AdCrapRecap - Week 27

Get your fill of Adland goodness with a quick recap of last week's ups and downs.

Down: Babies in bins in Chile and in Thailand.
Down: Sony's Black and White ads by TBWA spark controversy.
Up: Japanese Children Foundation commercial with a twist.
Down: MasterCard creates new logo with holes in it.
Up: Solo Mobile ads spread the word like an old-fashioned game of telephone.
Up: Fun ads from Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners tell men to notice their nuts.

Ads of the week:


The Economist Claims Internet Advertising the Ultimate Marketing Machine

An article from The Economist takes a look at online marketing and advertising, claiming that it is becoming more measurable and less wasteful (a la the famous quote "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The trouble is, I don't know which half.") The article takes a look at some of the new ways people are trying to improve metrics and payment methods (using per sale vs. per click) as well as viral advertising.


Ram Rash for Dodge

BBDO Detroit and Director Paul Cotter of Z group films have teamed up to create some web-only spots for Dodge. The microsite features a handful of ads which portray people inflicted with a rash in the shape of the Dodge logo. The rash apparently causes folks to become stronger and more assertive.

Superadgrunts, read on to check out the spots.


Mastercards new logo has holes in it

Mastercard has decided to rebrand and are now known as "Mastercard worldwide" with a new logo, shown below. I don't know how many gradients there are in there nor why the middle circle is off-center - but the obvious connection made by Matt at a.wholelottanothing made me laugh until I cried. And they thought they had image problems before.....If you don't know Goatse (safe Wiki link) you will not understand.

Warning: If you do not know Goatse do not google Goatse. You don't want to see it. Trust me.



Have you seen We are an internationally focused internet company making 'ready-to-air' high quality commercials available to local businesses all over the world. Check it out:



The ad truth is out there.

caffeinegoddess told us about: Brita claims tap water is dirty - upsets water providers

The Canadian Water and Wastewater Association has filed a complaint with the Advertising Standards Council.

The Advertising Standards Canada has been running an ad in London, Ontario, Canada for the past few months. Although many of the ASC ads have been replaced with other ads, I was able to track-down one of the remaining ASC ads in the city still on display. (image inside)


Really bad timing for ad

Sometimes you wish you could know what exactly happens in all the programs you place your commercials around. With feature films and TV shows you pretty much know what you're gonna get. But the real risky media buyers play the news. This one lost.


Summer, beer, and beer ads on billboards

With the arrival of summmer in this part of the world comes more beer ads along with the warm weather.

In London, Ontario, Canada (where Labatt started and continues) beer ads seem to be everywhere.

I was out with my camera, and I snapped a couple of shots of some of the beer ads in the city I came across. (images inside)

Copy: The group weights workout that helps you achieve incredible levels of stre
Copy: The supremely balancing group workout that blends tai chi, yoga and Pilate
Copy: The highly addictive, martial arts-inspired group workout.
Copy: The indoor group cyclingthat inspires your inner athlete.

Draft drops hard bodies in fitness ads

A new international poster campaign by Draft NZ for Les Mills International, a fitness company, shows no hard bodies and no svelt figures at all. Instead the focus is on the benefits of working out such as strength and balance. The ads were shot in Death Valley.

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Solo Mobile Ads Spread The Word

Two new Solo Mobile spots from Rethink and Reginald Pike Director Brian Lee Hughes show just how easy it is to spread the word. Unfortuantely, just like the game of telephone, the message doesn't always end up the way it started off. Superadgrunts, check them out.