In Norway people load up on detective novels and other grim books to read during the Easter holiday, a phenomenon/tradition that ad agency Abby Norm would like Swedes to do as well, as long as they go to Pocket Shop to pick up the books. What better way to get peoples attention than to kill the easter bunny?

"The theme in our Easter campaign for Pocket Shop is the pun "Have a hard boiled easter". The concept combines the cute and fluffy easter stuff with a dash of violence and death to promote the sales of more detective novels." says Petrus Dahlin, Art Director på Abby Norm and without missing a beat he continues "we have however noticed that the violence is spreading and no little chicken or bunny is safe in the Pocket Shop stores...."

"...This morning we found that two easter bunnies had been brutally murdered as they tried to deliver easter eggs to the Pocket Shop stores in Stockholm. We suspect that the killer or killers are hiding in the detective books available in the stores."

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Cred to the posse at Abby Norm behind the campaign

Andreas Morne: Account Exec Petrus Dahlin: Art Director Camilla Hilarius: Copywriter Ellinor Söderberg: Production