Global dairy company Arla wanted to launch their product Arla Protein - a quark with 20 grams of protein - with a bang. (Quark for those who don't know, is kind of like cottage cheese.)

Anyway, Arla teamed up with hiphop-musician and judge in the popular Voice of Finland tv-show, named Elastinen, to be the face of the campaign. The copy Ela täysillä is a word play on his nickname ”Ela” and the sentence "live fully."

Elastinen’s Instagram and Facebook followers helped spread the word, too. Apparently it's been quite the success.

Client: Arla Agency: 358 Helsinki Country: Finland Creatives: Antti Tähtinen, Ale Lauraéus, HP Savolainen Photographer: Mikko Ryhänen / Kuvaamo Oy Producer: Jenny Nyman Strategist: Peter Barmer Account manager: Kimmo Tupala

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