No New Tricks for Old Spice

For ad folk, "PG" refers to a style of safe, over-tested advertising popularized by Proctor & Gamble. In recent years, P&G has made pronouncements and organizational moves toward breaking this stereotype. However, according to a recent stink over fresh Old Spice deodorant spots, some think the P&G creative process is still the pits.


This is relevant

The other day, aptly named Art Thompson of handed me his sites card, and stopping by I realized it's an art directors dream! Random scrapbook pages, strange record label designs, weird labels from forgotten brands. Aaah, inspirationville.


Everything is back to normal - Damn!

we are back! And this is no thanks to the internet provider I ordered a line from in late June - to be delivered July 1. Obviously, that didn't happen. The server is back up now thanks to Tatti and Janne from, Tatti drove across the country to pick my server up, and Artech delivers. Remember that when you are looking for hosting.


The Other Side of Advertising by Wallace J. Gordon

tip from adgrunt Laters - One man's view from 40 years in the trenches of the advertising wars.

A memoir is made of memories, and in these memories I've changed only a very, very few actual names, dates, and places. And those only for reasons best considered as prudent.

All the other memories are exactly as they were. Or at least as they seemed to me. If some of them seem unpleasant or less then flattering...? Well, that's the way I remember them.

Nevertheless, it was a great ride, gang. Forty years in the advertising business. Writing ads and commercials for everything from Coca-Cola to the local supermarket.

This is the story of the last year. The one that almost killed me.


Ad Books: 

That is not a pearl of an idea.

a pearl is a rare beautiful thing, when grown in nature. Hat off to Jesper on adlist who found these gems.


Nike Play Campaign Week Two

(found here first, a la adland)

Ok, a few of you were scratching your heads over the first week, so let's find out if the next round does better... (commercial vid link inside, so read more)


Is Cannes the death of copy?

Seen the ads that win at Cannes over the years?

Do you see any ads with long copy?

No, my friends.

Blame it on the brilliant Brazilians. Or the Swedes.

The sad truth is in our pursuit for international recognition we
are catering to an international jury, who favour minimalist ads over
the ones with long copy.
The jurors often pay lip-service to "There Are No Rules In Advertising" and that sort of stuff.

Alas by awarding only visually-oriented ads, they are making a rule:


.......... R.I.P

Our thoughts are with the families and Kesselskramer as they mourn the death of two co-workers and friends, killed in a tragic accident in South africa yesterday.

The two women were in a car together with a director from Novib, a charity organisation, as it collided with another car in a head-on-collison. Eight people died in the crash.

For those who need to know more, please contact me for now.


Paradisets last gasp wins Grand Prix

Paradisets latest and last campaign for Diesel won the Grand Prix in Cannes for press and Poster.


The standout commercial of the weekend. Good? Bad? You decide.

Every so often, a spot comes across the airwaves that makes you damn glad you decided to stay in the ad biz for another paycheck or two, only at another agency. This, my friends, is one of those spots.

It's residential. It's pedal pumpin'. It's surprisingly cerebral. It's classical. It's new. It's Nike.

It's not for everyone due to its, umm, subtle nature, but view the spot and, like, decide for yourself if you dig it or not. (more...)