Absolut wants you to find the bottles


Absolut wants you to find the bottles

Similar to Stella Artois' print campaign with the hidden films and Virgin's viral game and Spot The Song commercial, Absolut has created a puzzle where you need to find all 82 iconic Absolut bottles in the picture.

Click here to see it big or play online at absolut's site here.


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I can't wait for the ad with all the ads with movie bits in them.

Birds - check
Bridge - check
Lights on wall - check
Xmas gifts - check
Every single window - check
....I'm bored now.

Like the subservient " _____", this is way past it's prime but probably won't stop for a while. Virgin owns the idea anyway.

You know what's wrong with this? There's an absolut bottle in every window. That's not difficult to spot. The band names required that we decipher two pink scissors walking down the street or some dude with a sledgehammer going at some melons.. err.. pumpkins. ;) You had to put two and two together, not just hunt for waldo.

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