All Music No Dogma at Galaxy 92fm / HITLER STALIN MAO

Michael Paredrakos at Lowe (worldwide) Greece has shared with us the Galaxy 92fm he created with AD Gianna Polydouri
and CW Nadia Santorinaiou - the tagline in this poster series tranlsates to "All Music No Dogma". See how this works out visually inside.

Advert title(s): DOGMA Agency: Lowe Agency location (City, Country): Athens, Greece Creative Director: Anna Maria Spiliotopoulou Art director: Gianna Polydouri Copywriter: Nadia Santorinaiou Additional credits: Triantafilli Kaldiri ( Group Account director )Michael paredrakos, ( Account executive)
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Hmmm...reminds me of the Belgian HUMO - Mixing Cultures posters.