Adidas Climacool - Air Cooled training - print, The Netherlands



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Adidas Climacool - Air Cooled training - print, The Netherlands

Adidas and 180 just did this delicious looking campaign for the Climacool Training range. The breif was quite simple: “show the product”.

180 tackled the distinctly uncool environment of the gym by dramatizing the product benefit which is that it keeps you cool through ventilation technology: Air Cooled Training
Creative team Sam Coleman and Peter Albores worked with photographer Carlos Serrao and went into the shoot with a slightly retro advertising ‘all in camera’ approach to subtly demonstrate the Air Cooled effect.

In other words, really big fans were blowing which is probably why this ended up looking so... Oh yeah, I'm going to go there ....Cool.

Client: adidas International
Nelly Kennedy Communications Director
Anke Breitinger Communications Manager
Robert Hughes Communications Manager

Advertising Agency: 180 Amsterdam (180\TBWA)
Executive Creative Directors: Andy Fackrell & Richard Bullock
Creative Director: Dean Maryon
Creative: Sam Coleman
Creative: Peter Albores
Account Manager: Lauren Andrews
Account Director: Sam Dempsey
Art Buying: Maud Klarenbeek
Art Buying: Maria Perez

Production: U-Turn Content Production
Producer: Enrico Toeschi

Production: Terrie Tanaka
Producer: Kim Johnson

Photographer: Carlos Serrao

Stylist: Nick Griffiths

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Second one looks like he's farting really bad. They shouldn't have placed the poster behind him.

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