"In 2066, Bin Laden will be caught.
Live to see it. Quit smoking now."

A new angle on the stop smoking ad scene? Instead of (trying to) scare the bejesus out of folks, Neogama/BBH,'s & client ADESF's reason to quit smoking now is that you'll otherwise miss all sorts of interesting future developments. Like Bin Laden finally being caught, temperatures rising to the point of spawning nudist cities and driving your car on top of the stranded cars of the standstill traffic jam in 2048.

"In 2042, the temperature in big cities will increase by 8 degrees on average.
Live to see it. Quit smoking now."

"In 2048, traffic will grind to a standstill. In 2049, the second layer will be opened.
Live to see it. Quit smoking now."

My personal favorite - those damn yogurt lids.

"In 2055, yogurt lids will finally work
Live to see it. Quit smoking now.2

Bruno Borges, Illustrator Alexandre Gama, Executive Creative Director Márcio Ribas, Creative Director Wilson Mateos, Creative Director Max Geraldo, Art Director José Martins, Copywriter

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  • mpared's picture

    go Brazil !! Really nice work well

    Jul 28, 2008
  • purplesimon's picture

    Nice idea, but not really a lot worth waiting for! I mean, I don't want to live to see Bin Laden caught in 2066. He'll be long dead by then himself. Just a stretch too far.

    Nude cities, yeah okay. But with obesity rising at such a rate, I'm not convinced that's worth waiting for either.

    And as for clogged roads. Thanks, that's really going to make people give up smoking.

    Go back to the thinking and crafting and come back when the idea makes sense. These almost make me want to restart smoking (after three clean years).

    The art direction is great though, the idea is solid, it's just the execution doesn't carry that through.

    Jul 28, 2008

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