In 2008, Helsinki based Agency 358 launched Burn! A youth-oritented magazine anti-smoking campaign for the Cancer Society of Finland. Since then, 750 000 copies have been printed and handed out in schools, shopping centers and events.
Their latest sport-oriented issue decided to try a different take from the usual morbid "you'll get cancer and a host of other problems" tactic, choosing instead to focus on the positive attributes of not smoking. Because let's face it. You're not going to be an athlete or even stay active with those ciggies burning between your fingers.
This issue features interviews with Finnish celebrities, athletes and models about their healthy lifestyles. It also links to additional content on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.
I think this is a cool idea. To not just use the fire and brimstone approach all the time but show kids that the benefits of quitting smoking aren't just so bad things won't happen later, but that good things will happen now.
Hope it works.

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