85th ADC Award winners

85th Art Director's Club Award winners have been announced. At a gala ceremony at The Art Directors Club gallery on June 8, 2006, the ADC will present this year’s winners with their Gold and Silver Cubes. Check out the gold winners inside.


Guldtaggen: this years best web ad

Norways "guldtaggen" (the golden tag - geddit?) has been awarded and among the winners were Toyota Norway who together with the agency Media.com did their own live version of subservient chicken. Except in this case it was a subservient Toyota RAV4 Driver.
Viewers sent in their request to check how the car performed, many asked for dangerous stunts and pedestrian things like paralell parking, and someone even asked them to stick a pram in the back - all which the driver did as soon as the SMS request reached him and it played live on the site. Later they rounded up the best and nuttiest things done and sorted them into a replay archive.


Rexona World Cup Promotion

Rexona (Sure deodorant in the UK) have produced an exclusive football fan site for their online presence during the FIFA World Cup in Germany this summer. Visitors to this entertaining site are encouraged to create their own fan characters, or “fanimal”, to fill out a virtual stadium.

Sure "go wild" commercial in the archive
(quicktime format)
They can then upload a picture to feature in their own TV ad, and by doing so, they enter the chance to win a Klaxon horn and a digital camera.

The link to the fan site can be found here


Heineken - Social Cocktails (2006) Poster (Netherlands)

Heineken's "Meet You There" poster campaign by Strawberry Frog harkens back to the days of the illustrated poster, but with a modern feel. The ads were conceived as giant illustrations for the sides of buildings, reminiscent of 19th century beer advertising.

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Who's more brainless, Geico or radio listeners?

CNN/Money reports that Geico is filing suit over a :60 radio ad for Tri-State Consumer Insurance Co. of Jericho, N.Y. Why? Because Geico claims that the ad "misappropriates Geico's gecko trademark, confusing consumers into thinking that Geico's gecko is associated with Tri-State."

Ok. But, when you read what the ad is about, you have to stop and wonder, exactly how stupid does Geico think people are.


Earth Day Advertising and Marketing

Well, it's Earth Day. So here's a quickie post of some promotions, marketing initiatives and advertising going on in honor of the day.

Starbucks in Canada will be giving away free coffee if you bring in your own mug today.

Owens Corning, makers of insulation products, promotes their mascot, the Pink Panther, to CEO and gives him a blog about engery efficiency. (funny bit at the end of the press release-"The color PINK is a registered trademark of Owens Corning".)

The International Fund for Animal Welfare is launching a new campaign to protect endangered whales, that will include TV spots and billboards.

GM is running special advertising to drive people to the Live Green Go Yellow site to promote their E85 alternative fuel campaign, as well as participating in events and activities around the US.

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Friends of Bright

Is it just me or does it seem like there's a large proportion of interactive websites out there in the last oh, year or two where the sites are cheesy self-help groups or individuals showing how X product will help you out? The newish Friends of Bright for Orbit White gum feels an awful lot like Order of the Serpentine for Axe Snake Peel, and like BK's Dr. Angus. I'm sure there are others, but it's Friday and I'm a bit brain-fried. Feel free to add any others you can think of to the comments.


Subway Tries Lovitz and Bush

At the beginning of April Subway launched two different ad campaigns. One features John Lovitz in an attempt to bring their subs onto table tops at dinnertime. The ads were created by MMB, Boston. To go along with it, there's Subway Dinner Theatre where you can see the ads as well as watch and submit your own videos. I find it a bit odd they went with John Lovitz. Maybe they were looking for the D-list actor rate.

The other campaign was created by Source Communications, NJ and features USC running back and Heisman Trophy winner, Reggie Bush. A website Subway Fresh Buzz, goes along with that campaign as well, where you can check out daily posts in his blog, either the video or text. The site claims that it's the "website where you get the buzz on all the fresh faces, news and more — is coming soon. New blogs everyday!" Although it's been up for a almost a month with only one person blogging. Perhaps they meant new posts to the blog every day? Hard to tell. Anyhoo, read on to see the TV spots for both campaigns.


Help Get Concepting In The Dictionary

Join copywriter, Ray Del Savio, in the effort to convince Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary to add CONCEPT, as a verb (ie: concepting, to concept, concepted), to their upcoming edition. Currently the annual only recognizes CONCEPT in noun and adj. form. By doing so, this will better reflect what we, as creatives, do on a daily basis.

Please take a moment and visit the site below to learn more. When you're there be sure to click on the link, Verb4Concept Online Petition, and add your name to the growing list.

Verb4Concept Main Page.

It will take word of mouth and help from fellow creatives to achieve this initiative, so your support is important.

Thank You.


Mootube launches

In conjunction with PBS, we've (Peel) created MooTube, a look at the daily life of cows, from the cow's eye view.
We rigged up a wireless camera setup, found a bunch of ranches to record on, and off it goes! All this as a viral promotion for Texas Ranch House, PBS's upcoming old west reality show. It's been fun.