Mira Showers - Singing in the Shower Campaign (2006) (UK)

Get the full scoop on the three radio spots here.

Ad agency: Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy
Creatives: David Hobbs and Richard Stoney
Production: Candle
Composer: Charlie Spencer


Mazda MX-5 Roadster Coupe. The 12 Second Thriller campaign.

When your "thriller" of a cars main feature is that the hardtop closes in 12 second flat - a.k.a the fastest folding hardtop roof currently available - the ads just write themselves don't they? JWT-Düsseldorf and Maverick Media got together and did the "thriller" campaign for for Mazda Motor Europe - there's the website 12secondthriller.com, posters and three web films.

Igor Karpalov, Art Director on the project said, "We wanted to tell a funny and engaging story that really took its jumping off point in the product itself."
Kurt B. Geiger, Copywriter said, "And the story is that the new MX-5 is thrilling to drive and the retractable hardtop opens and closes in 12 seconds. So we just put two and two together."


badland - adidas basketball

Check it out - a bit of a flashback from Adidas-- so soon after the other one as well: Straight to the moon.

The two Sonics ones are from ddb Seattle from three years ago -- The other three are from an Adidas campaign that is just launching.

Not too much of a surprise (the concept fits basketball after all,) but strikingly similar none the less. All revealed inside!


Pine Seduction

Xtra-Pine cleaning solution seduces bored, tired homemakers into buying their product with their "cleaning hunks."


Link Lust: How Much Link?

Viking's Stationary Movies features 20 scenes made entirely of office supplies and you have to guess the name of the movie they depict. Yet another to add to the multitude of print ads with the Find-The-Movie concepts. (via We're not wired right).

Folks at W+K Amsterdam show off some new work for Nike ACG titled "Sculptures".


zig Portrays Competition of RAWF with Extreme Sport Themes

zig has developed a new advertising campaign for the much-loved 84-year-old Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. "Working with zig this year has pushed us to produce a campaign that is really going to break through. We believe the campaign truly delivers on the relevance, excitement and bigness of The Royal", says Bonnie Mactavish, Manager Marketing & Communications at the Fair.

The campaign uses the conventions of extreme sports to convey the intensity and excitement of the Royal. It promises that this year's Fair, to be held in Toronto November 3rd through 12th, will bring together "the biggest, the best and the countriest" from farms across Canada.

Osama Cowboy
Hitler rastafarian
Mao Jazz
W Bush Bollywood

HUMO - Mixing Cultures Osama bin Laden Cowboy / Hitler rastafarian / Mao Jazz / W Bush Bollywood (2006) Posters (Belgium)

Our friends at mortierbrigade in Belgium sent in this poster campaign.

"An ad campaign made for the Belgian weekly magazine HUMO. We thought by mixing the cultures, we could even make the "worst persons" -interpret free at will- beautiful. Four different ads were placed in print in the magazine and used outdoors. The campaign proved to be very popular, with people tearing the big outdoor posters off to use at home. These were wild-posted next to the real campaigns for the regional elections."

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Royal Agricultural Winter Fair - C'mon Pumpkin (2006) 0:30 (Canada)

Royal Agricultural Winter Fair - C'mon Pumpkin (2006) 0:30 (Canada)

AdCrap ReCap week 42

Sister site Adtothebone's post of the 1961 executive coloring book moves here due to bandwidth issues, stays hilarious. Color me important.

Bad cases of visual demo love hitting Badland, first GE vs Nakd self promo, then Helios vs Fried Pictures. With thanks to a little birde who has an eagles eyes.

Jeep sticks giant bug cars on walls, and Denmark shows off giant lego's out of containers. It's a big deal.

Nazi pigs not welcome in football. Meanwhile in Canada, Reginald Pike wants your help to save that actor pig.

The longed-for new Sony Bravia dissapoints, choice of music all wrong. Blame it on that evil clown.


Oil pumpers, smokestacks and flowers - ditto!

What the hell? There's something in the water lately - found another strange visual pairing for Badland here, a promo that Helios did back in 03 for Tekko, a 3D festival. Richard Switzer at Helios tells us that this was also on Stash DVD #1.

also available in the archive here.

Now compare, here' something a Serbian MoGraph company Fried Pictures just did. Recognise some of the industrial landscape, the shots of smokestacks, oil pumpers and it all exploding with flowers a the end, plus the whole colour palette? Deja badland vu!

Check it out here on Fried Pictures site.

Pretty remarkable coincidence if it is one. To me, this looks more like demo love. Side by side shots inside.