Allan Gray has had the same investment philosophy for over 34 years, never waivering or changing they way they invest. This "long term thinking" message is what King James, Cape Town, was asked to communicate in this print campaign.

Note - while most people know Mozart or Joan of Arc, not everyone in Europe (or the US for that matter) are familiar with Nkosi. Nkosi Johnson was a South African child victim of HIV/AIDS who died at the age of twelve. He was the keynote speaker at the 13th International AIDS Conference and ended his speech with the words:

"Care for us and accept us - we are all human beings. We are normal. We have hands. We have feet. We can walk, we can talk, we have needs just like everyone else - don't be afraid of us - we are all the same!"

Agency: Allan Gray Alistair King : Executive Creative Director Karin Barry, Greg Cameron : Art Director Paige Nick : Copywriter

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