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Chaos versus organized... These two ads looks very similar....


NYC subway needs sponsors to name stations.

We knew it would spread, after Massachusetts considered selling naming rights to forest, and naming rights for baseball stadiums and parks were suddenly up for grabs... But we didn't expect the subway stations in New York to sell out. Out go the easy to find stations named after streets, in come silly ideas like "Verizon station", "AOL stop" and god forbid if it becomes a seasonal ting so yo're suddenly living next to "six feet under HBO station". Well, NewYorkish spotted this NY times article and began playing with sponsor names photoshopping Krispy Kreme and Coke stops. Industry "experts" even welcome the idea

"People don't have that same emotional connection with their subway stops," said William Chipps, senior editor of IEG Sponsorship Report, a publication that follows the sponsorship industry. "To be honest with you, most people don't have good thoughts about it at all."

.. Mmmmkay, but the old stops tell you pretty much where you are in the city, and that's always a good thing... no? Prince street or 14th street... I need to know these things - I would never learn where Coke is in comparison to McDonalds...

(pssst, the neato underground map animals come from animals on the underground.)


Charlie the Tuna wants your vote!

The advertising week NYC is coming up soon, and Charlie the tuna is out campaigning for Your vote. He's begging, really.

In mass-email that seems to spread around Del Monte foods mainly, Charlie begs for votes so that he can be the favorite brand icon ever, and have his likeness on posters and on the streets of Manhattan. Read more to see the mail.


Christina Aguilera is naughty in Skechers ad campaign

In August the new poster campaign for Skechers breaks, starring Xtina doing her best pin-up posing. Double the punch she plays both naughty and nice in each ad, dressing up as both a cop, a nurse and a naughty schoolgirl. Hey, isn't that Britney territory?

The "Naughty and Nice" Christina Aguilera Skechers campaign
will appear in international magazines and in stores as point-of-purchase displays through the end of 2004. Want a sneak-peak at the ads? Read more.


Adcritic GetCreativity Elert - Charlie the tuna

ON THE WEB Of course.. Like where else was I gonna be dear? ;)
Hat tip to Tlevitz, one of our fave adgrunts.
Adland article here: Charlie the Tuna wants your vote!


Top ten reasons we hate using stock - #134

Ever get those briefs where it reads "must use stock"? Course you have, and you probably hate it as much as most. Not only do you have to use stock, you have to use X-brand stock that the agency has a "good deal" with - and not simply some really nice stock places that you know about...... Well, that's when stuff like this happens.


Gillette goofs away $1 million on razors for DNC attendees; razors confiscated

Gillette goofs up promotion pack, loosing $1 million in razors that got confiscated at the DMC. Genious.

With all of the headlines and commotion about
strict security at this year's political conventions you would think that
someone would have thought twice about the decision to place boxes of
Gillette razors in each of the welcome bags handed out with credentials to
delegates and press types in Boston.


Non smoking ads lie - twice over.

Anti-tobacco briefs have been cracked every which way by now - so it's easy to fall into the trap of doing what others have done, as happened back in 1996, Welcome to Marlboro ads. Here's another case of same thought anti-tobacco ads.


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Photocopied concept, part two.

These gems of Badland have been found via Mediafact who reported about the ads in November 2003.