New advergame: Candystand GT Racing

Okay, check out our very latest and greatest game --> Candystand GT Racing.


Berthold's Grotesk Akzident for HP

HP's Imaging and Printing Group have made their first viral film about graphic designer and photographer twins fighting their printer and trashing their studio.

My partner Robin Garms (the Interactive Creative Director at Publicis Dialog in London) and I made this film as part of the HP DesignJet Z2100/Z3100 campaign - new large format printers for designers and photographers. The idea was to create two characters - Berthold and Max, one a designer, the other a photographer - who shared a studio and a intense obsession with accuracy and detail. We would then attribute an HP advertising campaign to them, make a site for their studio, write diaries, observations about life and abusive letters to Creative Review and Eye Magazine about the quality of their printing - the usual stuff. In the end we were asked to just make the film that would appear at the end of the campaign as a sort of sign off. And that is what you can see at the link. It was directed by Jeremie Rozan & Martial Schmeltz at Partizan.


Sony Bravia commercial brings up terrorist reminders?

Le sigh. According to Marketing Week the new "Paint" ad for Sony Bravia has received complaints from TV viewers for reminding them of the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center.

Sony and Fallon have stressed that the housing estate was empty and scheduled for demolition, while the paint used was non-toxic and a team of 60 people spent five days cleaning up the site after the shoot.

An Advertising Standards Authority spokeswoman confirms the regulator has received at least two complaints from viewers who found the ad disturbing and felt that it was inappropriate "in today's climate of terror." The ASA is considering whether to launch an investigation.


And the "Balls" ad spoofs keep bouncing in

Following in the footsteps of Tango's Balls spoof back in May, London lingerie company Myla has created their own spoof on the Sony Bravia "Balls" spot. They have even set up their own spoof site, pleasure like no other with behind the scenes footage. Unlike the original, the Spheres were added using CGI.

I'd hate to see what sex toy they use to spoof the latest Sony Bravia Paint spot. ;)
Click on the image below or right here to see the spot.


Bishops Finger ad deemed too raunchy

A woman in a revealing mediaeval frock sits perched atop a hay bale, declaring "I love a good session on the Bishop's Finger". , and honestly now who doesn't? I know I love a good round of the Bishop's finger!

Sadly, the ASA didn't like the pun and thought that the womans suggestive pose linked alcohol to seduction and sexual activity. But honestly now, with a name like that what is a decent ale to do but link to sex?

A Shepherd Neame spokesperson said today the ale's advertising campaign was designed to amuse, not offend.


Garbergs first film for Telenor

Since everything red became blue - see this badlander for examples from that campaign - Telenor has suffered major image problems. Their chummy soap-opera advertising for the brand where we follow the idiotic doings of the people at the help desk didn't do anything to improve their image and just last week a poll of the Swedish population showed that out of all the telecoms, Telenor had the least amount of trust from the consumers where the majority claimed negative experiences with the brand. Pretty bad news for a telco that was once on top, way back when they were called Europolitan.

What to do? Dump their old agency Voice and enter the creative agency Garbergs, who put together a song from ringtones and keyboards... Lets see how long it takes you to guess which song.


Porno for Pysop

Pysop is apparently selling swag using a porn theme. Just slightly disturbing...didn't anyone tell Pysop the whole faux p0rn thing is so last year.


Hitler as a salsa king! (2006) :42 (Belgium)

Remember the campaign for the Belgian Magazine HUMO that caff posted last week, where Hitler was a rastafarian, W Bush a hindu and Osama was a cowboy?

There's more to it - little radio ads that you can listen to here.


China bans ads with unproven medical claims

Chinese newspapers and magazines are banning advertising that promotes unproven medical products. This includes advertisements that promote male potency, breast enlargements or magical cure-alls. according to the notice put out part of the reason for this ban was the credibility of news media after publishing false content and items in bad taste.

The administrations say the misleading ads are often vulgar, offensive and seriously impair the credibility of the print media.

Misleading ads and commercials have frequently duped consumers who are increasing fed up with products that do not work. More than two-thirds of Chinese netizens responding to an on-line survey in September said they had been victimized by fake and illegal advertisements.

The respondents said medical products, health food and medicine were the most untrustworthy ads followed by cosmetic products.

The new policy will go into effect November 1.

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This week's nasty post:
"CHICAGO Publicis Groupe's Leo Burnett this week cut 16 positions, or between 1-2 percent of its U.S. staff, an agency representative said.

The cuts were part of a "strategic agency reorganization" and impacted all departments, the rep said (...) The Chicago agency has lost several pieces of business over the past six months, including creative on Maytag's $80 million account in a client consolidation and ConAgra's nearly $20 million Healthy Choice assignment. Burnett's Detroit office also lost creative duties on Cadillac's $140 million account. "

-- via Ad Week

Can you pitch new accounts on Second Life?? Well since you can now apply for a position at Leo Burnett's online agency in Second Life, I thought ... :)