Fake vw gti fast on ebay

There's a fake fast on ebay offered by some guy in new york. He says it's a prototype. Check it out and pay me money.
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Kites in the sky, with adverts....

We've all known that you can advertise on most anything - the moon even, if you are to believe some nutty ideas - the beach, on most foods like eggs and pizza crust. Well, now you can advertise in the sky to match the sand-ads that your target market is messing up by walking on it. Kite ads are born. It was bound to happen.

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Ever been pissed off by your car keys?

Renault launched a new web ad for the promotion of its New Mégane. The ad shot in the snowy Vosges Mountains showcases the hands free card of the new model in a stunning and humorous manner. In additional to other online and offline devices through this funny web ad, Publicis Net Paris intends to conduct a 360 degree campaign for the promotion of New Mégane as well as to generate word-of-mouth around the brand.

Click on the image below to go to Renault's site and view the spot.


Tooheys "Catapult" into viral

Last week Saatchi launched a viral effort for Tooheys New at ForTheLoveOfBeer. Yesterday it made it's debut on television.

Some might think of Carlton's Big Ad, as the scale of this commerical is somewhat similar. But Lion Nathan, makers of Tooheys, says the new spot was in planning through Saatchi & Saatchi, as far back as last April, months before the launch of Carlton's Big Ad of last July.

David Nobay, Saatchi's executive creative director, says: "We had three big ideas to come of that and we really had to think about which one we were doing first. This has really informed our work and given us a great creative platform."

See it here.


The GameKillers goes from show to ad campaign

The GameKillers, a reality-based hour long special which first aired Feb 6th on MTV, was produced by advertising agency BBH Bartle Bogle Hegarty and production company @radical.media for AXE Dry. It is a step into the realm of branded entertainment for Unilever's brand and thankfully a step away from the "pit" ad campaign. It was also used as the launching pad for the latest ad campaign which just began airing.

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Volkswagen fast GTI "collectible" already on eBay

Say what you want about crispin' but they sure seem to follow the motto "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". Yet again, one of their 'quirky' little commercial characters has shown up on eBay right about the time that the ads air. This time it's the little "fast" thingie from the Volkswagen GTI commercials. Check out the eBay search for Volkswagen GTI fast collectible.

The ads by the way, are here, naturally.


Groovecutters accuse French Connection/BMB of ripping off video

Oh no, not again! It seems that the band Groovecutters, is accusing French Connection and its advertising agency Beattie McGuinness Bungay of 'ripping off' their music video for their Kung-fu lesbian TV/Cinema ad that starting airing in the UK on Sunday and made headlines because of the number of complaints it had received.

Kev Keane, one of Groovecutters, said: "It's such a rip-off. I am not even sure if FCUK know how much of a copy it is. Would they have approved it if they knew it was not specially created for them to spearhead their £2m campaign.

"It just makes me laugh that something that was created for our track has been changed into something that symbolizes French Connection's latest corporate message."


A new look for Mr. Peanut?

Planters is celebrating it's centennial. They are looking to give Mr. Peanut a new look. The original Mr. Peanut was created by an 14-year-old in 1916 as part of a contest. The monocle, top hat, cane and spats have been added over the years.

Unforunately, Planters is only looking to add some rather bland and boring (and probably unnoticable to the majority of people) accessories. They are asking for "the people" to vote for what you'd like to see on Mr. Peanut starting in 2007. Your options? Cuff links, bow tie or pocket watch. How dull.


Virgin Atlantic - Soon (2006) Newspaper (UK)

A couple weeks ago this ad for Virgin Atlantic ran in UK newspapers. The word in the center of the ad is Arabic for "Soon". But it's also pretty neat that it also looks like an airplane.

Apparently that is what inspired the creatives behind this ad for new flights to Dubai, as they looked through an Arabic dictionary, hoping for some inspiration.

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Oh yes, it's another award show!

Because there is a lack of award shows, or some reasoning that still isn't quite clear, Mike Weber has decided to create the American Advertising Festival, which he hopes will become the next Cannes. Instead of a Lion the award is an Eagle. From the press release:

"I saw a void in the national award landscape" Weber says. "We're going to focus a lot of attention on the creative talent." In fact the tag line for the show is "Honoring the best advertising in America, and those who create it." Planned is a television show about select winning creative teams, a DVD compilation, as well as hosting mini sites for winning creative teams. Smaller details include even notifying the winner's local press. "An award is worth more to you if more people know you won it."

One unique twist to the competition is that it's online and all entrants participate in judging during the inital phase.