AMPU - A More Perfect Union - print 2007


AMPU - A More Perfect Union - print 2007

The Martin Agency, in Richmond VA created this in order to address racial and religious bias against Muslims in the United States. See full ad inside.

Click on the image to get the big version of AMPU - A More Perfect Union, the constitusion of the United states written in Arabic.

Tag - "Misunderstandings can make anything scary. Rethink bias at"

The Martin creatives behind this poster are Joe Alexander Creative Director, Mark Brye, Art Director and Cedric Giese, Copywriter.

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That's cool, but did they actually print that on paper/parchment or just photoshop it?

I've read that they're printed posters which were placed on Richmond City Buses.

Thanks for clearing that up.

It's a poster with white borders so that whole parchment look is just a photo.... Dunno if they printed on the parchment and then photographed that but it doesn't look it.

It's just a real bad photoshop job.

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