There’s a distorted perception about eating disorders. People don’t choose to have them, eating disorders are one the deadliest of all mental illnesses,” says Cindy Dobbe, president and co-founder, The Looking Glass Foundation. “The objective of this campaign is to educate the public and lessen the stigma attached to a very real and life-threatening disease.”

“To articulate the severity of eating disorders, the campaign’s strategy and tagline profess, “Not every suicide note looks like a suicide note.” Our intention is to illustrate that seemingly innocent signs are actually clues that a loved one may unknowingly be on a path towards self-harm,” says Daryl Gardiner, associate creative director, DDB Canada. “The campaign’s tone reflects both the seriousness of this disease and optimism for those afflicted, and leaves viewers with a positive message of hope.”
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Agency: DDB Canada,Vancouver
Client: The Looking Glass Foundation.
Frank Hoedl (Photographer)
Alan Russell (Executive Creative Director)
Dean Lee (Creative Director)
Daryl Gardiner (Assoc Creative Director)
Daryl Gardiner (Art Director)
Jeff Galbraith (Copywriter)


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  • purplesimon's picture

    I like the idea, I'm just not struck on the executions. They sort of feel contrived to me, which seems a shame as it had all the ingredients to be a fantastic, award winning campaign.

    Shame, three hearts only for my vote.

    Jul 23, 2008

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