I ___THIS AD outdoor sticker campaign

Xgeronimo sent in this guerilla campaign today. The objective is to raise the level of consumer awareness about the quality of outdoor advertising in a city. Members of the public put stickers on advertising posters to reflect their personal opinions about the quality of the ad.

It started in Berlin by Xgeronimo and continued on the streets of Seoul by Rebelbaby.
See more inside to check out the pictures from Seoul.


Spy Post morphes baseball stadium into football stadium for GMC campaign

Ad agency Carol H. Williams Advertising (CHWA) recently commissioned the VFX and postproduction talent of Spy Post for a new campaign for GMC. The two spots, "Luxury Box" and "Stadium," promote the newly redesigned 2007 Yukon Denali and feature sports commentator James Brown.

"It is always difficult taking a project from concept to execution, especially when you are creating a world that to some degree doesn't exist," says Kurt Herr, Creative Director for the ads at Carol H. Williams Advertising. "Working with Spy Post to take our concepts to reality was an incredible collaborative experience."


AdCrap Recap - Week 40

Get your fill of Adland goodness with a quick recap of the goings on in Adland last week.

Down: Katamari Damacy commercials, kinda, times two.
Up: Playboy on the web gives your cursor curves while MTV Brasil uses a different kind of Bunny Love and Slash rocks out for the VW Rabbit.
Up: The Executive Coloring Book.
Up: Draft NZ uses buses to illustrate dating in ambient ad campaign.
Down: Weezer sues Miller, Y&R over misappropriation in ads.

Ads of the week:


Peel that banana! Spec work wants you to snip it.

Here's some spec work from Bombay which wants you to get a circumcision - because it is good for you... or so they say. See ad inside.

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James Rouse puts the camera in actors' hands for commercial

Outsider's James Rouse directed this two-minute webfilm for the UK's ZOO Magazine, via Mother/London. The spot features two guys given £10,000 to create an ad for the mag. Instead, they use the cash to see how far they can get in a cab. Once they find a willing cabbie, the money takes them all the way to Marrakech. The Marrakech jaunt is part of a larger Rouse-directed campaign featuring the two adventurous lads.

Zoo tv - Taxi (2006) 1:20 (UK)


Pamela Anderson Follows Kate Moss In Virgin Mobile Ad

Pamela Anderson follows in the footsteps of Kate Moss. No, not those footsteps.


Contrapunto creates unbelievable campaign for Smart Car

The copywriter on this campaign from Contrapunto in Madrid sent in their recent TV and print work for the Smart Car. The theme of the ads is apparent in the line "Nobody will believe you've seen a price like it." Both TV and print use supernatural, legend or mythical characters to get the point across of an unbelievable price. Check out more creative inside.

Smart Car - UFO (2006) 0:28 (Spain)


Group T - Star Wars/Hasta la Vista/Pulp Fiction (2006) Press/Outdoor (Brussels)

A series of ads from Duval Guillaume Brussels for Group T, a lanugage school.

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Mortar SF uses light-hearted approach in ad campaign for ER

A departure from typical healthcare advertising, Mortar’s campaign for St. Mary’s takes a gently humorous approach to the everyday situations that send people to the emergency room. Whether they are hurt crossing the street or fall ill after eating something adventurous, San Franciscans can start down the road to recovery within 30 minutes of arriving at St. Mary’s QuickCare. Intended to deliver a local, San Francisco feel, the ads can be seen around the city on buses, bus shelters, and banners.

“Humor is rarely used in healthcare, and we wanted to develop a campaign that is refreshing, new and above all approachable,” said Tim Spry, creative director at Mortar. “Accidents are a reality of life—no one likes going to the emergency room. By taking a light-hearted approach, this campaign says that if you need to go—even for minor injuries—St. Mary’s will have you in and seen in no time.”


Draft NZ uses buses to illustrate dating in ambient ad campaign

Our friends at Draft NZ have sent in their work for New Zealand's premier internet dating site. The ambient work used busbacks to illustrate the fleeting nature of finding 'your perfect match'.