot when the Soul’s window goes down to reveal the cool hamsters and the equally cool music track they’re listening to. There will be about five variations of the same spot in rotation, each with a different piece of music. The cinema cuts feature “Bounce” by MSTRKRFT and “Fort Knox” by GoldFish.

Jeffery added, “This car is all about being fresh and different. So we took the opportunity to try something equally innovative with the music. Finishing the commercial with a bunch of different tracks reinforces the idea and importance of being unique.”


Crowdsourcing activism - great idea or greenwashing?

Some people are skilled at getting the word out, so skilled that their unlaunched site gets written up in Wired here: How Altruism and Advertising Could Change the World. Cindy Gallop former global marketing chief and U.S. chairman for creative icon BBH and Wendell Davis former Splice and Zooomr CEO put their heads together and came up with the idea of a site that convert intent into action, making activism easy and sponsored by advertising. And like everyone else, they even have a twitter account; IWRTW.

Now, being a Gemini I have conversations with myself on a daily basis (because the answers are so good) so here is snap of what my brain was saying as it read the article:

ProBrain: This is great, you can look up what your care about and instead of joining a stupid FaceBook group which is about as useful as slapping a bumper sticker on your car, you get a small task to do and can help.

ConBrain: Seen it. and and cellphonewise are doing it already and youknow, they actually launched their sites too. Fancy that. There's even similar local ones, like the canadian Urbantastic.


Grey Amsterdam reorganises - creatives now on top.

While countless US agencies are doing the daft thing in order to save their bottom lines - that is firering the people who provide the product an ad agency sells - Grey Amsterdam is going in the opposite direction according to this release.

Grey Amsterdam is reorganized to have the creatives on top - Colin Lamberton and Seyoan Vela are now steering the ship.


BBDO Mexico rips off Fully Flared skate video by Spike Jonze

Our pals at agency spy have found these gems via The Berrics, however Agency Spy's efforts in reaching BBDO Mexico for comment were fruitless. The Berrics, which is run by pro skaters Steve Berra and Eric Koston, has posted the entire snickers commercial on their site calling it "BBDO Atrocity", which should get most skater fans noticing it. (also, it's better quality so you might as well check it out there).

Lets see what all the fuss is about, shall we? Three films inside!