In a world of movie trailers, Don LaFontaine was king

"The Voice" - real name Don LaFontaine has passed away at the age of 68 - was the worlds most recognizable announcer. He was the voice that all other voices tried to be. Voiceover artist Ashton Smith once remarked "When you die, the voice you hear in heaven is not Don's. It's God trying to sound like Don." When rereading that quote Tuesday, Smith said "I guess God is going to lose that gig when Don gets up there because Don is just that good." Source:AP - Hat Tip BAP


Will google use Chrome to display ads above peoples websites?

C|net says: "Be sure to read Chrome's fine print" - which you should be doing all the time anyway. There are two things stick out in the terms of service in Chrome.

This one, while not stating directly they will throw Google-ads around wherever they please, doesn't exactly exclude the idea. Traditionally, ads on the web are served by the page you are visiting not the browser that you use. This paragraph seems to indicate that it'll change in the near future.....

"Some of the services are supported by advertising revenue and may display advertisements and promotions. These advertisements may be targeted to the content of information stored on the services, queries made through the services or other information.
The manner, mode and extent of advertising by Google on the services are subject to change without specific notice to you."

Then there's this - who owns what now? They're not saying that they will automagically gain the copyrigt of your stuff, but they are saying that they will have right to display some of your content, in conjunction with promoting its services. Come again?

"By submitting, posting or displaying the content you give Google a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to reproduce, adapt, modify, translate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute any content which you submit, post or display on or through, the services. This license is for the sole purpose of enabling Google to display, distribute and promote the services and may be revoked for certain services as defined in the additional terms of those services."

Hat tip to Claes Magnusson in my Jaiku-posse.


Allan Gray Graduate Recruitment - Paper Ties - ambient, South Africa

King James Cape Town sent out a crew to give away these free flyers that doubled as ties to students who might need a tie when applying for a job at Allan Grey.

Jamie Nelsons original photography 2006

Dexim ad vs Jamie Nelson - This is what we call "demo love" - and what lawyers call "copyright infringement".

Last year I worked at a place where the "creative" was limited to "Model on the left, product to the right" and every single sketch ever made had to be done in photoshop so that the myriad of people who had something to say about the layout in its infancy, could waste everyones time complaining about "the models ears being too square" because all I found was a photograph of a great face with big hair, and my lassoing away of the hair left her ears looking silly. (Yes, I had to go draw fake ears on the model for the next meeting, Seriously.)

Using pre existing photography for presentations not only locks you into working only with what already exists (and that you can find) instead of using that creative brain they hired you for - but also puts you straight into the path of copying work which is called derivative work and can get the company into serious trouble. Y'all do remember that little thing called "copyright", right?

At that job, I did what any sane AD would do, I went back to pen and paper and drew everything I had planned to be in the final layout. That's when some people turn to already perfect photography to present to their clients in meetings instead. And that is when shit like this happens, where Jamie Nelson's bright yellow photo is copied to a T for Dexim.

The Dexim ad copy was spotted at clayton cubitts tumblr account. The Dexim ad is credited to BBDO Athens.


Twittad: All your backgrounds are belongs to us.

So many people are twittering now, people use it to stay in touch with their friends - like me - and people use it to promote their websites new posts - like adland does.


Sanctuary Cove - "Once upon a time..." - ambient billboards, Australia

Billboards that look just like books? Sure, why not?

Junior, Brisbane did this fairytale campaign for Sanctuary Cove, a real estate project. Along the road and beautiful waters leading to sanctuary cove these giant books were seen telling a story that ends with "happily ever after".


WIRES Wildlife Rescue NSW - Blue tongue lizard, Bower bird, Bat - print, Australia

Wires need volunteers to help rescue wild animals that get into trouble, so Ward 6 Sydney ceated this campaign to illustrate what they do - illustrated by Richard Price. ;)


Dick's Sporting Goods / Adidas - Football pop-in - (2008) 1:54 (USA)

Dick's Sporting Goods / Adidas - Football pop-in - (2008) 1:54 (USA)

The Football Pop-in spot hosts a high school football team receiving the surprise of a lifetime from New Orleans Saints famed running back, Reggie Bush. The young "thrillers" and "destroyers," with Bush's guidance, evolve into legit athletes decked in adidas gear.


TV3 - Wipeout / Spin - ambient billboard, New Zealand


Colenso BBDO, Auckland are having some more ambient fun whilst promoting TV3s shows - this time it's Wipeout "a game-show where people get hurt, a lot". The billboard with dummies strewn about around it demonstrates what to expect.
Nick Worthington : Executive Creative Director
Karl Fleet : Creative
Alexander Bartleet : Creative
Daniel Nelson : Creative


Soundtrax - Wolf, Dog, Rabbit - print, New Zealand

Sound studio Soundtrax had these portraits done by Colenso BBDO - looks like their studio is full of wolves, dogs and rabbit-mutants. ;)