The Future of Commercial Directing in Two Words: Plastic Avatar
Duo Call Action From Miles Away With New Directing Technology.

Directors the Perlorian Brothers have proven that Woody Allen’s adage that ninty percent of life is just showing up doesn’t hold true when it comes to the game of commercial directing. That’s because they’ve perfected a new system of directing actors remotely, without ever setting foot physically on set.

iPad meets Philip Glass (Koyaanisqatsi)

Is the iPad a gizmo or could it change the world? Simple one day flash video project for iPad which is available at stores April 3rd in the states. Someone please tell me if you feel enlightened after using it for a bit.

The European Union trademarks authority has permitted a German firm to register the brand name "Fucking Hell" for their light ale. They won the rights by showing there is a town named Fucking in Austria. Fucking liked its name so much, they even named several fucking roads Fucking as well. You know, so you'll know where you fucking are.
The towns mayor, Franz Meindl, isn't too pleased, since the town has no brewery and he hasn't heard of any plans to build any either. Juergen Stoll the owner of Wank Inn which is a mere 48 minutes away from Fucking has suggested that the Mayor of Fucking should lighten up a bit and use the town name infamy to their advantage instead.

The Trade Marks and Designs Registration Office of the European Union said in a statement that it had rejected a complaint that the trade mark "Fucking Hell" was upsetting, accusatory and derogatory.
"The word combination claimed contains no semantic indication that could refer to a certain person or group of persons. Nor does it incite a particular act. It cannot even be understood as an instruction that the reader should go to hell," the Office said in its statement.

- Spiegel.

Who helped secure these naming rights? Tittelconsulting. No, I'm not making this up. Stop snickering, this is serious ad news reporting here. This name better sell some bloody beer.

The City of Philadelphia Recycling Office’s largest-ever anti-litter campaign consists solely of the spoken word compositions and performances of five Philly street poets, each accompanied by either congas, acoustic bass, or saxophone. The campaign is the work of advertising agency LevLane, Phila., and is part of a city-wide neighborhood improvement initiative by Mayor Michael A. Nutter.

The poetry performances were chosen for power, not prettiness. There's power in Denice's smirk-dimple here folks.

Ever showed your portfolio over Skype? If you haven't Brave are looking for a junior team, so here's your chance to stand out - they're holding Skypecrits to find their team. Not content with just talking the talk, Brave are walking it too. Bonus, it saves everyone time on travel.

We’re a new kind of creative agency, and we’re proposing a new kind of book crit. Once we’ve had a quick butcher’s at your CV, and if we like what we see, we’ll send you an email with a time and date for you to tell us why you should get the gig – via the power of something called “the internet”.

Design Currency - Icograda Design Week In Vancouver

Design Week Vancouver is soon here, it takes place the 26-30 April 2010. How do you define the value of design?

"The theme of the conference this year is “Design Currency: Defining the Value of Design”. To play off the idea of currency, we created over 2200 custom bills and used a money counting machine to make a flipbook-style animation piece. It’s about identifying the different elements that increase design’s strength. It was definitely an interesting process figuring out how to make it work, but we’re thrilled with how it turned out." says Jen Bloxham

Headline and copy text (in English): A disabled person can do much more than you think. Proof of this is that this photo was taken by a blind man. / Visit and find out how this ad was made.