Advil - Headaches up close - print.

Mcgarrybowen Chicago wants you to know that everyone gets headaches, even Regis Philbin. They collaborated with Martin Schoeller to shoot their current print campaign for Advil, using his close-up style to establish the look and feel of this ongoing campaign. Also, I have a headache right now so please pass the Advil. Those are the ones with the candy-tasty shell, right? Mmmm. Advil.

Photographer: Martin Schoeller Agency: mcgarrybowen Chicago Creative Director: Paul Janas Art Buyer: Susan Cartland Wardrobe Stylist: Julia Erdmann-Myers Wardrobe Stylist: Courtney Rust Hair & Makeup: Berta Camal @ Jed Root Hair & Makeup: Sara Saltanovitz @ Artists by Timothy Priano
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Nice to see some truly classic print ads, if only their headlines weren't so vomitatingly pukable. "I have a headache, so I take Advil, so I can do yoga???" Just do the yoga, then you don't need Advil. "I'm sorry, but I can't rescue you from that burning house, I have a headache." This is giving me a headache, where's the advil?