This is what "Hakuna Matata" really means:

"Here's the feedback from client. Yes I know it's due today, but these are just some slight tweaks to the copy. Yes I know you feel like we're now cramming too much into one billboard but the client wants to make sure we totally understand the Disney connection. And also we must mention ease of use, too.

Client insists we add AAA to the headline somehow. Hey, I tried fighting for it, but we lost that battle. It's more important to fight for the T.V. isn't it? Yes I know there's no T.V. I was speaking more in general.

Oh, another thing: the client has repeatedly asked we make the call to action pop. Yes I know you separated it out, and we're treating it as a subhead, but client feels putting it in italics will help.

Yes I know it's unnecessary italics, can't you just do it for once without putting up such a fight? You know we're supposed to be creating in a more collaborative atmosphere. It isn't my fault.

Now about making the call to action in italics. Something like 'Get more magic from your membership.' What do you mean it sounds like two headlines now? Too many words? Oh you creatives and your archaic seven word maximum on a out of home board. I thought you wanted to be different? Besides, this is high traffic placement. People will be able to see it many times.
At this point the client is being very prescriptive. I'm afraid we don't have a choice.

Oh yes there's one more thing. The client did say they wanted the logo bigger. Yes they saw the difference between round 1 and round six, but they're feeling 15% bigger isn't quite big enough.

Oh and be sure to include 'www' as part of the website, otherwise people might not know what it is. Also we need this in an hour. Oh I know it's a big ask, but you can do it.

Oh! I almost forgot: Client said if you need more room, you can get rid of Timon all together, as I don't think we have the rights to use him anyway. We're still checking on that.

I know it's been a few months but it's almost out the door.

Keep up the good work, rock star!"

Client: AAA Travel

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