He’s more man than you. - (2010) :30 (Canada)

The Canadian Paralympic Committee has a new campaign from BBDO promoting the upcoming Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Games. Ray Grassi is featured here for sledge hockey. Don’t pity him and don’t ever complain again about having to walk the dog when it’s raining.

Australia is apparently running this spot for the *dating* service during the upcoming Oscars, while the U.S. is not. Yea free speech down under! Or is it more, yeah good taste in the U.S.? Latter! Ashley Madison claims there’s hypocrisy at work because of the themes in the movies that night. (Maybe, but the films don’t openly advocate the lifestyles they depict, unlike the dating service which encourages you to cheat.) Here’s the thing though, and it’s what kept Mancrunch from ever having a realistic shot at getting on the Super Bowl, and has nothing to do with gay, not-gay, single, not single, etc.— The ad just ain’t that good. Come Oscar night, there are going to be parodies by the best FX houses (and plastic surgeons) in the world doing segments with actors throughout the evening, and then this comes on? It’s like student work with actors and spray paint. The end.

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The hardest working man in the jingle business has a new promotion: The million dollar jingle.

If you're not familiar with Love Harnell (yes, that's his real name) the maker of Love Jingles, you need to check this out. He's committed to producing a new jingle every day of the year. Prices started at $1 on January 1st, and go up every day. (We booked Love to produce a most awesome jingle for Brand Flakes for Breakfast a few weeks back.)

Canon is doing something cool to promote their EOS 7D HD camera. They’ve put up a still and asked people to submit their video interpretation of the events leading up to how they think the imagery in the still came to be. The sorta NSFW video below is one of what will ultimately be seven stills in total, with the deadline for the next entry on March 22. The bad? It’s only open to U.S. residents, but hopefully they’ll open it up globally if they do this again. The good: For any camera brand, it promotes the camera by looking past the technology to the idea of story. Yea story! Prizes? Plenty. Rules? Plenty more!

Job Security from Runner Runner on Vimeo.

Hot cheerleaders in mud, what’s not to love? – (UK)

(Aka, a gift for Steve at AdRants.) Frijj shakes are like, mud thick. Cookie Dough FRijj though is even more so, apparently. The solution? Cheerleaders Swamp Soccerettes who like it thick and slow playing in mud! But wait, there’s more, as there always is: Augmented reality bottle babes! For now, AR is in its shiny new toy phase, where having anything appear—like said cheerleader eye candy—is good enough. Ultimately, one pitch will indeed be mudified for said swampettes to, um, *cheer* in. WEB CAM! Now, don’t you feel *dirty* for reading that. I know I do, for having posted that.