In an Absolut world... lemons and pears get steamy?


In an Absolut world... lemons and pears get steamy?

TBWA\Chiat\Day, New York bring us more fresh Absolut work. Fresh and fruity. What does this look like to you? Is that the idea? Is it streams as in streamlined or streams of steam as in steamy? Why do I even bother trying to figure this out? I need a stiff drink that does not taste like clam juice right now, thanks bartender.

Photographer: Marcel Christ
Retoucher: Erwin Brown
Retoucher: Daniel Finn
Retoucher: Nancy Shaw

Rob Smiley (Group Creative Director)
Jeff Feng (Assoc Creative Director)
Jin Park (Art Director)
Julia Menassa (Agency Producer)

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Clam juice? Well, there's a mental image I won't be able to get rid of easily...

Not so appetizing aye? A "clamato" tastes miles better.

Motts - "Clamato" - 1969

Some day I'll be able to watch that.

I like tacos.

Breakfast of champions!

A euphemism that's a double entendre. Congrats.

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