Fuse parodies two campaigns in one - gets Apple on the phone

No stranger to controversy (see #1 #2 #3) Music channel Fuse is at it again with a little help from their agency, Amalgamated, N.Y.

Amalgamated's Charles Rosen on the conceptual homage: "Much like Mother's Lilt soda spot spoofing BBH's Levi's 'Odyssey,' or the many commercials spoofing the Honda 'Cog' spot, our campaign is paying tribute to the cultural impact of the Chiat/Day ads. As with any parody, there are elements borrowed from the original that are transformed or twisted, in this case to capture Fuse's brand personality and the lifestyle of its viewers."

The new york post reports that apple is "outraged" about the parodies.


OnStar ad spoof . . .

Blondes, perhaps the only group we're still allowed to make fun of. (Radio ad - mp3)


Eat Your Peas!

From the Ringling School of art and Design, Paul Hargrave has made a great creepy animation, called "Eat your peas". Want to learn to be this good? They're still accepting admissions for fall 2004. ;)


Ad Shows coming to a screen near you

Somewhere somehow people have realized that punters do like to watch ads on occasion - provided they're the funny ones. So we've had shows like Carrot's commercial breakdown and all of it's clones for years already - now for the next step - entire channels dedicated to adverts.

The advert channel.tv is a site that much like Carrot's, brings you the funniest and silliest ads from around the globe, pure advertainment. The presenters also take you behind the scenes in the making of adverts and broadcasts on the digital satellite platform Channel number 694 - all you need to do is tune in. You can advertise on the channel of course, and with this audience the viewers might even stick around to watch your ad. ;)


Nominations announced for Emmys

'Rubberband Man' gives Office Max it's first Emmy nomination. The ad was created by DDB Worldwide. The other commercials nominated include 'Born A Donkey' for Budweiser (Production Co: Biscuit Filmworks, Ad Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners), 'Dominoes' for Miller (Production Co: MJZ, Ad Agency: Young & Rubicam, Chicago), 'Door Music' for Saturn (Production Co: Anonymous Content, Ad Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners), 'Interview' for United Airlines (Production Co: ACME Filmworks, Ad Agency: Fallon), and 'Outfit' for Citibank Identity Theft Card Protection (Production Co: Thomas Thomas Films, Ad Agency: Fallon).


The Advertising Show on "Brands & Branding" with Rita Clifton from Interbrand

Hear Rita Clifton, chairman of Interbrand UK Limited and author of “Brands & Branding,” discuss effective brand monitoring and measurement, and how brands are the central organizing principle. Rita Clifton is the chairman at Interbrand UK Limited, the world’s leading brand consultancy. Some of her clients have included Marks & Spencer, NM Rothschild, Deloitte Consulting, and P&O. Rita has also appeared on a wide variety of television programs on marketing and communication issues, as well as speaking at conferences around the world.


Adcritic GetCreativity Elert - twin toon-ads

Bo-yah. The twin toon-ads make an appearance in the GetCreativity email alert. Adlands article is here: Ads imitate cartoons at Cannes - again..


Tower Isles - Edible Logo

What do you do if you're Tower Isles and your competitors are trying to pass off their inferior beef patties as yours?

Click read more to take a bite out of this spicy scoop.


Aguilera declares her vote

Christina Aguilera and other stars as well as upcoming stars taking part in a campaign to get young people to vote in the 2004-election.

It's the Declare Yourself, a nonpartisan, nonprofit initiative (PSA) that have started the campaign and the agency involved is Benenson Janson.

The overall concept of the campaign is anything but subtle, featuring glamorously shot yet graphic depictions of young Americans literally silencing themselves by sealing their mouths through a variety of methods.

Read more at Advertising-UK - Advertising news and check out the campaign at www.declareyourself.com


Ads imitate cartoons at Cannes - again.

Remember last year, when a "accidental" spot-on copy of a Far Side Cartoon won the Grand Prix Outdoor? (Or maybe, it was a just copy of a 1998 Peugeot ad....... ?) Course it could be all coincidence as they say - anyway, this year in Cannes another copy-of-a-cartoon won Bronze in the poster category. Oy vey. Cannes is going straight down the toons. ;9