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Created this little e-card that you can email to your friends. (yes - you should click "read more" now to see what on earth I'm yakkin' about.)


Spam may be the dumbest invention since telemarketing

Short note for frequent visitors, your humble (and ill, so therefore not logged on 24/7 like normal) hostess is getting way too much SPAM lately.

Seems a spambot came by and picked up all available adresses on the site and sold it off to others. Due to the avalanche of identical spams sent to important adresses such as webmaster-at-commercial-archive,,,, (the news-report list) and even must-exist adresses such as "hostmaster" and "postmaster" on several of my domains, I have had to shut these adresses down.
Now, if you wish to contact us here, submit news via the the big submit news button in the top menubar on the far right. If you wish to email images for Badland - send them to hostmaster (I'll leave you to guess which domain.. You are smarter than a bot right.)
Also, the mail all authors at once list, is now at adgrunt. No S. Cool?
I reccomend all of you who share the same problem to sign up with and to systematically kill each spam that arrives in your inbox - what I normally do. Don't let these fucks get away with it.

their blacklist is a godsend and worth supporting. watch out for the Koreans. woop.


Body Shop's "Ruby" Barbie doll banned from the Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway

Ah, Ruby, you nipless plump anti-Barbie. It's been in every Body Shop window since 1998. First you tick off Mattel, and now you're banned from the Hong Kong rail system. Something about pubic hair & nipples. Or the distinct lack of either. (No, this isn't a banned ad per se, it's just refused from certain media venues, but the Hong Kong transit system is large enough to count for a sorta-ban).

Anti Roddick says it best;


First wink, then Big...

Big Magazine is following in the footsteps of other magazines, like wallpaper* - and opened an ad agency. Who's next? Playboy? They could do the cheap beer ads. Or maybe they do? Kidding of course - Big has some big names with them. Click the read more.


The First Boards Awards - are not the first

Boards magazine (US) is proud to present the third annual First Boards Awards, which honors emerging talent. Confusing with all these digits, the third annual first awards will be held in NYC March 2002. There, say that ten times fast.
This year's awards will honor international talent in four categories: directors, editors, animators and composers.


Standing on the shoulders of Giants.

I knew exactly what to expect - I thought - as I got review copies of Herman Vaske's new book
"Standing on the Shoulders of Giants"
sent over. I already have a collection of in my opinion, best interviews from Lurzers Archive photocopied and slammed in a binder at home, with two available in the Ad books section - Paul Arden and Tim Mellors - but there is a vast difference between my photocopied binder and the real deal.

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Taxfree coca-cola and Nestle?

Interesting to note is the large Multinationals march across the world and the advantages they might have in different markets. Did you know that Coca-Cola corporation, Crafts Food, Nestle, Unilever and other like them don't pay taxes in Denmark - despite flogging quite a lot of products in .dk?


Scam ads' place in Cannes

Scam ads' place in Cannes
By Claudia Penteado

Scam ads have gotten out of control in Cannes. But it's not just the scam artist agencies that should take the blame. It's little surprise that things ended up like this. Let me explain: for many countries in the world „ like Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Japan, China „ from the very beginning the Cannes Festival has been essentially Anglo-Saxon. The jury has historically been made up by Americans and Europeans (usually the British). (read more of this article..)


Take me out to the lawsuit

Restored 1966 Volkswagen Microbus: $25,000

Summer-long cross-continental commercial shoot and production involving dozens of baseball stadiums and a whole bunch of location setups: A million or two

Massive media placement to saturate the airwaves with your epic multi-part tale of how two young and unemployed buddies can spend a summer driving a classic vehicle around the country to attend expensive baseball games and buy a bunch of $150 jerseys with their no-limit credit cards during an economic slowdown: $30-60 million

Getting sued by the guys whose documentary film you stole the idea from: Priceless


"Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This: A Guide to Creating Great Ads."

The Hack
by Luke Sullivan.

Many thanks to Luke Sullivan for e-mailing me this part of his book. - Dabitch

Yes, clients can misbehave. Thank God, most of them don't. And to account for all that awful work you see on TV every night, those bad clients must have a few friends in the business. They do. Like everything else in life, America's list of agencies makes up a big bell curve. There are a few truly great agencies, then a whole bunch of agencies that are just okay, and then a few bad ones.

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