Outbyview.com promotes gay hood in Montreal

Montreal was elected 8th most romantic city in the world, by the world's most important gay portal, gay.com so outbyview decided to create a little 40 second film to show off their attractions. After all, they've had experience since they created that gay wedding viral.

Dunno what they were going for with this film, maybe a "camper than thou" effect? Young man tours city and suddenly realizes that he's gay. So very gay - both ways. Quicktime version available here.


And the Emmy for Best Commercial goes to...

Last night the 58th Annual Creative Arts Emmys were handed out. The winners were:

FedEx - Stick
Agency: BBDO
Production: Partizan


VH1/The Global Fund Team Up With John Salley And Susie The Elephant

In partnership with The Global Fund, VH1 has created a new 30-second PSA, cut by Benjamin Williams, at Post Millennium and directed by Melissa Bolton. It features sports commentator and television personality John Salley and a elephant named Susie. The spot adapts the old adage of the elephant in the room to: “There’s an elephant in the room and its name is AIDS.”

Benjamin Williams, Post Millennium said, "It was obvious from the beginning that the elephant was a brilliant (some say cranky) improviser. It really just came down to finding his genius and building around it."

Superadgrunts, check it out:


Suicide bombing commercial looks more like an action movie

Ok, so I have now seen the No Terror anti suicide bombing commercial shot by Lebanon's EFXFilms and Los Angelese based 900 Frames. See previous post Can advertising end war? We'll see.

It's quite a bit like an action movie, so much so I thought for a moment that I was watching the opening scene of Swordfish - a film so bad the only redeeming qualities were that 360° opening scene and Halle Berry topless. And you know I don't care about Halle Berry's bits.

Those of you who have windows media, download the film here, those who prefer Quicktime, read on.


Red Bull really does give you wings

Red Bull has sponsored Felix Baumgartner the base jumper. This Friday that really paid off as Felix jumped from a helicopter onto the Turning Torso in Malmö, aka our new hometown, and then off that! Shame I missed it but it was very early in the morning, thankfully we have this film to see how it went.

The stunt was reported all over the Swedish media, so I gather Red Bull is getting a lot of press for their money, tabloids Aftonbladet, and Expressen reported. Morning papers Svenska Dagbladet, local Sydsvenskan (southern swedish paper) and Dagens Nyheter. TV Channel 4 news.

Previously daredevil Baumgartner crossed the English channel flying with only a pair of glass fibre wings for a full six minutes, see images here, among other Red bull branded stunts.

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Ranelid reads from the Clas Ohlson catalouge

Författaren Björn Ranelid läser högt ur Clas Ohlson-katalogen - the author Björn Ranelid reads from the Clas Ohlson catalogue.

Ad agency: Tonic produktion

Note: this is very similar to Blixa reading from the Hornbach catalogue, but without any of the fun juxtapositioning going on. Björn Ranelid is a writer often seen on TV and heard on the radio.


Smirnoff - Preppy Unit Tea Partay - (2006) 2:15 (USA)

Smirnoff - Preppy Unit Tea Partay - (2006) 2:15 (USA)

Like a mock hip-hop music video these preppy New England boys rap about tea parties and "keepin' it real". Featuring pastels, pearls and sailor shoes - these dudes got style.


Link Lust: Link Is In The Air

Tales of Zoltar (yes that's the fortune teller from Big) is a microsite promoting Microsoft Live Messenger.

Create your own Web 2.0 logo, created to spoof the sameness of the trend.

Industrial Brand Creative wants to know what you'd put on your own Heinz label.

CAPS Off - A campaign to remove CAPS lock from keyboards.


Gervais and Merchant from The Office for Microsoft

Apparently somewhat old, these two training films for Microsoft featuring Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, from the BBC version of The Office, have surfaced. (hat tip to Coudal)

The first film is about 20 minutes long. Click the image to view.

The second film is a bit shorter, closer to 17 minutes. Again, click the image below to view.


Are you a Shark? There's still time to be one

Sharks Awards (Irish Advertising Awards) have extended the entry deadline. So if you haven't done anything about your entries you've still got time...at least a little. The new deadline is Friday, August 25th.