ACW Grey Tel Aviv celebrates the 19th annual Golden Fish Print Award show with this campaign.

The idea is: Creatives only use 10% of their talent. It's time to bring out the rest.

The illustrations are great but I'm afraid something is lost in translation for me, as I don't get the correlation between when I'm seeing and the line.

Credits: Ad #1 Advertising agency: ACW Grey Tel - Aviv Executive Creative Director: Tal Riven Creative director: Ziv Meiri Client manager: Dani Brande Art: Itzik Cohen Copy: Idan Levy Supervisor: Sarit Sternhell Production Manager: Meital Tzoref Producer: Racheli Zatlawi Studio: Shlomi Barda Illustrator: Miriam Moshinsky Ad#2 same as above except Illustrator was: Gal Shkedi Ad #3 same as above except illustrator was Yotam Cohen

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